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  1. Hi John, Good News, v6.1.2b posted above has fixed the problem. Thanks Tony
  2. Hi Pete, I have attached a couple of zip files containing the information you require including the test script I used to confirm the problem, run on the working 6.0.12 FSUIPC and the non-working 6.1.1 FSUIPC. Each time I launched P3Dv5.1 and tested with Access to GSX Menu then rerun again with access to the SODE menu. All logs produced with the settings you requested and I have included a copy of the FSUIPC.ini file just in case (I hope the zip files will be sent as my ISP is a little restrictive with this file type). regards Tony debug 6.0.12.zip debug 6.1.1.zip
  3. Hi John, Thanks for getting back to me, I have tried the new FSUIPC6.dll provided and unfortunately the problem still exits. Just to let you know the version that works OK is V6.0.12 and not 13 as stated in the original post. Tony
  4. Hi, I've upgraded from registered FSUIPC 6.0.13 to 6.1.1 (Win 10, P3D 5.1 latest HF) and it seems that "event.textmenu" no longer works under this new version. I also tried 6.1.0 and it too has the same issue. If I revert back to 6.0.13 all works again. There are no errors in the FSUIPC6.log and no errors in the lua script log when I turn on lua script logging. I have also tried "EnableExtraButtons=No" and also added "NewInterceptTextMenu=Yes" to the FSUIPC6.ini file under the [General] section but when I add NewInterceptTextMenu=Yes this is removed by FSUIPC from the ini file on P3Dv5 launch. It appears that the event is not being triggered when a menu is opened. Below is a simple Lua test script I used to check out the problem:- function menu(mtype, colour, scroll, delay, id, n, msgs) if (n == 0) or ((n == 1) and (string.byte(msgs[1]) == 0)) then io.stderr:write( "Menu Closed") else io.stderr:write( "Menu matching started") if string.match(msgs[1], "GSX") and string.match(msgs[2], "Activate ground services") then io.stderr:write( "GSX Menu Opened: F12\n") end if string.match(msgs[1], "SimObject Display Engine") and string.match(msgs[2], "Choose action") then io.stderr:write( "SODE Menu Opened: TAB-S\n") end end end ipc.sleep(2000) event.textmenu(2, "menu") Hope you can solve this issue as I know you are both very busy currently, in the meantime I will continue to run on 6.0.13 until a fix is found. regards Tony Goswell
  5. Hi John, Still no go for me unfortunately. I have the same name details for both but different email address. Tony
  6. Hi John, Thanks for the quick response, redownloaded the file and retried the process, but still get the same error for the WideFS validation. Tony
  7. I have just purchased a new key for FSUIPC6 at Sim Market (#2309621) and I am trying to install this with my current wideFS7 key purchase on 14-10-2006 at Sim Market (#280688). Each time I run the validation the new FSUIPC6 works fine but the wideFS7 key says "my registration details for WideFS not valid". The WideFS7 was purchased using a different email address and this is what I'm using as indicated by the dialog to register. I am currently using the wideFS7 key OK with FSUIPC5 on P3Dv4. If you need any further info please let me know. Tony Goswell
