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  1. Thanks John for your help, installing the updated x86 and x64 libraries did the trick and I'm now set up and connected to the Sim.
  2. Hi John, I think I'm getting closer to resolving the issue. The Flashscreen does actually display immediately when I click on the tile to start the sim via the desktop shortcut link that is installed from FSUIPC7 (its a MS2020 flashscreen). When I double click on the FSUIPC7.exe file, I get the VCRUNTIME140_1.dll error. Following the instructions in the READMe.txt, I have identified that I currently have 2 VC++ redistributables for 2017 (x65) and (x86) (nothing showing for 2015 and 2019)), installed in the Windows App management panel, and from the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and
  3. Hi John, thanks for your prompt response. Please see below, the files you have requested. In relation to your question about the desktop link, this is the one that FSUIPC7 creates when it installs on my system. I do not see the splash screen at any time however which is why I dont think its connecting with the sim. If I click on the desktop link, it does start MSFS which continues to load as normal, but I get an error message during the load, informing me that FSUIPC7 can't connect. Once loaded MSFS works as normal. InstallFSUIPC7.log EXE.xml
  4. Hi, I'm having an issue with the installation of FSUIPC7, v7.08. It appears to be installing correctly taking me through the agree licence agreement, choosing components and installs on my C Drive (see files below), however, it does not appear to be fully activating and connecting. I also see the desktop start up link. I've tried installing and de-installing on numerous occasions now and get the same issue. When I click on the desktop startup link it starts the simulator loading and then I get a pop up message during the loading, saying that it needs to shut down. Any help with this issue woul
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