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  1. Yes, I have read and tried to solve my problem. But the introduction of AP and INTRODUCTION FLIGHT (This section only mentions how to fly with the preset altitude in MCDU) in the article did not help me. Have you watched my video, please give me some suggestions
  2. Please watch the video, anything wrong I did? AP lose control from 4:00. I found ASEL mode cannot transition to ALT mode correctly.
  3. I have completed all actions and procedures in according to standard operating procedures. I will upload a video to show you what I met.
  4. Hi, Altitude cannot be adjusted according to the set speed (FLCH) or VS/ FPA , or altitude keep with ALT mode. Everything else is normal and auto throttle works normally. For example, the preset altitude for take-off is 3000ft, Vfs198kt. After the acceleration height I engaged AP and FL change mode, retract flaps and set speed bug to 210kt After about 10 seconds of normal ascent, the FD and AP start to indicate pitch down and increase speed until OVSP warning. Has anyone encountered a similar situation and how to solve it?
  5. I haven’t the manual you said, I thought you meant SOP or AOM.
  6. Okey, found it, I was stupid. The last question, Is the RTE button on MCDU no response is normally?
  7. Thank you for replying, I know where to get these data, but cant input into the MCDU, or display on the PFD. But it doesn't matter. That works. I found it, thanks.
  8. Hi there, I got E190 V3 from simmarket today. There are problems after installing this airplane into P3DV5. 1. The altitude selection button doesn’t work normally. I can only set altimeter from 0 to 400. 2. I can’t find where to set T/O or Landing data, just like V1, Vapp, Vref and flaps set from MCDU. 3. How can I start a flight when the engines aren’t started up? Anyway, that’s the best E-jet model, thanks!
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