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  1. Choose an aircraft out of thie initial or on the bounadry of the initial range and you get more choices, other than that your stuck with the odd limitation of the menu size
  2. doesnt ge pro just make more texture sets of its own textures though each with subtle lighting differences tuned to the metar from as6.5.. Im not sure it can tune other texture sets? If it can all the better but Im using it and have never seen this documented..
  3. not sure if your fs9 or fsx but with regard to the editor this thread may help viewtopic.php?f=4&t=64090
  4. thanks jaap... do i just put the afcad folder i make in the addon scenery folder?
  5. I used to have some decent afcads from avsim which ficked some layouts to match the charts better etc.. An example would be the KSAV afd for FSX. This put jetways where they are suppose to be on the right terminal etc.. I notice now when I fly from KSAV that the jetways have gone from the terminal and all the AI seem to be parking up in the GA area (the milatary stuff is ok).. I also have two control towers.. MyTraffic is in the right place in the scenery library..Is it not possible to use AFcads then from avsim unless they are part of airport scenery opr is there a way round this..
  6. Just noticed I now have an extra control tower at my budapest scenery? Im not sure if this has anyhting to do with my traffics airport bgl or not?
  7. thanks ill give it a go when i get back on monday.. If it goes wrong will I permanently harm anything :shock: ... Danny
  8. hey guys excellent work...heres where i get stuck again though, when i get home how do i put this plane into my system ?
  9. looks great :D (as long as it doesnt remind me too much of the awful coffee they served)...No this lap top doesnt do FSX unfortunately.. Heres hoping I can actually get it to fly the route.
  10. thats basically correct Burkhard...
  11. Hi Burkhard..yes I put the link on the previous page ..Its now the airport for the surfing resort of Newquay and is no longer an AB.. 737-500 from BMI are the largest traffic Im not sure what Ryan air use, Swiss use 146s and air southwest use the Dashes heres the link again, the airline links are bottom right on this page.. I'l be using Air Southwest this lunch time to nip down there again on business and have a lovely weekend(if it ever stops raining), but my laptop will be going with me.. http://www.newquaycornwallairport.com/ British airways and flybe and skybus also use the field
  12. well i followed the instructions.. tried going to manchester (egcc ) and looking for the BMI baby but no sign even with traffic up at max? So I thought perhaps there is no space (though there was plenty of room left) so I made the schedule the other way around and created a flight from EDGD (st mawgan) and went there and sat and waited and still nothing appears.. Could it be anything to do with St MAwgan not having a good enough AFD or the correct parking or facilitys or something.. This is really confusing me.. I even tried getting ryanair and the swiss 146 to come but nothing has arrived..
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