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  1. I started FS Live and had it scan all the airport schedules. Then I started FSX and went to SFO in the middle of the night. There were planes at most of the gates, but when I looked in Explorer the planes were almost all showing as "Sleep" status. Does this sound right then? How often should I be running FS Live to scan the airport schedules? Every time before I start FSX?
  2. I'm never really sure if AirNav Live Traffic X is working properly. I did choose that schedule from Communicator, but the flight numbers in FSX never seem to match up with the actual real flight schedules at each airport. Is there any way to confirm Live Traffic is working right?
  3. I don't understand what this patch does. Does it only affect the ATC sounds in FSX, to match it with the new AI? Is this patch separate from the other patches under Downloads in Communicator? Do I need to install both patches?
  4. One more thing - I just saw that I also have a MYCommercialRoutes.dat file in the Scenery folder too, if that makes any difference.
  5. Yes, I have the dat file, and it's dated this AM. I do see flight numbers once in awhile, usually the top 3 or 4 planes in the list, but they aren't the true #'s. I understand there is going to be more testing of FSLive with the Board, so I'll be patient and wait for that. Thanks.
  6. Ok, I'll try that with the times. But most of the time no flight #'s are showing up either, just the airline ID's. In the Board settings under Flight Numbers, what are the correct entries for FSLive? Maybe the Board is not using the correct schedule?
  7. Well, the Board works once again, but the flight times, etc. are still not close to actual real flights. Thanks for the file.
  8. I didn't get the file? I replaced the bat file with the original, but I still get the error. Can you resend your file?
  9. I installed your zip file. I did get the 3 pauses when activating FSLive. But when trying to activate the Board, I get the attached error. Now what to do?
  10. Attached is a shot of my Board. The problem seems to be all the flight #'s are not showing up - sometimes only the airline ID, not the #. Is this what it's supposed to look like? Also, for FSLive, am I supposed to connect to the AirNav server every time before I start FSX? And how how often should I run the CleanupHistory file? I'm not sure why the actual real flights are not showing up as they should?
  11. I'm also having trouble with FSLive after the update. Everything seems to be working, but the correct flights are not showing up on the TrafficBoard. Some flights are fairly close regarding cities and times, but not exact. Some airports have departures and no arrivals. Some have only military showing. And on the board, the columns are not lined up. The flight #'s show up farther right, etc. How do I get this straightened out?
  12. I've attached screenshots of what files are in my MyAircraftInstallers folder. Does this look normal? Would you recommend deleting any of these? Thanks.
  13. Can all the files in the MyTrafficAircraftInstallers folder be deleted once they have been used? My folder is 1.48GB.
  14. I am online. I think I figured it out though. I hadn't placed your new Offline file in my MyTraffic folder, as your instructions said to just place the executable there. Once I did that, I received your new offline instructions to go to View, New Version. I am downloading the update to my Installers folder now. Other users will probably have this same issue.
  15. My Communicator also says I am in offline mode. How do I fix this?
  16. Thanks - I'll try that. That must be what I was forgetting to do. One other question - should the "Forbidden Destinations" box be checked also in the particular airline's screen under "Manage Airlines"? What is the purpose of that box?
  17. In the Communicator, my Airline Preferences are not being saved from day to day. When I add an airline as forbidden at a certain airport, it does initially show up in the airport list. But when I go to the list the next day, the entry is gone and I have to re-enter it. How can I get forbidden airlines to stay on the list permanently?
  18. I just did that too, but still no 300MTM folder appears in Aircraft. The 310 MTM folder is there though. What can I do now?
  19. The MTM version does not show up in my Aircraft folder after running the exe file. With the new A-310 however, the MTM version does show up in my arcraft folder. Why the difference?
  20. I think I have the black planes solved. I had modified some textures in the default planes and made some textures inactive. I restored them and the planes look OK now so far. Does TrafficX use the default planes as AI? Could you explain how to get the Traffic Toolbox working? It was OK before SP1. I'm not familiar with how the SDK works, if that's the solution.
  21. My Traffic Toolbox also will not load with SP1. I also have some black planes with no wheels, and some transparent. Looks like extra planes from somewhere else. Never had this pre-SP1. I installed the upgrade to 5.0b again, but nothing changed.
  22. It seems to be working OK now. I set FSX to use system time and now the correct planes are appearing.
  23. I asked Airnav this question, but they won't help. I'd like to know how to verify that FSX is actually using the scheduling of airlines provided by FS Live Traffic X, in conjunction with MyTraffic. I'm familiar with how to use FS Live, as I've used it in FS9 for some time. However, in FSX, I'm getting airliners showing up at my home airport of Erie, PA that don't belong. For example, United and American Connection planes are appearing there, when in real life neither airline uses Erie, PA. I have marked these airlines in MyTraffic as forbidden for Erie also, but they still show up. It seems that if FS Live is working correctly, only airlines scheduled in real life should show up at their respective airports. Can someone help?
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