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  1. @EliGrimTHANKS SO MUCH.....I am putting your schedule and mine side by side so that I can go through and find my errors. Is there a difference between my schedule having the "1" after the times and yours having the "0" after times.
  2. Thanks a ton for all the feedback. Will go through it line by line.... First time doing this so clearly there is a learning curve. Again, THANKS!!
  3. @crbascottfixed those lines now it stops at 54% posted the output log above. thanks
  4. after making the above edits, it now stops at 52%. @EliGrimhere is the outputlog https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d3zn0r15v3gf4jc/AAACNTOi1h9_kFYIcpY4jTmia?dl=0
  5. So now the schedule is allowing the program to start but the airport is empty and when I try to start at 0600 it loads at 1100 and doesn't show departures except for the ga and local. The arrivals just to 1200.
  6. After going through the code with someone we were able to get it to launch. Thanks for the help https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uf6i7jkrr06fr9h/AAA3k_Q-pvzdAIVd1pD_J681a?dl=0
  7. I tried to build a schedule for LAX but it will not load past 72%. It was suggested to change the plane type 20N and 21N so I did to 320 and 321 but still will not load. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks New Compressed (zipped) Folder (2).zip
  8. I attempted to build a schedule for LAX and it is stuck at 72% when I attempt to load it. Someone had suggested to change the 20's airplane codes which I did but still stuck. Attached is my schedule after changing the airplane codes 20N and 21N all to 320 and 321. Any help would be great New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip
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