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  1. Still getting this message - P3D V2 is a newer version may not work correctly - oh well- thanks
  2. Dam I am blind looked there and didnt see it - thank you
  3. I am not seeing it - link would be great - thanks
  4. Hi Guys: Just installed P3D today and loaded 4.931 and it said that P3D V2 is a newer version - do I leave it or delete fsuipc - thank you
  5. Oooops sorry I see it, thanks :rolleyes:
  6. Hi Guys can't export pmdg 737ngx plan I would assume its the .rt2 but no plans being saved in that format, thank you
  7. Hi Pete: Hope all is well buddy, after further investigation, it seems ok in windows but in fsx it does not work well and also noticed fps are not good so I think a vrisight cdu II might be the only other option, thank you. Regards, Rich
  8. Hi Pete: Not sure if fsuipc has something to do with touchscreens, but maybe you can help me, I have a 9" imo usb touchscreen for entering fmc info works well in windows 7 64bit but when I undock lets say the radio stack in cessna, when I touch lets say com1 button I see it light up on the aircraft but no beep or button lights up on imo screen, any help would be much appreciated, thank you. I belive mimo does not have a support forum no idea why. http://www.mimomonitors.com/products/imo-eye9 Regards, Rich
  9. Is there a patch to save it right to the ng737 folder, I can change the file save location to ng737 but it creates a pln file not a fltplan file kind of weird, thank you. Rich
  10. Would still like to get an answer for this question, anyone ? thanks. Rich
  11. Hi: Theres nothing in the manual about panning only zoomimg so it does not have it ? thank you. Rich
  12. This will help works perfect http://ifly.flight1.net/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=3146&KW=RSVETTE12&PID=32889&title=fscommander-9-import#32889 Rich
  13. Hi Tom: So by your directions I will be at gate selected but it does not show up on fsc screen right, thanks Tom, oh could you answer my question on panning say I was zoomed up anyway to pan around in the screen seems weird that you can't thanks. Regards, Rich
  14. Hi Guys: How do you pan around while in main fscommander9 screen, thnak you. Rich
  15. Thanks buddy appreciate your help. Regards, Rich
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