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    hi all just got this today all installed and running, myCaptain will not start every time i click it, up pop's a window saying that this program has stopped working windows is looking for a fix or something like that. all the other programs with my captain work? i would rather not do a fresh install as this may lead to other problems. FSX SP2 Operating System MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07GHz 50 °C Bloomfield 45nm Technology RAM 12.0 GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 533MHz (7-7-7-20) Motherboard CLEVO CO. D900F (1366-pin LGA) 50 °C Graphics Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1200@60Hz) 2047MB GeForce GTX 480M (CLEVO/KAPOK Computer) 41 °C Hard Drives 733GB Seagate ST750LX003-1AC154 (RAID) 47 °C 244GB Seagate ST9250410AS (SATA) 45 °C 244GB Seagate ST9250410AS (SATA) 32 °C Optical Drives Optiarc BD RW BD-5730S Audio Realtek High Definition Audio others trakerIR 5 Hotas warthog pro flight yoke switcher rudder 2nd monitor= 46" 3D panasonic or 22" iPad 2 i use with some other flight sims as a 3rd screen i know its only a laptop but my windows score, lowest is 6.9 graphics & 3D, and have not had a program uptill now that would not run on it in the last 5 years i have had this laptop
  2. grate program BTW but still a newbe ? ok my set-up is 2 laptops wifi'ed throw my network 1st main laptop FSX 2nd laptop has FSC8.6 EVERY THING WORKS no problems with my networking threw my firewalls and network hers the question is there a way to have the GPS window ( the small tracking gps) on to the main FSX ( the other laptop) ps my systems are 1st laptop custom build I7 950 extrema 3.06 Navida GTX 480m 2gig 12gig 1333mhz ram 3x 250gig Hard drives BD/DVD TV Blue tooth IRtracker5 pro flight yoke peddles throt and all the bells and whistles not much change from £4K but well worth it for me. 2nd laptop asus K72j I5 450 4gig 3x 250 HD both running win7 Ult 64bit hope this is possible as the next step is a ipad as a touch pad
  3. thanks for that ill try it later when i get home sorry for posting in wrong place my bad. ? how did it work before?
  4. ok i have every thing set up the way i had it in Vesta but wideclient will not conect help plz? log file ********* WideClient Log [version 6.78] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 25/10/09, Time 16:26:05.468: Client name is *******LAPTOP 703 Attempting to connect now 1703 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast 1703 Failed to connect: waiting to try again 3703 Attempting to connect now 13953 ****** End of session performance summary ****** 13953 Total time connected = 0 seconds 13953 Reception maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 13953 Transmission maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 13953 Max receive buffer = 0, Max send depth = 0, Send frames lost = 0 13953 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 0, Alloc 0 Freed 0 Refused 0) ********* my ini file ; PLEASE SEE WideFS documentation for parameter details ; ===================================================== ServerName=Workgroup Protocol=TCP [Config] Port=8002 Window=337,103,886,589 Visible=Yes ButtonScanInterval=20 ClassInstance=0 NetworkTiming=5,1 MailslotTiming=2000,1000 PollInterval=2000 Port2=9002 ResponseTime=18 ApplicationDelay=0 TCPcoalesce=No WaitForNewData=500 MaxSendQ=100 OnMaxSendQ=Log NewSendScanTime=50 Priority=3,1,2
  5. well it looks like the file is NOW ok ? i tryed it today and the file in now ok? strange :?: maybe the file i sent to the virus company and thay fixed it ? thay did send out a update today to? o well onwards and up now
  6. Hi Petter thanks for the program i have had a registered Version now for some time but now i have a problem. First thing i was trying to do was get your newest Version of FSUIPC4 4,04 for FSX. I had a problem with the down loading of the program it was geting to about 75% when My Virus program killed it saying that it had a NEWHEUR_PE Virus found. So i have now go t it to download ( swithched off the download virus scan) now i have a nother problem when i try to run the instal guess what ? yep my Virus program go's nuts and stop's it from installing ( same virus as before) I have sent the file to the makers of Nod32(ESAT) to see if the program has a virus or is it nod32 being to good for it's own good. well hope to have it instaled in FSX soon as i miss the program.
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