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  1. I can see my information in the installer and it confirmed it. The problem is a letter discrepancy. My name is ANIL ÖZDEMİR but, it is written as a ANIL ÖZDEMÄ°R. This happens due to some letter.(For example: Turkish language has a big "İ" ,but english doesn't have a big "İ" )
  2. When I start installer again, it says that I have to uninstall the installer to install again ,therefore I didn't do that. Also, order numbers are: FSUIPC6: 2779749 WIDEFS7: 2779823
  3. Note: I solved the problem by creating manual registration file Firstly, I created a file as a FSUIPC6.key then I opened as a not file. Then, I wrote this code: [User] Name=FSUIPC name Address=FSUIPC e-mail FSUIPC=FSUIPC 12 character digit key NameForWideFS=WIDEFS name WideFSaddress=WIDEFS e-mail WideFS=WIDEFS 12 charcter digit key The result is: https://ibb.co/ZBHYQ2v
  4. I bought fsuipc 6 and widefs 7 for p3d v4 from simMarket then when ı tried to install fsuipc, the installer didn't accept my verification code(name, email and 12 charcter key) I copied and pasted. Also I over checked my information. Lastly, I checked my computer's clock
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