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  1. So... CTD happened again. No SimConnect%01u.Log has been created unfortunately. The .ini file doesn't seem to create anything.. Simconnect.ini FSUIPC7.log
  2. Thanks for your reply. I created the log file. I have attached my simconnect.xml. Do I change all of the maxclients to 128? Thanks SimConnect.xml
  3. So, it happened again, I did loads of test flights without the Pegasus client running, which is used for various VA´s. All of them where without issue. First flight for vEzy and...CTD on touchdown. Windows event viewer: FSUIPC log attached. Probably a Pegasus issue but just amazed how an external tool can trigger the sim to CTD. So just to let you know all flights without the pegasus client but with FSUIPC where succesful, no issues at all. 🙂 FSUIPC7.log
  4. Hi John, Thank you for your quick response. It was the sim that CTD. The only link I have to FSUIPC is that this touchdown CTD crash thing started after I installed FSUIPC. I used the simmarket download FYI. I have updated to v7.2.10 (Was 7.2.9). I'll do some more test flights to try and retreive the FSUiPC log file.
  5. Since I purchased and installed FSUIPC for MSFS I often get CTD's right on touchdown. So far my sim has been extremely stable with no CTD issues at all. This is what it looks like: So far it happened at 5 different airports in the last week, both default and addon scenery. It has also occured before latest Sim update. Any ideas on how to fix this? thanks in advance.
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