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  1. Also, I tried it on 2 different computers and it still occurred. Do you want the log files from both?
  2. I was playing in between 03:00 and 05:00 at any where between 50 and 60 density. How do I get the log file again?
  3. it still is doing the same thing
  4. Hello, I added real color and traffic to jfk and when i went to go play it seemed as if traffic density was at 100 even though it shows changed. I have played at different levels of density and I know what a low density is like. Is there any way to fix this?
  5. So I may have just forgot. If i purchased an addon such as real color and I have the code. How do I add it to my game on steam?
  6. I purchased a code from ATCSuite but got a new computer so I had the code that I received from purchasing the real color for JFK. I went to put it into steam through the code button and it said invalid. If someone can help with this that would be appreciated.
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