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  1. There is one downside, however. For the past hour I have been trying to read up on all the PDF manuals on how to use FSUIPC. And to be honest with you... I would like to kindly talk with you about the chance of rolling back my purchase and seeing if we can work out a refund. Why is that? Because my head is smoking from all the PDFs. I was not aware that the registered FSUIPC7 functions were for developers. I tried my best to understand the stuff in the PDFs but quite honestly - I understood no single word. I am as helpless and confused after reading them, as I was before. My head even
  2. It's alright. Thank you for apologizing. Accepted. Let's start over and get this to work. 😉 Or rather I mean technically it is working now, I can open FSUIPC7 and with your suggestion to download the missing PDFs from this forum, I now have those, as well. I hear you but you just don't seem to hear me when I repeatedly say that there is no installfsuipc7.log file. So how can I provide you with neccessary info if your installer never creates that info? I can't magically produce that log file. 😄 I have the steam version. HAH! That did the trick!!! Thank you!
  3. By the way I don't appreciate your tone at all. I am starting to get a little angry at your demeanor, seemingly selling me for stupid while not even reading my posts. Perhaps you may want to give that a thought, considering things are pointing to your installer being the issue and not me. I will now read into the missing pdfs after downloading them from the download section you suggested. But quite frankly, if they turn out to be all to technical then I think I'd rather just save us both all this hassle here and kindly ask to block my registry key and issue me a refund anyway. The purchas
  4. You keep on insisting to read those documents, as if I didn't by now. I ask: Do you even read my posts? Please take a careful look at my posts again, because basically every question you asked, was already explained by me. I know it's the FSUIPC7 log file and not the InstallFSUIPC7.log file you asked for. I wrote very clearly above that I DO NOT HAVE a InstallFSUIPC7.log file anywhere. Yes believe it or not, I know. I noticed after you reminded me in your inital reply post a few days ago and I consequently read both the "readme" and the "installation & registration pdf"
  5. This is the only logfile within the C:\FSUIPC7 installation folder after running the setup, called FSUIPC7.log: ********* FSUIPC7, Version 7.0.5 (17th February 2021) by John Dowson ********* No registry entries found for MSFS - setting paths from APPDATA env variable Checking for FS path in 'C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt' FS path found = D:\STEAM\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Packages\ Windows 10 Home 64 Bit reported as Build 19041, Release ID: 2004 (OS 10.0) Reading options from "C:\FSUIPC7\FSUIPC7.ini" Checking the Registra
  6. Sorry for the delayed answer, RL kept me busy. I admit, I should have been a bit more clear about the readme part. I phrased it badly. I had forgotten that I had read the readme and that initial pdf coming within the installation zip. I had forgotten about them both, because I read them and they were useless to me during installation. I will explain why. Because something must have gone wrong during installation as most parts of said readmes didn't work as described. back when I Installed FSUIPC I didn't bother abotu the issues much, as I managed to create a manual key file with my c
  7. In a spontanious nightly "rage" 🤣 I purchased FSUIPC7 for MSFS at the beginning of this week. Mainly because I had read posts that said it was possible to map keys so that I could switch the transponder mode via yoke button. I thought "woah cool!" and bought a copy. Only then did I realize that none of the posts or anywhere else on the internet, did anybody actually properly explain from start to finish HOW that was done. Some posts spoke about some "parameters" or the likes to fill in somewhere and "lua scripts" or something, but that was that. So I kept on digging and to be frank, I bec
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