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  1. If you read the post carefully it says it will work with the current FSUIPC, only if WideFS is not used. You only need to use an older FSUIPC if you want to use WideFS. Unfortunately, I don't ever fly without WideFS and am using features from later versions of FSUIPC, so I am stuck using the older versions of UT2.
  2. Those having this problem, are you using the new Wind stabilization (not smoothign) feature in ASX SP3? My first flight with ASX SP3, I had that enabled, and the PMDG 747x went all over the place when crossing a wind layer. The wind vector was twitching like crazy. I disable the wind satbilization feature, and have now completed 3 long flights with no problems.
  3. Same here. Been doing all my testing of the betas for wind smoothing with Vista Ultimate 64bit, and installed/using 4.25 with no issues.
  4. Pete, I may have found the source of my crash near Boise, ID. I was having windows stabilty issues last night, and discovered I had a bad memory module (tested all four DIMMS with MemTest, and 1 was erroring out like crazy). I have new memory ordered and on the way. I tried flying with 2 GB installed, but am having some issues with Windows freezing up. I probably have some corrupted data somewhere. I am restoring a backup from December that I had pre FSX, and will retest the area of the crash with a virgin FSX/Acceleration install, then start adding my addons 1 at a time to see if there is a problem somewhere. I have completed 3 flights now with wind smoothing on, away from the problem area and had no crashes.
  5. Hi Pete, I can report another successful flight with version 4.241. I decided to try a trans-Atalantic flight today, KPHL-EGLL in the LDS 767. Completed with no crash--starting to look like I have something up in that area in Idaho where my problems were. Wind smoothing worked like a charm. Very smooth climb, cruise and descent. No IAS jumps more than about 2-5 knotts the entire 6.5 hours of flight. Couldn't really tell how temperature/pressure smoothing were working. I wasn't watching them too closely, like the winds. One thing I did notice was there were no wind, temp or pressure changes over the N. Atlantic. I assume this is due to the lack of stations. I was using ASX live weather. Once I got away from the Canadian weather reporting stations the winds were at 271/50 and remained there until I was about 265 nm from Ireland, when station EIKY updated. ASX had pseudo-stations in between reporting different winds, but there was never an update in WeatherSet or at the A/C. Once the weather started changing again, from 265 nm off Ireland to London, the smoothing kicked in and kept everything in check.
  6. Hello Pete, I am happy to report that I completed a flight from KDFW to KPHL in the PMDG 747x with wind smoothing on/smoothing thread off, FSUIPC version 4.241. I made it gate-gate with no crash--2.5 hours. I did turn off logging for this flight. The wind smoothing was superb. No abrupt IAS swings at all. Climb out was smooth to FL370 for cruise. The winds aloft were generally from the west (244-283 degrees) with speed varying from 75-109 knotts. The wind smoothing kept them in check. They moved ever so slowly at the set 1 knott/degree every 2 seconds. I performed a VNAV descent into Philly and the plane was spot on. Winds at top of descent were 284/90 and calm for landing. The smoothing kept the plane on vertical path and speed held all the way down! I will try a couple more flights away from the area where I was crashing before going back there and flying with logging off. Before this flight, I went to KSEA with my archived weather to check PMDG 747 heading hold--still not holding in the low level turbulence. Kyle
  7. Yes they were changing--right on my 2 seconds per knott/degree. I should have used a smiley--I was speaking toungue-in-cheek there :wink: .
  8. Pete, Files are on the way. Sure hope this crash can be cleared up. The smoothing was so good that I had to double check that winds aloft was on.
