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  1. New Version: 1. Added missing Hold to a fix transition leg for the VOR approach to 13; 2. Reworked the LLE transition for the ILS and VOR to 31; I found a way to work around the FSX bug so the transition now works and looks correct in the GPS; 3. Added 2 roof antennas and a dish/antenna to the Terminal per specs; 4. Added antenna to control tower per specs; 5. Added an additional field antenna; and 6. added missing facility to fuels depot area. LEDA2010.zip
  2. Is this grass runway 10 feet long? Can you see it when you land? Half of the work of an ariport add-on is what you never see visually. Airports may appear to look fine from a visual perspective, but behind the scene many are disfunctional. Any airport can be updated including the original airports in MyTraffic X. But always best to start from the original FSX APX file with a tool that is 100% FSX compliant such as ADE. This way you preserve all true elements seen and unseen. Why not use JVs KMSP over at AVSIM? It contains 17/35.
  3. MyTraffic version of KMSP is the same as the FSX stock airport only the parking is enhanced and improved. No runway 17/35, only a gravel/concrete base. Sounds like your add-on isn't working too well. If ATC vectored you to 34 it's possible that the crosswind runways are not set to the north pole and are being used by ATC...just a guess as I don't have your file.
  4. I can't say this project wasn't without its challenges. First, no satellite images or pictures of the airport with the exception of a dozen media shots of the terminal and immediate surrounding area. Some key airport facilities shown on the infraestructua map are in Spanish only. The dictionary wasn't much help with the technical terms. Some of the facilities were obvious, others weren't. There's some differences between the aerodrome and the infraestructura in terms of facilities and ground cover type. Without any pictures or satellite images it's hard to reconcile. There's a bug in th
  5. I reverted back to the 5.2b original schedules and this time I only added the Vueling flights :roll: I hope I didn't ruin my custom schedules :shock: So now I know Vueling lands and takes off :) Only problem is when AI land they back track to Taxiway A as opposed to using the turn-around :lol: Looks like Rwy 31 will require a different solution from 13. Once this is resolved it's time for general testing.
  6. I fast forwarded time to April :wink: On another note, I seem to have "stopped" Vueling from flying altogether :? I was using the network plans to add flights...without reading the manual first :roll: ...long story short, the editor will no longer import Vueling from network plans. I then used the editor to add (randomly) Vueling and Ryanair flights based on the Web page and all I see are Ryanair :lol:
  7. Progress :D Should be ready for testing by Friday.
  8. Thanks Jan. I picked up what was available on the Web site including the aerodrome and SID/STARS with IAPs, but any info would be helpful especially satellite images or pictures of the runway area and airport facilities. Today at noon standard eastern time LEDA will be born - a small dot in a vast FSX world.
  9. Any takers yets? If not I may have some time later this week to start this project. With an online translator and a little luck I should be able to finish the project in a couple of days, although I won't be able to match the main terminal ;-)
  10. Burkhard said the He wasn't expecting you to prepare a log file.Look in the MyTraffic X directory (\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic) for a log file named MyMilRoutes.log. The log file is filled with lines that look like the following: Search to see if you can find similar messages regarding SPJL that will provide you with clues regarding your airport.
