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  1. Hi, I, too, have just got into this plane QW757. Would like to endorse this request Many thanks JohnT
  2. Hi, any progress on this. This function seems to be a little random in operation now, e.g If on the ground Autozoom enabled and GPS connected, and your trying to see where SID's will track to by zooming out -Autozoom drags you back to range 3miles. After TO, and here is where it is random - sometimes it goes to 50mile radius but invariably stays at previous zoom value. If at cruise you zoom out to say 250 miles have a look at what is around you, it used to be you could enable Autozoom and you would go back to 50 mile radius. Now though it just stays at 250 miles and you have to manually reduce the zoom. Not complaining just a little confused as to what Autozoom should do. Regards JohnT
  3. Hi all, if anyone was following this thread. Volker has resolved the problem, it was as usual the AFCAD. The one I was using was the one that updates the Gate Nos from Alpha Numeric to all Numeric. If using AFX or AFCAD2.2 and you view the runways list, there is a lot of 980 mtr runways listed, which don't exist in reality. Re-installed an earlier AFCAD, ran the DBMNGR and all is OK now. But in order for AES and FSim to have the same gate Nos, I've removed the extra runways from the list - renamed the ealier AFCAD ...._FSC.BU -re-installed the all Numeric AFCAD. Just got to remember to enable the _FSC.BU and dis-enable the Numeric prior to running the DBMNGR again. Rergards JohnT
  4. On their way :-) Regards JohnT
  5. Hi Volker, did as suggested - renamed the LIRF_Object.bgl to LIRF_Object.BU. This time the airport map shows it using the correct bgl, albeit as before not all of the ILS's are listed e.g 34L. Please note as in my post last night, none of the airway Names are being shown. So it is not only Canadian airspace has this problem. Many Regards JohnT
  6. Hi Volker, as you can see from the original post, I have already tried your last suggestion, ie Addon scenery\scenery. It's getting late now will try your first option to-morrow. I have found another problem to-night, displayed Jet airways in Canada are showing (18000 - unlmtd) and no airway Names. This came to my notice when I had FSC plan a flight from KSEA - CYEG @ 33000 ft using Jet Airways. This was then exported to FSim and PMDG. When I started the flight I found I was deviating to the left of the course as displayed on FSC. The flight plan was, as shown in the attachment, note the route goes direct from IWACK to YRM and does not follow any airway. Also as the airways are not named, i.e (J503)I cannot tell which one it is supposed to follow. Not a good day :-) Regards JohnT
  7. Hi Volker/Sascha, same old problem again :-). To get LIRF AES working properly, I D/L the 2007 gate fix. This fixed AES. But when I ran the FSC DBMngr to update the database, I ended up with the map view displaying all the ILS's, whereas the Airport display does not. I have fixed this same problem with other AFCADS by removing them from the Airport scenery folder and placing them in the Addon Scenery folder, but that move did not work in this instance. I cannot understand why it keeps selecting LIRF_Object.bgl and not the AF2 file, even when both are in the same folder. OS Win7 DBMng V9,0 Build 01-01-2011 FSC V9.0 BUILD 01-03-2011 fsuipc v3.99 Wideserver v6.78 FSC and DBMngr on Vista machine FSC Aerosoft version Many Regards JohnT
  8. Hi all, Just D/L and installed LCPH from AVSIM. But when I run the DBManager, FSC doesn't seem to recognise the file LCPH_AD9_XX.BGL. I'm assuming this file is the equivalent to an AF2 file, as this is the file AFX gives as being used to display the Airport. Question, is there any way to convert this file into a format FSC can handle? Regards JohnT OS Win7 - FSC V9.0.0.5 - DBManager v9.0.0.4 - FSim9
  9. Greetings, We have just finished giving the system a work out, and it is with no small amount of relief I can report all is well. then there is definitely a driver installed on your system which has no Registry entries defining its device The only one I can think of is an old Saitek X52 driver. If memory serves me correctly, I believe that Saitek software is extremely difficult to get rid of. That is the only other Joystick I have had installed. I bought two of those in succession, and after the second one went faulty with exactly the same fault as the first one, noisy pots. I decided enough was enough at £100 approx per time. Come to mention it, we did have one time where the log reported, no response Joy16 or 6 not too sure which. I pre-empted your reply and removed those extra lines,when the joystick would not respond to an input. Yes, but simply copying the new one in would be exactly the same. It would replace it. Knowing my system, was taking no chances :-) Once again many thanks for the help and advice to date. Regards JohnT PS Enjoy your holiday - from where I am, you deserve it.
