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  1. Have FSX installed on a new PC. I want to use the default traffic for now without MyTraffic. But so far no default traffic is showing up. I have the traffic .bgl active but still no planes. Any ideas?
  2. Burkhard will answer, but he's not on the forum too oft en.
  3. There have been several posts stating this. I have contacted AirNav and they confirmed it. Burkhard has said it is not poular enough to spend the time on it. Too bad because I really liked it for years.
  4. AirNav Live Traffic is not compatible with MT6. Summer 2015 is the closest you can get right now to real traffic. I'm not sure how to go back to 2015. I would try deleting the AirNav file.
  5. Hmmm...I guess you could try messaging him on this forum to see if that might help.
  6. Burkhard will reply, but sometimes it is only once/twice a week. Give him a little more time.
  7. You can remove the MT AFCAD for that airport from the MT Scenery folder, so it won't be used.
  8. Burkhard updates the schedules every so often. The current one is from mid-2015. You just choose it from the menu bar at the top of Communicator. If you still have issues, there is another topic in this forum to request changes to the schedules. There are also ways to customize the planes seen at each airport, but Burkhard would be the best person to help with that. If you have specific issues, just start a new topic in the forum and Burkhard will answer in a few days.
  9. My Traffic Live and Airnav FS Live Traffic have been discontinued. I really liked the Airnav version, and had hoped they would update it to work with MT 6. But they are not. There have been several requests to have some version of live traffic to use with MT 6, but nothing is being done on it now that I know of. Too bad.......
  10. I just change it by the dropdown for Display on the menu bar. I don't exit and re-enter.
  11. I've noticed this forum is not quite so active as others. This subject matter is very specialized and not too may people besides Burkhard know the answers. Sometimes it can be almost a week for answers, but you will get a response.
  12. Sorry to hear that. I did really like FS Live Traffic. So I cancelled my subscription to it today, and hope in the future someday it will be revised to work with MT 6.
  13. Any updates from AirNav on getting things updated for FS Live?
  14. I use FSX, but I think P3D has a Scenery Library too. Just uncheck MT from the Library, and it will be disabled.
  15. The airport bgl's are in the MyTraffic/Scenery folder, and the schedule bgl's are in the MyTraffic/Flight Plans folder.
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