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  1. Nope, not using the SDK, but I have scads of scenery, addons, and whatnot, so I guess it was just a matter of time before I had a problem somewhere. Thank you for helping me, I suppose my dyslectic "B373" couldn't have helped, I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out, got that handled. Thanks again for your time! Sincerely, Jim Cruse
  2. Okay, gentlemen. I have updated, didn't know there was one, but there you go, and done, thank you! And I used your .ini file you provided, and thank you, I have tested it in a few aircraft, and the issue has not returned! Thank you very much, did you identify the issue in particular, was it some kind of conflict, or was it the B777 info in the update to FSUIPC6? Just in case it happens again, so I don't have to bug you guys with my issue. Thank you both for helping me out with this. Sincerely, Jim Cruse
  3. I'm sorry, sir. It appears that file is from AFTER I removed the B777 profile information. This is probably useless information now, but perhaps you will find a conflict that would have occurred because of a setting elsewhere? I removed the .ini file to my desktop, and tried to do a profile from scratch, with my desired settings like before. I did a circuit flight last night with this new .ini file, and with the exception of the spoilers axis malfunctioning (possibly a pet hair interfering with the contact surface, will attempt to disassemble and repair later), everything worked great, which suggests I have some conflict in the original file. I have included the current .ini file. It would be great if you found the problem in the original file, otherwise it's going to be a lot of work rebuilding it with all the aircraft I have, any help in that regard would be absolutely wonderful. Or is it possible to have two .ini files that I could switch between quickly as use dictates? Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Hope I'm not too much of a bother here. Sincerely, Jim Cruse FSUIPC6.ini
  4. I've split it into 3 parts, here's the first, sir. FSUIPC6.ini_part1.txt
  5. Anything else I can do? Do you want me to break it down into, I guess, 3 or 4 pieces? Would that work for you? Jim
  6. Alright, here's that file. Nevermind, it won't allow me to send the file, the attachment is 44.8 kB, too large for an attachment here which only allows me to send a max size of 15.84kB. Any other way for me to send it? Sorry for the delays! Jim C.
  7. Here is a copy of my log, I hope it helps! Jim C. FSUIPC6.log
  8. Hello Sirs, I have recently purchased the PMDG 777, after having the 737 for a number of months. I have a registered copy of FSUIPC6, and have used it with the 737 very satisfactorily since the beginning. I have had a problem with the 777, though. It appears as though I have a conflict that I can't seem to figure out, where many of the buttons and switches in the 777 stop working when I assign them through FSUIPC. I can assign the trims, and that works. But somewhere while assigning axis for yoke control or throttle control, a large number of switches and buttons and rotary controls cease to function. I can't even release the brakes unless through the keyboard. I haven't seen any similar issues in the forums I perused before posting my question, but if the issue has been dealt with, I would really appreciate a pointer or two! If not, I will continue with my symptoms. The problem persists with any aircraft (of the 777 variant) that I assign the custom made profile to, so I went to the .ini file and deleted not only the created profiles related to the PMDG B777 (all variants) but their subsequent controller configurations, and reloaded the sim (P3Dv4.5), whereupon all switches, buttons, and rotary knobs operated. I started with a new profile, assigned trim controls, checked whether any other controls were affected, and found everything worked (still). I tried adding axis and reverser control, and I lost all the button, switch, and rotary knob controls as before. Is there something I'm missing? My controllers are thus: Saitek Flight Yoke system, two Saitek throttle quadrants, Saitek Multi panel and Saitek Switch panel. I have SPAD for the Switch and Multi panels, but have not activated them for the B777 yet, I was slowly integrating items as I became more familiar with the aircraft (but that hasn't happened yet!). Any help would be appreciated! Sincerely, Jim Cruse
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