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  1. I don't blame you. At this point I'm throwing darts at the board but I'm trying to eliminate possible issues (and hopefully get lucky) until Burkhard returns -- most likely on Monday. Have you ever tried to compile your files and traffic with the DX10 schedules box ticked? Also, I noticed your FSX traffic slider in one of your posts was at 100% for commercial and 50% for GA. Assuming you have copied the TrafficDatabaseBuilder.exe to your MyTraffic folder from your SDK folder, try to compile the year 2009 schedules using DX10 schedules and no UT2 boxes checked. Enter FSX and reduce your com
  2. You should have this below: SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.6=MyTraffic\Aircraft SimObjectPaths.7=SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft Remove the duplicate entries from the cfg file. Did you recently uninstall and reinstall FSX or perform a repair? When you created all files and traffic you checked the box that says no UT2/Direct X live airlines and you're using MyTraffic DX10 schedules? I'm a
  3. No, it's not normal. Plus you have double entries for some reason. You can remove the duplicate entries and change the MyTraffic entry to SimObjectPaths.7=MyTraffic\Aircraft
  4. I'm attaching KLAS with curved approach technique and the readme file. Benefit of this option is that under certain conditions when the 7s/19s are active, AI will no longer fly through the mountains. If you spend enough time observing KLAS when those runways are active you'll know what I'm speaking about. The curved approaches are also a lot of fun to fly for the user -- especially at night! The additional files are not needed and only used to help guide the user while practicing the curved approach at night. is KLAS minus the curved approaches. The readme file will explain the enhanc
  5. It's late here and I'm just back from holidays so I won't go into too much detail -- The latest version of KLAS in MTX uses a "curved approach" technique based on original work by Jim Vile. I incorporated the curved approaches to 7R and 19R in order to prevent AI from plowing through the mountains on final to those two runways. In stead, AI will fly a down wind base leg approach away from the mountains with a hard turn to final. The fake ILSs are on the base leg...hence the discrepancy in the heading. These approaches are for AI, although the user can certainly have fun with them. I will
  6. Pick up the Super Traffic Board (which is much much more than a traffic board) and you'll never think about the limited traffic tools ever again. The Posky site is free and they dedicate a lot of effort to the planes so we shouldn't complain. Plus, they do provide some support for FSX in terms of updated .air .cfg files for some of their models. I have personally downloaded their 736, 737, 738, 739, 744, 772 and crj700/900 and used a well known and available technique to merge the FSX VCs so that you have the updated FSX gauges working with the nice Posky planes. It takes a little work and
  7. Check the wing span value in the aircraft.cfg. It should read 199.92 feet. You may wish to post your add-on aircraft questions at the overland webpage or one of the generic FSX forums. I'm sure someone has your plane and would be in a better position to help. Your dll.xml looked ok to me assuming your path is correct. One likely reason the traffic toolbox is not showing up is a mismatch in your installed version of the SDK. Can you list the version of traffictoolbox.dll that you have installed? Check the link below and follow the instructions for Accel Pak to ensure that you have install
  8. I'm assuming you're using the MyTraffic X enhanced version of the FSX stock OMDB? If yes, Gates E 1 - 3 are small and medium sized ramp parking spots. Your 773ER if properly configured should not be offered one of these spots. The correct wing_span value for a 773 ER should be 199.92 feet, which after rounding equates to a value of 31m for 1/2 wing span in meters. These first three spots you mentioned are 25 and 18m. If your aircraft is being directed to any one of these spots then there may be a problem in your aircraft.cfg or the .air file - especially if the .air is a port over from F
  9. Take a look at the thread located 7 down from yours entitled "problem with MY Traffic 2010" Does this help answer your question?