  8. Pete, Thanks for such a quick response on this, first let me confirm that calibration is not the issue here. I'm processing the axis through an extenal interface before hitting the PC which accounts for the clean ranges you are seeing and in any case the controls work fine (it is also my joystick config from my FS9 FSUPIC). I did find a minor problem after recalibration again last night and that has cleared things as far as the differential brakes and pulling right, however the throttle and parking problem still remains. Further investigations this morning has revealed a possible problem area. If I start FSX by choosing the startup saved flight using the load button on the Free Flight dialog all works fine. If I then run the same flight (which I also made default), by selecting Fly now, I have the problem. It seems to me that there could be a timing issue at work here. What do you think ? thanks Tony
  9. Pete, I have a registered version of FSUIPC4/wideFS and I'm having problems with the throttle and parking brake since version 4.026. I have a flight Yoke and pedals with toe brakes connected via USB with a single throttle control, mapped in FSUIPC to 4 engines and reverser on my 747 (In fact I use the same configuration on FS9 as well). My FSX startup puts me at the end of the runway, parking brake set on and engines running. This has worked fine until Version 4.026 (4.023 is OK). Now when I start FSX the parking brake is off, differential brakes are applied and the engines are at 2/3 power and the plane starts pulling to the right. I have changed nothing between FSUIPC builds. If I reinstall 4.023 all is ok again. I've tried removing the stick_sensitivity_mode entry and recalibrating and also tried 4.03 but with no luck. Could you please help me out on this I'm at a loss as to the cause. My configuration file is as follows please note, I have the stick_sensitivity_mode=0 also set in FSX.cfg [General] History=E9GR4SEZEMKV06QE8ZTEN TCASid=Flight TCASrange=40 AxisCalibration=No DirectAxesToCalibs=No ShowMultilineWindow=Yes SuppressSingleline=No SuppressMultilineFS=No GraduatedVisibility=No LowerVisAltitude=0 UpperVisAltitude=25000 UpperVisibility=10000 MinimumVisibility=0 MaximumVisibilityFewClouds=0 MaximumVisibility=0 MaximumVisibilityOvercast=0 MaximumVisibilityRainy=0 SetVisUpperAlt=No VisUpperAltLimit=0 ExtendMetarMaxVis=No OneCloudLayer=No ThinClouds=No ThinThunderClouds=No CloudThinness=1000 ThunderCloudThinness=10000 CloudTurbulence=No CloudIcing=No GenerateCirrus=No SuppressCloudTurbulence=No MaxIce=-4 MinIce=-4 ExtendTopWind=No UpperWindGusts=No SuppressWindTurbulence=No WindTurbulence=No SuppressAllGusts=No MaxSurfaceWind=0 WindLimitLevel=200 WindDiscardLevel=400 WindAjustAltitude=No WindAjustAltitudeBy=2000 DisconnTrimForAP=No ZeroElevForAPAlt=No ThrottleSyncAll=No WhiteMessages=No ShowPMcontrols=No MagicBattery=No RudderSpikeRemoval=Yes ElevatorSpikeRemoval=Yes AileronSpikeRemoval=Yes ReversedElevatorTrim=No ClockSync=Yes ClockSyncMins=5 ClearWeatherDynamics=No FixWindows=No OwnWeatherChanges=No TimeForSelect=4 LoadFlightMenu=No LoadPlanMenu=No PauseAfterCrash=No ShortAircraftNameOk=No WeatherReadFactor=2 AdvDisplayHotKey=65,11 WeatherReadSeconds=1 [WideServer] ProtocalPreferred=UDP WideFSenabled=Yes AdvertiseService=No Port=8002 Port2=9002 [ClientNames] 1=PHOENIX [GPSout] Port= Speed=4800 Interval=1000 PosTo6Decimal=Yes Sentences= GPSoutEnabled=No [AutoSave] AutoSaveEnabled=No [JoystickCalibration] FlapsSetControl=0 ReverserControl=66292 MaxThrottleForReverser=0 AileronTrimControl=0 RudderTrimControl=0 CowlFlaps1Control=0 CowlFlaps2Control=0 CowlFlaps3Control=0 CowlFlaps4Control=0 Aileron=-5150,0,0,5150 Elevator=-5150,0,0,5150 Rudder=-5150,0,0,5150 LeftBrake=-5150,5150 RightBrake=-5150,5150 ExclThrottleSet=No SepRevsJetsOnly=Yes Reverser1Control=66422 Reverser2Control=66425 Reverser3Control=66428 Reverser4Control=66431 MapThrottle=Yes Throttle1=-5150,0,0,5150 ApplyHeloTrim=No FlapDetents=No MaxSteerSpeed=60 thanks Tony
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