  10. Hi Peter, On first appraisal, seems to have cured it :-). Bear in mind, though, have only tried those moves as reported in the last post. But with FS9 running for over an hour and repeated FSUIPC dialogue/Axis request's both with Cesna and EMB190, no freezes have occurred. I have had to re-instate the .dll's I removed as, I couldn't get the Feelthere AB's to appear. But as they (.dll's) apparently weren't the problem no great deal, eh? How's about the extra .ini lines, should I remove them? Just to ensure, we are both singing from the same hymn sheet - I removed the existing FSUIPC.dll and then replaced it with the new D/L one. I wonder if the old .dll was corrupted in some way? Thanks for your patience. Regards JohnT
  11. Hi Peter, Many thanks for this. Still trying to accumulate some more info/data. I have not tried any other tabs, so do not know if this statement is strictly correct :-) Anyhow it seem's we can get around the problem, if we use FSUIPC straoght after initial start and dont try too many data inputs. Enjoy your holiday and in the interim, I'll try and get some more definitive info. Regards JohnT
  12. Hi Peter, Well I'm afraid none of moves seem to have cured the problem. Removed listed .dll's, tried it out same problem. Added lines to the .ini file, again no difference. Also removed FSUIPC.dll, which I found inside an Active Sky folder in the Modules folder. But all to no avail. Just a reminder on what is happening. Start FS9 - opening screen Cesna at I.o.Man - call FSUIPC dialogue box - call AXIS page - close Dialogue - wait 15mts - repeat previous actions - select Emb190 - liven up panels,connect Gnd Power -repeat FSUIPC actions - close dialogue box - wait approx 15mts - call FSUIPC dialogue box - close box -call box again,open axis page freeze occurs. [buttons] PollEpicButtons=No PollInterval=0 ButtonRepeat=20,10 3=PT,6,C65891,0 4=PT,7,K90,8 5=PT,10,C65724,0 6=PT,11,C65570,0 7=RJ,32,C65734,0 8=RJ,36,C65735,0 9=RJ,38,C65671,0 10=RJ,34,C65672,0 11=PJ,5,K83,8 12=PJ,8,C66525,0 13=PJ,6,C66524,0 14=PT,5,K79,10 15=PT,0,K78,10 17=PT,8,K70,10 Regards JohnT
  13. Hi Peter, No, that was typing laziness on my part. I wanted to emphasize that FS9 was installed in a directory on the C:\ drive and not within c:\Program Files or Program Files(86). Most of those have come bundled within scenery D/L's from the likes of Aerosoft/FSD/Fly Tampa and Cloud9, plus a few 3rd party planes. As you say FS9 has been out eight years and I have been collecting scenery etc from day1 :-) Well, my son made a program for me. Which we later released for general consumption on AVSIM. This was BETA tested on my set-up alongside with testing being carried out on three other machines by others. Suffice to say, bugs occurred on my set-up that didn't show on any of the other independent machines. This gave credence to my comment, if it works on mine, it'll work on anybody's :-) OK to the business in hand. To-morrow(to-day), I'll remove the .dll's and try out FS9. If that fails to cure the problem, I'll try the {Buttons] move. I would have to give some very serious consideration to an FS9 re-install. It took 3-4 months hard work, when due to a HDD failure, I last did this. My FS9 folder is currently 76.3Gb, that in itself is not the major hurdle, it's getting the scenery in the right order, i.e Canadian upgrades have to go in chronological order.There are myriad of problems associated with a re-build, so if it can be avoided, I would be extremely grateful. Many Regards JohnT
  14. Hi Peter, this is turning into a right saga :-) Affirmative I do not have a discrete [buttons] section, but a [buttons] and [buttons.EMB190]/[buttons. Level D 767] etc Am I to add PollEpicButtons=No and PollInterval=0 to each and every buttons entry or just the [buttons] one? Sorry to be pedantic about this, but disinformation will only increase the confusion in my reply's. O/S is Win7 64bit Home Premium - Joystick is Logitech G940 - FS9 installed on c:\FS9 Installed .dll's in the Modules folder as follows:- ABLSCPT-ACONTAIN-Active Radar-AeroCore-AFXModuleFS9-AI_PLAYR-AirbusNewHUD-ATC-Autosave- bglman-cf0_tfxmap-ConfigModule-CONTROLS- DEMO-DYNAMIC-F1_view-FACILIIES-FE-FLIGHT-fsint-FSUI-FSUIPC-G2-G3-GLOBAL-gps-gps_export INSTRUCTOR- LVLD-LVLDSDK- MAIN-mpchat-MULTIPLAYER PANELS-PMDGOptions REALITY sbmpjoin9-sbtrans9-SIM1-SimSchedule-SOUND-SYMMAP TERRAIN-Traffic-TrafficInfo UTIL ViMaCore2004-ViMalScn-VISUALFX Weather-WideClient-WINDOW You did ask :-) What I was trying to say, was, I don't think I have installed any new .dll's into the modules folder Post 3.89 and Pre 3,99 FSUIPC .dll installation. Many thanks Regards JohnT
  15. Hi Peter, OK removed Actigate from Modules folder - defragged and optimised drive- registry clean up done. Sorry no change, still freezes. Just noticed one more clue? Done a short flight KSEA - CYYJ. On reaching the ramp at YYJ, called the FSUIPC from the Modules drop down. The dialogue box appeared, then I closed it no problem. Called the dialogue box again, only this time I LC axis tab,it was at this point it froze as before. Dont know if that helps. As far as I am aware, there has not been any further .dll's placed into the modules folder since this upgrade. That were not there before it. Regards JohnT
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