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  1. Thank you Blake, unfortunately the whole Lua thing is way over my head and I can't understand at all what I need to do to get the LEDs going. It's not a big problem as the throttle works well enough without them although the landing gear lights would have appealed had I cracked it! Thanks again, Gary
  2. Thanks Pete, I did take a look and tried to follow the instructions but in truth I think it's all a bit beyond me. Gary
  3. I'm just trying to get to grips with this and am assuming I'll need the hidBravoButtons.lua file to have a chance of getting it to work. I see there is a link to this file in the forum dated 9th January but the file itself is shown as unavailable. Is there anywhere else I might be able to get hold of it? Thanks, Gary
  4. Hi Cool Dan Luke, would you know if your solution would work with FS2004? I must be one of very few users who is set up that way and whilst my Bravo is functioning in almost all respects using FSUIPC 3.999z9 I can't get the LEDs to operate. Thanks, Gary
  5. Thank you John, much appreciated. Gary
  6. I'm wondering FSV1142 if you managed also to get the Bravo's LED lights to work. I'm also using it with FS2004 and it's running fine in all other respects via FSUIPC 3.999z9. The lights though continue to elude me.
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