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  1. Your advice has really helped me along and.... good advice on getting on with flying ! Cheers - Alan 👍
  2. Thanks very much Pete - I took your advice, deleted P3D scenery.cfg. I looked also in Lorby P3DAddon Organiser and there was a double entry to the path for ORBX Library - the out-of-date one I unchecked. Ran MakeRwys and it has scanned the addons this time. Proof of the pudding they say though - I did the same flight into EGNT and the NAV/APPR approach put me right on the centre-line ! That seems to have done the trick. Naturally will be keeping an eye on local landing at my present airport - CYYJ - couple of kilometers away from me. Also, Pete I really appreciate your time already on this,
  3. Hi - 1st, thanks for FSUIPC and MakeRwys they have so improved my flightsim enjoyment. 2nd, I have read guidelines etc but am not sure if this exactly where support requests should be made. Anyway here goes - 3rd - the issue.... over many months now many of my NAV/APPR approaches are leaving me of centre on runways. Finally looking into it and although I felt I had been using LorbySceneryExporter.exe and MakeRwys.exe as directed, not so sure now. I think my .net is well up-to-date. I do not understand if my P3D v5.1 is: "abiding by the new L-M system". Both Lorby and MakeRwys are set to run as
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