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  1. On 5/20/2016 at 2:13 PM, oldJ3pilot said:

    No help? I have run out of things to try.  Why no support?

    This is forcing me to go back to Ultimate Traffic 2.

    Wish I could get my money back.

    Burkhard will reply, but sometimes it is only once/twice a week. Give him a little more time.

  2. On 5/21/2016 at 8:51 AM, JTB@C said:

    Hi Burkhard

    I have My Traffic 6 working in FSX SE.

    I have a couple of issues which I've tried to fix but can't.


    First is that with 18% traffic selected the wheels on AI often spawn really late.

    Second is that the My Traffic AFCADs seem to over ride the aerosoft addon airport AFCADs.  The reason I think this is that for example at Dusseldorf EDDF many of AI aircraft are parked in buildings.  When I check with GSX which AFCAD it is using it tells me that the My Traffic AFCAD is used, not the aerosoft AFCAD - I can't work out why?

    My Traffic scenery is installed after all addon sceneries in the scenery folder in FSX SE.



    You can remove the MT AFCAD for that airport from the MT Scenery folder, so it won't be used.

  3. Burkhard updates the schedules every so often. The current one is from mid-2015. You just choose it from the menu bar at the top of Communicator. If you still have issues, there is another topic in this forum to request changes to the schedules. There are also ways to customize the planes seen at each airport, but Burkhard would be the best person to help with that. If you have specific issues, just start a new topic in the forum and Burkhard will answer in a few days.

  4. wow??? no one replies?? Even mods? Will be sure to let the community know and those subscribers on my youtube channel

    I've noticed this forum is not quite so active as others. This subject matter is very specialized and not too may people besides Burkhard know the answers. Sometimes it can be almost a week for answers, but you will get a response.

  5. I have just purchased MyTraffic and installed it into P3dV3.  I can see no traffic.  Here is my simobject.cfg file.  Notice that I have 2 Entry.10.  If I try to edit the MyTraffic entry (the last one) to Entry.12 from within the Communicator it will not save the change, even though I select save and close.  I always reverts back to a numbering the MyTraffic entry as number 10.  I tried finding the simobject.cfg file from within the main P3D V3 folder but I cannot find it.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks:



    PATH=C:\RealAir\Legacy V2 P3D3\SimObjects\Airplanes

    TITLE=RealAir Legacy V2




    PATH=C:\RealAir\Turbine Duke V2 P3D3\SimObjects\Airplanes

    TITLE=RealAir Turbine Duke V2





    TITLE=Default Airplanes





    TITLE=Default Avatars





    TITLE=Default Rotorcraft





    TITLE=Default Ground Vehicles





    TITLE=Default Boats





    TITLE=Default Animals





    TITLE=Default Misc





    TITLE=Default Submersible





    TITLE=Default Weapons





    TITLE=Default Countermeasures




    Path="C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft"






    I'd suggest doing a search for the file in the P3dv3 folder. I'm using FSX, so I'm not sure where the file is for you, but it must be there. 

  6.  hi,

    thank you for the reply. sorry I thought there was something in my traffic. 

    This slider I have at about 60%.

    I am seeing lots of traffic-but Dubai it's all emirate planes,.

    In other places I see different airlines.


    thank you for your reply.


    OK, it must be how the 2015 schedules are set up for Dubai. When I did some investigating for my home airport, I went to the Flight Plans folder in MT and opened up the 2015 schedule folder. I then opened up the file mycommercialroutes.dat in Notepad. I suggest you search that file for Dubai and see what flights are scheduled. If you only see Emirates, then that's how the schedule was created. If you see other airlines listed, then you may have a problem with your installation. Burkhard is the expert here - if he has time soon to reply, I'm sure he will help you too.

  7. Hi. thank you for the reply. i am using the summer 2015 schedules.

    I am not familiar with the commercial traffic slider.

    Can you please advise where it is.


    Many thanks



    It's in the Display Options for FSX, under Traffic. Slide the Airline slider up higher to see if you get more airlines showing up.

  8. Hi everyone

    I have just managed to install and getting running my traffic 6a.

    I have only loaded it twice at Dubai,

    I only see emirate planes-no other airlines.

    Can you please advise what to select to see all airlines .

    Many thanks.


    What percentage is your commercial traffic set to? It should only need to be around 35%, but maybe you need to set it higher. Are you using the Summer 2015 schedules?

  9. ok guys solved now I see. the only thing is that I have not respected the planes parking lots and find them inside buildings, how can I?

    This can be caused by duplicate bgl's for a specific airport. You can look in the MT Scenery folder to see if there is a duplicate bgl for the airport in question. Also, you can search your FSX folder to see if there are any other duplicate bgl's. If you find any you can rename them by adding a .passive extension and see if that solves your problem.

  10. Burkhard -

    I'm anxious to learn of plans to update FS Live Traffic to work with MT 6.0a. Will this be done in the near future? As I'm still paying AirNav for it, I'd like to get a product that works with MT. I really did enjoy it when I used it with 5.4c.

    I got a note from Airnav today, saying they are not currently working on getting Live Traffic to work with MT 6. If this is a dead issue, I think I'll cancel my subscription with Airnav until the 2 products are compatible in the future. Burkhard, do you agree?

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