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  1. Good news from Threat Labs: We didn't find any threats inthe MakeRwys.ese file you sent us. What else? And very good news with your Makerunways 5.12, too. It works fine in my system P3Dv4.5 and all runways are moved perfectly to r4.csv (clasic installation and addon-xml instalation sceneries) Than you very very much, Pete. Grateful janu
  2. Sorry, Pete, my Avast says: Hmm... This needs a closer look. We've sent MakeRwys.exe to our Threat Labs for a torough analysys. It should take only a few hours. In the meanntime, we`ll keep blocking it.🤔 No problem, I will wait, try and let you know. Grateful janu
  3. Oh thanks Pete. No hurry. I wish this first post to the forum was constructive and I apologize for any mistakes. Greetings Janu
  4. Sorry. I expect now will be the correct link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lotcpweyr8np11j/AAB2P7Ee99IUb7a4xvvZv0oJa?dl=0 Thanks Janu
  5. correction! I don't know why on r4.csv the last field on the primary track is the threeshold offset of the SECONDARY
  6. Hello again, PeteHere are the links to bgl you requested and explanatory jpgs. (I can't put it in 20 KBs)- LEPA_AFX-OP01.bgl- LEPAmkrwys_06L.jpg, which shows the data in the scenery open with ADE- LEPA_mkrwys_24R.jpg, just like the anterior in the secondary header.I don't know why on r4.csv the last field on the primary track is the threeshold offset of the primary, but I've always seen it that way and it works well with the program it reads (AirHispania AHSBox).Thank you very much again.JanuAHS6585 https://www.dropbox.com/preview/LEPA/LEPA_AFX-OP01.zip?role=personal https://www.dropbox.com/preview/LEPA/LEPAmkrwys_06L.jpg?role=personal https://www.dropbox.com/preview/LEPA/LEPA_mkrwys_24R.jpg?role=personal
  7. You started this subject in User Contributions, which is NOT for support questions, as it clearly states! Oh sorry, I will restart the topic at FSUIPC Client DLL if it is OK?
  8. Apreciated Pete Dowson Thanks for your excellent “makerunways” utility. I want to tell you about a problem about threeshold offsets in the final product r4.csv. Conditions are: P3Dv4.5, Makerunays version, LorbySceneryExport version, both executable “as Administrator” and installed in repar3D v4 directory. Example: airport LEPA, runway 06L / 24R (addon scenery) PROBLEM: At runways.txt file appears perfectly detected both the threeshold of the runway 06L (primary threeshold = 1,312 ft), and that of the runway 24R (secondary threeshold = 850 ft). These are the exacts values of the airport scenery. Runway 6L/24R centre: N39:33:17.3480 E002:43:37.0602 23.99ft Start 6L: N39:32:46.3467 E002:42:41.7865 31.99ft Hdg: 328.5T, Length 10719ft Computed start 6L: Lat 39.547138 Long 2.710702 Offset Threshold primary: 1312 feet Start 24R: N39:33:40.2184 E002:44:35.0605 31.99ft Hdg: 329.0T, Length 10719ft Computed start 24R: Lat 39.562496 Long 2.743220 Offset Threshold secondary: 820 feet Hdg: 58.510 true (MagVar -1.000), Asphalt, 10719 x 154 ft However, in the r4.csv file only appears the secondary threeshold in the last field, being “0” the corresponding to the primary one. LEPA,0061,39.547138,2.710702,24,59.510,10719,110.90,154,-1.000,39.554817,2.726961,820 LEPA,0242,39.562496,2.743220,24,239.510,10719,109.90,154,-1.000,39.554817,2.726961,0 I am grateful in advance for your attention to my doubts
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