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  1. Hi, I've encountered the following problem when using FSC 9.0 (Build 01-01-2011) on a secondary monitor: When I enter a flightplan and open the waypont window to select the departure runway (in the Rwy/Gate-tab) it is not possible. Clicking with the mouse acts like a zoom-in funcion on the map and nothing is selectable. When using FSC on the primary monitor everything is ok. It's not really a big problem since I can do flight planning on the primary screen but it would be great if it can be fixed in a future release. I am using Windows 7 Prof 64-bit, a Nvidia GTX 460 and a Nvidia GT220 with latest drivers. Monitors are configured as "extend on this display" (In German "Desktop auf diese Anzeige erweitern"). The left monitor is the primary display (the on that works), the secondary is middle (where the error occurs) and a touchscreen is right. Perhaps you have a solution. Regards an thank you for another great release of FSC (using it since V7), Joerg
  2. HI, no time for an answering a question? :? Regadrs, Joerg
  3. Hi Volker, thank you for your reply, but your answer doesn't look right to me! (I hope, that sounds not too rude but english is not my primary language...) I inserted the coordinates and the name of a fix into the FSC generated Leveld flightplan and it was displayed correctely as Fix01 at the Legs-display. It was also processed normally by the autopilot. Another flightplan I created with another program (Super Flight Planner 4 RC5) contained fixes too that worked without problems. Perhaps you should take a look at the Leveld export or offer an option to select or deselect the export of own fixes? Regards, Joerg
  4. Hi, just one question: when I create a flight plan for the LevelD 767 and add some own waypoints (fixes like FIX03, FIX04 etc.) these ones aren't exported into the LevelD flight plan. There are only the waypoints from the database. Am I doing something wrong or isn't the LevelD FMC able to deal with such waypoints, so that I have to enter them manually into the FMC? I am using FSC 8.4. (which I like more and more), FSX with Acceleration pack and Windows XP Pro SP2. A suggestion by the way: would it be possible to skip the airport selection window on startup of FSC? It's because sometimes I only want to load a saved flight plan to alter or to review it without selecting an airport first. Thank you very much in advance for your help, Joerg
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