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  1. HI Pete, I have the above mentioned yoke. I have the latest P3dv2 with FSUIPC registered version 4.933 installed, with Win 7. My yoke would occasionally (once every 10 mins or so) disconnect from the sim. I had hoped using fsuipc would solve the problem however after calibration it now disconnects every 2 seconds. Although I know I had the problem to a lesser degree before using fsuipc maybe you have come across a similar problem? Kind regards Marc
  2. Gents, Sorry for only replying now however, I have been busy. I have now only Aerosoft mega airport Heathrow installed (see screen shots of traffic)This would seem to me pretty empty on previous versions of my traffic. By comparison I have attached a screen shot of Frankfurt-Main which is very full. Both times are approx 1430 local and with 75% traffic set. I also installed UT2 which seemed to fill EGLL at 75. However, I think My traffic is a better product and want to carrying using it. However, i want to make sure that all is as it should be at EGLL. Thanks marc
  3. Sorry for only getting back to you now. With Aerosofts and for that matter UK2000 Heathrow scenery there is quite a lot of traffic (1200 local time) terminal 5 nearly empty and a lot of gates termainals 1,2 and 3 also empty. Having check Geneva (fsdt scenery) there would seem to be the same amount of traffic on the ground as at Heathrow. With the MS only version of Heathrow Terminal 5 is full and most of the other gates as well except (dont know number but presume terminal 4 looking quite empty) Hope that helps Marc
  4. Hi Bernhard, After a while away from the sim I am back I just purchased version 5.3 and it looks like all was installed OK. However when starting up the Sim at EGLL there seems to be less than 50% of the gates full with the slider at 100% I have aerosoft's Mega Airport package and have never seen it so empty. There would at first look seem to be a tot of BA (as expected but not that much of anything else. Any help would be great Marc
  5. Sorry I should have posted this earlier. As Burkhard suggested this problem was in fact caused by a traffic file from another (not EDDF) Aerosoft add on. Marc
  6. Hi Burkhard, As you suggested there is no traffic at the other near-by airports as well. How do I get the correct format traffic for EDDF? Thanks Marc
  7. Hi, I have just "landed" at EDDF but notice there is no traffic parked there. I am using Aerosoft's Mega Scenery. Any ideas? All other airorts have traffic at them. I ahve unintalled and reinstalled EDDF but still the same. I am using 5.2b Thanks in advance Marc
  8. Firstly I should say I am looking forward to this update. However as I now have to update from 5.2 to 5.2b (and not 5.2a to 5.2b), there are a lot of "large" files. The main problem not being the restricted speed but having to wait an hour in between downloading each part. Its a bit frustrating to say the least. Marc
  9. Hi, Thats what I suspected. I am just coming back to flight sim, and FSX and my PC are not compatiable, with all the addon and PMDG aircaft etc. I was hoping to find a way around using my traffic x for AI as I think its the best product out there (certainly is with FSX). I will have to keep looking for a good alternative. Kind regards, Marc
  10. HI Will my traffic x work with FS9 and if it does is there any change I have to make? Kind regards, Marc
  11. Guys, I love your product. However, a few observations I guess other might have already asked: 1. When I zoom in on the airport information window (and others) the window (airport in this case) does not resize. Is it possible to make this window resize? 2. If in this case I select a parking position can it be highlighted or automatically zoomed into? 3. Can the Parking positions be orderd (by selction or otherwise)? 4. Would it be possible to add the fuel information when the plan is printed? Once again I would say this is a great utility. Kind regards, Marc 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC 4.50 3
  12. Hi Volker, Thanks for the info. I will give it a try. Kind regards, Marc
  13. Hi All, Does anyone have the aircraft data for PMDg's MD-11 (fsx)? I have managed to find some but not all. KInd regards, Marc 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC 4.50 3. FS Commander 8.5 build 200409 and Database Manager version 8.5 Net Build 230309 4. Aerosoft version 5. Operating System Vista32
  14. Hi, I have just purchased FSC and found missing SIDS for KDSM. I saw a post for a simialr probelm with a differnt airport. Bt I have version 8.5 build 200409. I am using AIRAC 09-09. Hope you can help. Kind regards, Marc 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC 4.50 3. FS Commander 8.5 build 200409 and Database Manager version 8.5 Net Build 230309 4. Aerosoft version 5. Operating System Vista32
  15. Burkhard, Thanks for the quick reply!!! Marc
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