  9. Hi Pete, I've tested 4.239 with my KSEA-KDFW route. I can say that the wind smoothing is working real well. I flew with all smoothing options enabled, and I can report that there were absolutely no IAS issues on climb out and cruise. I did have the strange spurious winds showing up in WeatherSet2 (319 switched to 117). The smoothing at the aircraft worked! I was watching the wind on the progress page of the FMC, and it slowly ticked down to the new direction, and did not upset the aircraft's speed at all. A little later, the wind returned back to where it was supposed to be and again the wind at the A/C slowly caught up with no IAS jumps. Unfortunately, I got the crash again--still in the geographic area of the last ones. This time it was in weather.dll, instead of ntdll.dll. I have posted the error report below, don't know if it will help. I then reflew with the WindSmoothingThread=No setting, and the results were the same. The winds were very smooth from take-off to cruise. Unfortunaley, I also crashed with this flight--ntdll.dll again. I will try the flight I completed from Dallas to Philadelphia later with smoothing on to see if the crash might be a localized problem. One thing I wanted to ask is, how long did you run my saved flight from the crash I sent previously? I can load the save, and run anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour before it crashes again. I do have the logs and autosaves from the two crashes today if you would like to look at them--I know the previous ones weren't too helpful. Error log from first crash in weather.dll (vista uses this new XML format in the event logs): Log Name: Application Source: Application Error Date: 2/8/2008 2:42:24 PM Event ID: 1000 Task Category: (100) Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: poseidon-vista Description: Faulting application fsx.exe, version 10.0.61637.0, time stamp 0x46fadb14, faulting module weather.dll, version 10.0.61637.0, time stamp 0x46fadb59, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x0000a6be, process id 0xe68, application start time 0x01c86a8ac94bb5ad. Event Xml: 1000 2 100 0x80000000000000 7414 Application poseidon-vista fsx.exe 10.0.61637.0 46fadb14 weather.dll 10.0.61637.0 46fadb59 c0000005 0000a6be e68 01c86a8ac94bb5ad
  10. Pete, I am using Acceleration and my Sim1.dll is version 10.0.61637.0, 868 KB on disk, dated 9/26/2007. As you said, my logs have been reporting full smoothing on. Maybe that is why my experience with the last version was a bit different. I will try a couple flights with 4.239 with and without smoothing to see if I get any crashes and how smoothing goes. I've got a touch of the flu, so it depends on how long I can remain upright in front of the computer :lol:
  11. Those symptoms sound just like my experience, without the crash, but my last two flights (1 with PMDG, 1 with LDS) were pretty smooth until the crash. I just completed KDFW - KPHL with no problem--wind smoothing off. That is two complete flights without a crash. I will give it a shot tomorrow with the smoothing on and see what happens. What is wierd, is I had no wind shifts at all on the KDFW-KPHL flight with smoothing off, but climb and descent were pretty rough. Kyle
  12. Pete, The crashes have been happening anywhere along a 282 mile stretch along the route, but that is the only flight I have been flying for about a week. I have had it crash right at the BKE VOR (N44 50.4 W117 48.4) all the way to the MLD VOR (N42 11.9 W122 27.0), Boise is along that line. Once, I made it past MLD before the crash. I also had crashes just N of San Francisco earlier in the week. Anyways, I did fly with wind smoothing off and completed the entire flight. But if one of you're additions is still on, I wonder what is going on? The winds were crazy between just before BKE and just after MLD, then everything was pretty normal all the way to DFW. I wonder if ASX is writing something strange to a weather station in that area. I have tried the flight with different dates and times and there is always a problem in that area. Right now, I am flying from Dallas to Philadelphia with smoothing off. Kyle
  13. Pete, Files are on the way. I will try some flights with smoothing off and see if the crash goes away. Should I also turn off pressure/temperature smoothing? As a change of pace, I tried the same flight with the Level D 767 and results were similar. A couple of shifts that were manageable, and eventually crashed with the ntdll.dll exception. Kyle
  14. Hi Pete, I have already had a chance to check out 4.237. As far as smoothing goes, outstanding. I did not have the sudden shifts at 39000 at all this flight. Using same archived weather (3 Feb/20Z), synched to simulator time from ASX, with updates every 10 minutes. I had WeatherSet2 up during the entire time, and there were a couple of minor shifts, but the smoothing responded well, and there were no sudden +/30 kt IAS changes. Within a few seconds, the winds were back where they were before the shift. I did not notice and performance issues, even with logging enabled. I did get the ntdll.dll crash again. I have had this on every flight since last Sunday. I have the log and an autosave from about 5 minutes before the crash, if you would like to look at it. I am thinking there might be a underlying problem in my FSX installation. Two weeks ago, I had installed scenery that worked with SP1 but not SP2, and I installed/uninstalled Accelleration a couple of times--in the end I decided the SP2 updates were more beneficial than the scenery enhancement. Sometimes all that adding/removing can corrupt files somewhere in the installation.
  15. Hi Pete, I did have a chance to test the flight again this evening. I did get the wind shift at FL390. Massive log file and autosave just before the shift is on the way. Good things to report are no more negative wind layers, and I flew the route once with no crash (I was not logging then). Unfortunately, I did get a crash the second time I flew with the logging on, but as I mention in my email, there was a great deal of activity at that instant (autosave, weather update, and logging). Hopefully there is some information in the log file to help out. Kyle
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