  11. ATPMX, ATR42 and ATR72 all update with the current date when you use FSX.
  12. Bob, I looked into KABQ and I could not reproduce the picture you posted at flightsim. You may want to post the picture here so Burkhard can take a look at it on Monday morning. When I load FSX with the BR2_KABQ active, I don't have taxiway signs in the taxiways. Also, the BR2_ version looks different than the picture of the version you posted a flightsim. The taxiway layout and texture are different. I can only guess that it's possible that you have another version active or your BR2_ has been modified :?: Either that or my version of KABQ has been modified as our versions do not match
  13. The current version of Super Traffic Board (v2.2) is designed for FSX and works with any AI package including MyTraffic X. Support and questions for STB can be found at the link below. viewforum.php?f=268
  14. The traffic toolbox has nothing to do with MyTraffic. This is a product of FSX. You should inquire at the aerosoft support forum for help in getting the toolbox to show up in FSX. I checked KFRG (Republic) and there's plenty of traffic with the 5.2b professional version of MyTraffic. I can't check your version as I no longer have it activated. Have you ever installed any WOAI? I'm guessing that something is suppressing the fsx scheduled flights on one of your computers. Take a look at the screen shot, which shows AI schedules using the Super Traffic Board. The airport is maxed out at 10
  15. I'm not familiar with but if this scenery also contains the airport at YSRI then there is likely to be conflicts with the BR2_YSRI.BGL. It sounds like this is the case as you were seeing double control towers and possibly some static aircraft?As a general rule you only want one airport scenery file (for the same airport) active at any given time. Although FSX is supposed to deal with two scenery files of the same airport being active though the priority scheme, experience has shown me otherwise. If SimScenery X contains several bgl files (airport + surrounding scenery + static objects/a
  16. Are you referring to YSRI? If so, the version that ships with MTX5.2b has 25 miliary combat/cargo parking. The FSX stock YSRI has no parking (only the lone fuel depot parking). Assuming MyTraffic is activated and working, check the Mytraffic scenery folder for BR2_YSRI.BGL.
  17. As a comparison, I use UK2000s EGSS lite version. At 59% traffic with today's date and 2:30pm local time I viewed 13 AI parked on the ground plus 5 AI arriving when I first entered the airport. Two other AI had recently departed. I did not hang around to see how the mix changed. This is a snap shot observation only.
  18. This is only true for the newer airports that I updated and were included in 5.2a/b. I checked EGLL and all scenery (except jetways) are set at normal. This should help those who fly at normal density level enjoy the scenery at the airports, minus the fps intensive jetways.
  19. Marconi, use this version of EGLL located on page 4 of the thread below. Option 1 has one runway dedicated for arrivals and one for departures. Option 2 has both runways open for departures/arrivals. Disable the BR2_EGLL file located in the MTX 5.2b scenery folder and install either option 1 or 2. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=78138 Enjoy STB v2. Lots of capabilities so spend some time reading the manual. I never fly or beta test without it!
  20. Unless a mistake was made, all airport buildings, equipment, facilities, vehicles, etc should show at a scenery density of normal at EGLL. The jetways can be estimated to be split at 1/3 dense, 2/3 very dense and 3/3 extremely dense (this is just an estimate although I believe more weight is put towards extremely dense). It would only take a few minutes to change this arrangement. If you own STB you can use it to delete traffic at all other airports while on final to EGLL. By doing so, I gain about 50% (or better) fps.
  21. The mystery of EGLL's silent ground control is solved (fingers crossed). Long story short, but thanks to the work I just completed at TBPB, I can move on from this issue. Option 1 will be MTX 5.2b default with one runway dedicated for arrivals and one for departures. Option 2 is Moonraker's request for both runways active for departure and arrival. Installation: Replace the previous EGLL bgl files with either option 1 or option 2. Also don't forget to include the tower beacon bgl file if you don't already have it. Option 1 dedicates one set of runways to arrivals and the other to departure
  22. Moonraker: I've spent many hours now examining the EGLL 5.2a version against the 5.2b version and using 5.2a as a base, I've conducted a process of elimination by redoing each change one at a time, and I still can't determine an exact cause of the issue. Since this only affects the verbal callout of the ATC taxiway clearance instructions at some parking spots, and since the user is able to respond to ATC using the ATC window text options, I'm going to put this one aside until I can redo EGLL sometime over the holidays. Modifications to EGLL goes back more than 1.5 years and I may have start
  23. I was finally able to reproduce Moonraker's observation at T5a and T5b. Although I'm able to taxi and use the yellow arrows to the runway, ATC appears to skip the verbal taxi to instructions and asks me to confirm. Moonraker, thanks for your comments. I've only had some limited time to investigate, but here are a few preliminary observations: 1. When your traffic slider is cranked up more than 55% using 5.2b schedules and especially when airport vehicles are turned off (although delays occur regardless), you will see more than a dozen AI attempting to contact ground as soon as you begin at
  24. There are fewer than 255 coded gates - I made sure of this last go-around 5.2a. I went to parking 101 last night and had no problems. Same as usual with ATC giving me departure runway. I will try a few random T5 spots as time allows.
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