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  1. http://forum.simflig...post__p__419302 There was an issue with the communicator last week. Not sure if it's been corrected. Follow this thread to a link for the download.
  2. FWIW I don't have a MTX PHOG version in my scenery folder. From what I can tell looking at the FSX stock PHOG there's a hold short issue at Rwy 5. Can you be a little more specific regarding which Rwy/Taxiway(s) you notice the bottle necks and problems? According to the stock airport, the vehicle paths are only partially complete, which is typical for stock airports. This means that vehicles will enter the airplane taxi/path system to get around. If it's true that MTX doesn't have its own PHOG then you could always check over at flightsim/AVSIM for an alternative to the stock airport.
  3. When you say you made KRIV a second hub for DHL are you referring to modifying the airport scenery file? Or are you referring to modifying the schedules? I don't see any non-military cargo in the schedules for KRIV. It's a military base and appears to only contain military AI. The BR2_KRIV.bgl file also only contains military cargo and combat ramps. Having said this, a non-military cargo should park in a military cargo ramp. The parking spot sizes in the file supplied with MTX are 31m and 26m. You should be able to schedule 762 or 763 sized ABX/DHL cargo flights and have them show up. Ar
  4. I'm obviously not a Brazil aviation expert, but quick research reveals that they are rivals; no cooperation indicated. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gol_Linhas_Aereas
  5. In case you haven't yet tuned your system, here's a nice tuning guide that may help with the g3d.dll error and crash. Follow it all the way through. http://www.simforums.com/forums/topic34tml#198187
  6. http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=17418 http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=19101 http://forums1.avsim.net/topic/271896-g3ddll-error/ A quick google search of the error revealed several hits. I think you'll need to pursue this issue with the support at the aerosoft forum. They should be experts on this issue by now. Good Luck.
  7. The patches won't change the version number. You can read the changes and double check your files if you have any doubts. The next minor free update will be v5.3a. There are some previews and hints as to what is included in one of the above sticky threads.
  8. The latest download will not contain the patch. You can read the patch thread to see if you need the patch.
  9. This answer is airport and time specific. In general, I set commercial 40% and GA 25% during the day. If you fly at night you could reduce these even further. A little testing will produce the right amount of traffic for your preference at your favourite airports. If you reduce too much some of the bigger airports will appear empty so there's some give and take. I also use DX10 schedules only, which removes some traffic and I fly with full resolution but less animation to eliminate the jetway fps killer although your monster system can probably handle the jetways without too much difficul
  10. kagazi

    I L S Frequencies

    It would appear that the MyTraffic X version of EDDF is in need of some updating. In the mean time, I found this file over at AVSIM. I've never used it but thought it looked promissing as it includes the new ILS frequencies. You should first disable the BR2_EDDF.BGL file located in the MyTraffic X scenery folder. Then install the new EDDF file. I would suggest installing in its own folder with scenery subfolder and activating in FSX. Keep the file high in the priority list. I'm still away from FSX so I'm not able to check the file out to see if it includes updated STAR/DP waypoints. H
  11. kagazi

