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  1. HI GUYS, Im kinda confused on the reinstall and registration of FS COMMANDER ( yeah ok so i`m thick!! but this has puzzled me for some time ) yeah i have the key file and follow instructions and alls well. 8.x version I think when i first bought it even earlier version than that 7.8 was it !!. So then the question is is it poss to down load the latest full version 8.3 then upgrade 8.4 placing my proof of purchase file into program folder for activation ?? Or does one have to go through all the upgrade versions to reach the 8.4 finished program . oh and as i have found i end up with lets say 8.1 ,8.2 ,8.3, 8.4exe s in my program files ect plus data base upgrades to match !1. as you can see slightly confused over this if not totally !! or does one just repurchase 8.3 giving what wud appear a cleaner install process to stop all this upgrade nonesense and confusion. thanks a lot Neville
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