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  1. PostmanPaul

    Aircraft not linning up correctly on taxiway

    Hi Guys i have the latest version of MTX but just like the previous version what happens is aircraft will come off thier parking stands and make there way to the active but if i am there waiting to enter the runway maybe because i am waiting for another aircraft to land or leave,instead of queing up as you would normally see ,the other aircraft will stop half way down the taxiway instead of queing in the normal way which is annoying.Is there any reason for this and can i stop it. Cheers Paul
  2. PostmanPaul

    Military Traffic

    Thanks Mike for your help Paul
  3. PostmanPaul

    Military Traffic

    Hi All This may have been asked before but i have searched for this with no luck How can i get rid of or at least reduce military traffic without affecting general traffic and airline traffic,as i find it unrealistic as there is to much of it.Having 3 or 4 chinooks and half a dozen tornados around heathrow a bit much. Cheers Paul
  4. PostmanPaul

    Airline ATC Flight Numbers

    cheers have installed new voice pack and it has now put in all the missing callsigns (including easyjet LOL) Once again thanks
  5. Hi All Im not sure if this has been brought up before but when listening to ATC a lot of the major airline call signs arnt used for instance easyjet dont start with EZxxx (xxx being the flight number)there are a number of others i have noticed,is it me or is that how it is??????? Oh i have 5.2b prof. cheers Paul
  6. PostmanPaul

    MyTraffic for a Century of flight

    im a dummy the command was in the game just realised and you were right i had cut off mid flow cherers sorry to have been a pain
  7. PostmanPaul

    MyTraffic for a Century of flight

    hi I bought this addon from sim market so it was sent as a self extractor so i cant get into it to start the second half of the install(or can i?) Cheers Paul
  8. PostmanPaul

    MyTraffic for a Century of flight

    Made a mistake there are no bgl files begining with my.
  9. PostmanPaul

    MyTraffic for a Century of flight

    Hi Checked both files and the aircraft with my are there and so are the bgl files.When i was running fsx i had to add some command lines in to run it is it the same with fs9.Cheers Paul
  10. Hi Just loaded my traffic used the one for fs9 all loaded ok and configured,but when i started my sim there was no ai traffic at any airports,what should i do. Cheers Paul PS.im sure this question has beem asked many times i do appologise.

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