  10. It sounds like you want the FSX default traffic back? If this is the case then navigate to your ...\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World\Scenery folder and remove the .passive at the end of trafficAircraft.bgl
  11. Burkhard may take a few days to get back to you regarding the upgrade path as he's currently out sick. As far as a comparison between 5.0b and 5.2b, there really isn't any. I started with 5.0b as well and 5.2b is a completely different program in every respect. Just about all western/eastern airlines redone with FSX SDK and most repainted with nice lighting. Better fps as well since all airliners, half military and GA are created with FSX SDK. Better airline schedules, many updated airports and a powerful communicator interface just to name a few enhancements. If you get the download ver
  12. Why are you running rebuild Mytraffic aircraft, scenery and schedules after you run the patch? Maybe it doesn't make a difference but I don't think you need this step -- try running the patch without this step. Also, if you provide me with an airport and date/time that you're seeing an issue I can check for the black textures as well. In the mean time, you should have downloaded patches52b.exe to your ...\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic\MyTrafficAircraftInstallers folder and executed it from there. If you go into your Fokker 50 aircraft folder do you see the same f
  13. Download the patch from the link and place it in your ...\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic\MyTrafficAircraftInstallers folder. Then execute the patch. Don't do anything else. Open FSX and see if the problem is solved.
  14. Have you executed the latest patch for 5.2b? The patch link is located in the sticky section. To post a picture, create a gif or jpg and at the bottom of this message box while you're typing you'll see a box that says Browse... and below that Add the file. You can browse to your jpg and select it and then add the file. The picture can't exceed the posting limit of 300kb.
  15. Take care of yourself Burkhard. I'm sure the community will step in to help answer questions until your return.
  16. I added my vote too. Simon, STBs approach control is outstanding regardless of the minor glitches you mentioned.
  17. I noticed when I switched parking 8 AI now drive thru. I switched 7 and the same result. They first back up then drive thru...interesting. I also parked both fuel trucks next to each other in the fuels yard and one was nonfunctional. In this version I have moved the second fuel truck to the other side of the airport and now both trucks operate depending on need. LEDA.zip
  18. I added a few more pieces of equipment including a second fuel truck plus a new face for the front side of the Terminal/Control Tower to match the back side - again, black in real life but brown in FSX. I also switched the direction of parking spot 8 and added more cargo containers to gate 0 and 4. The differences are small but I think it added a bit. LEDA.zip
  19. Maybe you could post a picture or two or explain a bit more. Crazy doesn't help much. Thanks.
  20. The additions look good to me and I was able to park in one of the new ramp spots. In this version I added some additional gate signage and some cargo crates/vehicles for the two cargo parking spots. Unless someone finds a bug this version is final. LEDA.zip
  21. I modified the ramp area a bit. Added two 14m large GA spots and converted 1 18m to a 23m cargo and 1 18m to a 17m crgo. This leaves 3 18m passenger spots. The near-term current schedules are fairly light. Limited Friday and Sunday departure/arrivals to LFPG, LEPA, LIME AND EDFH, so 3 spots is probably more than enough. The key to this airport is light schedules to leave enough room for planes to arrive and depart without bottlenecks especially as most arrivals on 31 need to travel down the runway and turn around. EDIT: this version not final. Need to now test new elements in SIM. LEDA
  22. The existing parking map for LEDA shows 5 - 18m and 2 - 14m spots. Is there a plan to expand this in the future? I'm assuming that you propose to expand the existing apron and parking map to accomodate an additional 2 - 23m and 4 - 14m above and beyond what is shown?
  23. I found my own bug :lol: I left off the holds for the LRD and ROVAP transitions to the ILS and VOR to Rwy 31. The transitions begin with holds to a fixed course before continuing on to intersect the Intermediate fixes. This version adds the missing holds. I'm including the plates showing minimum and intersecting elevations. LEDA.zip
  24. New Version: A few small fixes: 1. Removed extra line draw "loop" in the VOR approach to 13. FSX did not like the HF to FC leg transition so I removed the FC for a CD and the extra circular loop disappeared. 2. Added .5nm to the "loop" of the LLE transition for both VOR and ILS approaches to 31 to bring it in line with the chart. 3. Corrected the parking signage for Parking 0. 4. Relocated the field radio tower next to the recycling facility and added elevation per specs. 5. Corrected the visual appearance of the Terminal/Tower earth-deco panels/drapes to bring it more closely in lin
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