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  1. Burkhard has suggested to other users to review this checklist to get it working: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/79370-mytraffic-6-installation-not-working-checklist/
  2. I'd suggest searching for duplicate bgl's for those airports. You also need to go into the Scenery folder of MT and delete their bgl's for those airports. Duplicate bgl's can cause those types of problems.
  3. Burkhard - I'm anxious to learn of plans to update FS Live Traffic to work with MT 6.0a. Will this be done in the near future? As I'm still paying AirNav for it, I'd like to get a product that works with MT. I really did enjoy it when I used it with 5.4c.
  4. I had this issue too, and really thought I didn't have any duplicate bgl files for the airport in question. I did a search, and finally found more than one file from another installation long ago. They were in the Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. Once I deleted them, all was well.
  5. I think Burkhard said before that military traffic is controlled by the commercial traffic settings, since all military is IFR. Maybe you could search the forum for military and get more info.
  6. Hmmm...I did think that would do it. There is also a MyCommercialRoutes.dat in each of the schedules in the MT_Plans folder too. When I made my changes, I used the file in the 2015 Schedules folder, since those were the schedules I chose to use. Maybe you could try editing that file too?
  7. Looks to be a scheduling error for just one flight. I can suggest something based on what I did previously. I don't use Super Traffic Board, but I think I understand the error. You can open the MyCommercialRoutes.dat in Notepad and edit it. I looked up the line in the file that is referenced in the error message, and the entry above it, and found this: B772-AA1 ,N­772AN , 39,ONE_WEEK ,IFR { 30240,KORD,310, 186 32253,ZBAA,290, 187 50240,KORD,310, 186 52253,ZBAA,290, 187 240,KORD,310, 186 2253,ZBAA,290, 187 } B772-AA1 ,N­773AN , 15,TWELVE_HOURS,IFR { 1114,KLAX,310, 1352 444,KMIA,290, 189 The error says you can't schedule repeat traffic at 12 hour intervals. This looks to be one flight entry that is set up at 12 hours. Most all of the others are showing one week. If it was me, I would just change the 12 hours to one week, to match the other flights in the file. I would think that would remove the error. Just make a copy of the file first just in case. Burkhard may have a better way, so maybe he'll suggest something later.
  8. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the default schedues are Spring, 2015, when MT 6 was released. The Summer 2015 are the most current, and would match the current real-life schedules the closest. I'm not using P3D, so I can't help you on that. There is a forum topic here that might help: http://forum.simflight.com/forum/151-mytraffic-for-prepar3d/
  9. I agree it can be confusing. But I look at it as kind of a self-contained program now, At least with FSX, it's not installed in the FSX folder, so it can't really hurt anything. You just install it wherever you want, and then do backups of it from one version to another. If there's problems, you just remove it from the Scenery Library and work on it.
  10. I have FSX, not P3d, but all I did was choose the Summer 2015 Schedules again just to be sure.
  11. Burkhard will have to tell you if it's on Simmarket yet. Just make sure your install shows 6.0a.
  12. I think that's what he's saying. Check this topic in the main forum that also discusses flight levels - AI Flight Levels Started by BobW, 04 Jan 2016
  13. The 6.0a final release is announced in this topic in the main forum - Announcing MyTraffic Professional 6.0a Started by Burkhard, Yesterday, 03:20 PM
  14. FYI - MyTraffic does install various airports scenery in the Scenery folder. If you have other custom airports installed that duplicate the ones in the Scenery folder, you need to delete one or the other, or the airports will conflict. I've run into this situation several times.
  15. Sounds like you might have 2 MyTraffic Scenery folders active? Since you ran the install twice, it may have installed 2 MyTraffic folders, which would have included 2 Scenery folders. This could produce 2 airports on top of each other maybe. Just a thought.
  16. We really need Burkhard to try and get to this forum a little more often. There are a lot of questions being asked that only he can answer. Maybe if he's not able to get on for some reason, he can have someone else come on who has a real knowledge of MT 6 to answer all the questions. I know he was working towards a release of 6.0a soon, but it seems like all these questions need to be answered first about beta 5.
  17. As far as I know, beta 5 is cumulative and you only need to install that one.
  18. I think I fixed the problem with incorrect planes and airlines showing up at KERI. First, I opened the MyAircraft file in the 2015 Summer Schedules folder. I searched for the B1900's for Commutair and Gulf Flight. I then deleted these lines in the file. I then opened the MyCommercialRoutes file in the 2015 Schedules folder. I searched for all the lines that contained flights for KERI. I deleted all the airlines that do not fly into KERI in real life. I then opened Communicator and chose the Summer 2015 Schedules. Now when I go to KERI in FSX, only the correct plane types and airlines appear. Only problem is I would have to do this for each schedule folder in MT-Plans that I wanted to use. Also, when Burkhard updates the schedule years, I'll have to do this procedure again. Not really a problem, or that much work. Luckily KERI is not a busy airport, so it's pretty easy to make these changes.
  19. It seems many users have moved on from FSX to P3d. I'm still using FSX myself. Could you tell me a little about P3d and why so many users have moved to it? It must have many advantages over FSX?
  20. Thinking about this, maybe I can just open the current MyAircraft.dat in the 2015 Schedules, and then delete the 2 B1900's that are incorrectly appearing at KERI? I'll try this soon to see it it works.
  21. I do have administrator access to the folder. If I understand the trick, I would go to Aircraft under the Editor, click on "Create MyAircraft.dat, and then replace the file in the 2015 schedules by this new file? To create the Summer 2015 schedules again, do I just choose those in the Communicator as before?
  22. I just meant I already had 6.0a beta 4 installed. I just then installed beta 5 on top of it. Seemed to go OK.
  23. How did the install go for you? I wish Burkhard had more time to be on the forum to answer questions, as he's the expert.
  24. I'll throw in my 2 cents. I don't use P3D, I use FSX Acceleration so my comments apply to that. Once you install MT 6, open the Communicator and follow instructions. That includes making the entry in the cfg file. You will then have a MyTraffic folder inside a MyTraffic Professional folder. Place the beta 5 file next to the MyTraffic folder, but not in it. Then double-click on the beta file, and you'll have 6.0a installed. If you now have an MTX_V60a.myt file in your MyTraffic folder, you did it correctly. From that point on, you can read this forum to see where things stand. If any users of P3D want to point out any differences in this procedure, feel free.
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