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  1. Woo hoo! Thanks for a great product, Burkhard
  2. Looks like Barksdale AFB to me...
  3. It was a Piper Cherokee...that explains it. Thanks!
  4. I just noticed on a flight today that a default MS aircraft was active in flight, however the only traffic.bgl I can find is the trafficaircraft.bgl.passive that was mentioned earlier in this thread. Since it is already passive, is there any other way to disable it? Perhaps adding a .old extension to the file?
  5. KCLT (Charlotte Douglas) in NC now seems to have several airplanes parked through buildings, and ATC now refers to RWYS 18/36 L&R as 1 & 19. Problem did not exist prior to 5.1 upgrade. Regards, Tim H.
  6. I seemed to have no problem installing the update from simmarket, as everything is running fine post update. Was there an interruption during the install progress?
  7. Thanks Burkhard...just so I make sure I understand correctly, the Simmarket incremental update will work on my installed version of 5.0b that was originally installed from the Aerosoft CD?
  8. Is there a projected date for the 5.1 update for the Aerosoft DVD version yet, and where will we be able to find it when it is released? Many thanks. Regards, Tim Hughes
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