    I L S Frequencies

    If you look at the file date for EDDF in the MyTraffic scenery folder it will give you an idea of when the file was last modified. In all likelihood, the freqencies for files dated 2007-2008 have not been changed as the original set of enhanced airports focused on bug fixes and providing adequate parking. If it's a matter of changing a freq. then this can be done without too much difficulty. Another option would be to download an updated EDDF from one of the common flightsim sites.
  12. I guess you could copy the 52 .myt file to 53 and recompile schedules using the 52 .myt file.
  13. You have UT2, MTX 5.3 (I'm assuming) at 80%, and the default traffic and you're using UK2000 EGLL? If this were my setup I'd be happy with a slideshow, but more likely I'd be getting a picture frame :lol: Two things to try first: 1. disable your default AI traffic. There's no need for orbit when you have Speedbird. You can disable the default manually if the communicator isn't working for you - the communicator should work but we can deal with that issue later. The default AI traffic is a large traffic file (18 megs give or take) located in scenery\world\scenery. Rename the file with .of
  14. Simon - I still observe these ghost flights at certain airports, and we're not the only ones as I've seen random posts in various forums discussing these "ghost" flights that never depart and take up parking spots. Lucky for us we have STB, which makes it easy to spot and delete the phantom squatters :)
  15. Simon, If my STB setup is not configured for the AI package that I'm using, I also observe view issues where I find myself viewing my aircraft. For example, if I've configured my setup for UT2, but I also happen to use MTX 5.3 along side, but I have not configured my setup for MTX, I will observe the "view AI" issue mentioned in this thread when viewing some MTX AI. The solution in this case would be to use one of the sticky links at the top of the forum to configure aircraft/airlines per the AI package being used.
  16. The airport plan shows the Terminals/gates. http://www.panynj.gov/airports/lga-airport-map.html Looks like SWA has three destinations - Southwest Airlines Baltimore, Chicago-Midway, Denver, gate assignment in Central-B.
  17. You really only need to add some SWA flights to KLGA in the MyTraffic X schedule. After doing so you need to run "create all files and traffic". I would suggest that before modifying the existing .myt schedule file you first make a backup in the event you wish to return to the original state. The airport needs to have the appropriate parking to ensure that the scheduled flights are created by FSX and show up to KLGA. Gate/Terminal assignments are not required although it's nice to provide realism so long as sufficient open gates are provided as well. Since SWA uses B737s you need to ensur
  18. I'm forgetting now, but isn't follow/chase disabled when you use UT2? Did you mean to say view AI? If you are viewing and the AI moves beyond the reality bubble your view will be deleted and you will be back at your destination. The reality bubble may be defined by the border of a small country so 50 miles is not out of the question. Edit: Simon sorry for chiming in here. I was at the MTX forum and I decided to change my signature. When I came out of the profile I thought I was back at the MTX forum but instead I would up in the STB forum and only noticed after I added my comment :lol:
  19. If you come across one or two airports that have a sign or two misplaced. An airline or two parked too close or slightly parked in a building, or an airbridge (jetway) or two unconnected then it's possible that there is a problem with that airport. There is no such thing as perfect scenery - payware airport scenery is no exception. MyTraffic X is an AI program that as a courtesy and to facilitate efficiency/efficacy for MyTraffic X provides enhancements/fixes to some 2,000 FSX stock airports. Having said this, even the FSX stock scenery are not free from error. Lucky for us, most stock
  20. This has nothing to do with MTX or any AI package for that matter. I observe the same phenomena with WOAI and UT2. If you think about the way the FSX ATC engine works, it is quite amazing. Imagine in the real world if the only person at the airport with eyes who could see is you. I doubt the real world ATC would do as good a job at directing traffic as FSX ATC ;-) FSX ATC is blind and relies on position markers (nodes - seen or unseen) to determine where all AI are relative to the user plane at any given point in time on any given taxiway. I have not experimented extensively but qualitat
  21. I was working on KSFO as I was typing the install instructions :oops: Updating KSFO parking per new assignments and reworking the runways to bring the airport runway operations "closer" to the real world - this is a difficult task due to all of the specific restrictions for each runway and the limitations of the ATC engine. When it's complete I will post here for users to test. Moonraker - I've updated EGLL to reflect the March aerodrome taxiway configurations. Much has changed! I decided not to include in v5.3 until T1 and associated parking was complete so I had a better picture of what
  22. First, if you prefer the ALL runways open option2 then rename the existing BR2_KSFO bgl files in the MyTraffic X scenery folder with a passive extension. If you prefer to have one runway dedicated for takeoff and one for landing then do not install option2. If you intend to install option2 then create a new folder called EGLL with scenery subfolder. Add the option2 bgls to this new subfolder. You can create the new folder where ever you have other airport scenery folders. When you enter FSX for the first time, add the EGLL folder to your scenery priority list. Keep it high priority. For
  23. The dedicated runway scheme at EGLL is by design - as you noted, one runway for takeoff and one for landing. This option(1) provides better flow when using MTX exclusively. There were no changes between the 5.2b version of MTX and the 5.3 version with the exception of some scenery in the cargo area and updated parking assignments at T5 to bring the parking numbers locations per the aerodrome. I also corrected an internal misclassification of a few waypoints that were preventing the ATC engine from recognizing the ILS approaches. Attached is option2 with all runways open. I'm currently wor
  24. If you own REX turn the dx10 optimzed option off.
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