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  1. ***IMPORTANT*** You must have MyTraffic X 5.2b installed for these files to work. *************************************************** If you've had a chance to fly into or out of the new MTX airport VTBS you've probably realized that more than half of the taxiway signs are missing. I'm attaching two options to choose from - both options complete the taxiway signage. In addition to completing the taxiway signs, I also fixed a few missing taxiway links, lines, lights, apron lights, completed the missing Taxiway C2 and added a few missing vehicle path to taxiway links. Both options below co
  2. Moonraker, sorry for your troubles - I'm not concerned that you can't hear other communications between ATC and AI as many factors may affect this. But the fact that ATC does not follow through with you is puzzling. Take a look at a screen shot while I was at EGLL. I'm KLM 729. Also, notice Midland 180. Both of us contacted ATC and were given taxi instructions and a departure runway. So as you can see ATC at EGLL has the potential to work.
  3. Moonraker, I'm at a loss. It's difficult for me to debug a problem that I can't reproduce. If anything comes to mind I will certainly share. In the mean time, I noticed that some ILS transitions to 9R/27L have changed per the most current 2009 specifications. I never bothered to check since this runway was closed for landing. I will post a revised full set of files with the most current transitions and all runways open in this thread. Simply discard all other verisons and use the one I post here. EDIT: Attached is a reworked verison of EGLL with all runways open for landing/takeoff and
  4. @Cardu, so what you're saying is that for every AI that asks for taxi clearance, only the AI request shows in the ATC window. Ground/Tower never ever respond. If you sit at the airport for 15 minutes your ATC window will be filled with AI requesting taxi and nothing more - never any communication from Heathrow Ground/Tower? This is what I'm asking.
  5. Cardu, the only thing your screen shot shows is 4 AI asking Heathrow ground (at the same time) for taxi clearance. What happens next? Do you have a shot of the ATC window? You say you can't hear communications after that point but what about the ATC window? Can you see communication? Out of curiousity Moonraker, have you tested EGLL with a stock FSX plane? I'm curious if the result is the same. How is it that I'm communicating with ATC and you're not? We're using the same file. @Burkhard, I investigated the freq. missing issue yesterday. I count 13 freqs for EGLL stock and 13 freqs for BR
  6. I flew into EGLL tonight with IFR 59% using DX10 MTX 5.2b schedules. I must agree that it was nice to be able to use 27L for landing. However, the bottle necks and disappearing AI were clearly evident. Both 27L and 27R were the active and open for landing and takeoff. Both runways were effected by arriving AI causing 6-8 plane backups. Each time a wave of 2 to 3 AI would land in a row, 2 or 3 AI holding short would disappear. In addition, AI taxiing to T4 would be held up as well waiting for both arrivals and departures. If a back up of 5 to 6 AI occurred and 2 to 3 were landing, the AI
  7. If Iberia 298 began to taxi then it received taxi clearance - AI will not move without clearance. If it gets stuck in pretaxi phase and then disappears after 5 minutes then it's possible that ATC forgot about it. The only time that I can remember ATC forgetting about me is when I overloaded ATC with 30 simultaneous depart now commands using STB while testing EGLL a few months back. ATC became overloaded and a couple of AI were left stranded - including me ;-) If ATC works for you at EGLL then it works for the AI as well. I'm glad it's working for you. I am interested in getting feedback
  8. The attached two pictures are my 2d cockpit view from last night. I separated the vies in order to meet the size requirement for posting. These two should explain what I saw and heard - I'm the Luxair flight on the ATC window and Super Traffic Board. All of the planes listed/shown on the Board received verbal callouts for 27L. I heard each and every one of them. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem as this is the first I've heard of it. Moonraker, although I had redone the final approaches for 9R/27L, I never bothered to reestablish the transitions as those runways were always cl
  9. 1. I can confirm number 1 above. In the MTX version of EGLL this is by design. I wouln't compare what FSX stock shows to any MTX airport. MTX airports are designed to enhance the FSX stock airport and in the case of EGLL I can confirm what Burkhard mentioned regarding not being able to takeoff at EGLL once the airport gets going and if your MTX IFR is set above 50%. Last night while testing EGLL I set my IFR to 55% and after 5 minutes of testing there was a cue for takeoff at 27L of 6 AI. Mike, I just downloaded and looked at Ray's EGLL - looks familiar ;-) But as you observed, his vers
  10. I just flew out of EDDM using the BR2_EDDM.BGL and 5.2b RC. I started at spot 109 and taxied to 8L. I took off and ascended to 13,000. I continued flying outbound at 13,000 for some time. No crash. There are a couple of small parking issues at EDDM but nothing to crash fsx. I'm using FSX sp2 with XP 32bit.
  11. KJAC2 has a few minor fixes as compared to the first version. These include: 1. Modification to Terminal A layout per the satellite image; 2. Two new airport facilities located in the parking lot area; 3. Rebuild of the airport road leading to and at the airport; 4. Addition of two missing Taxiway A signs located at A1 and A2; and 5. Modification to the approach altitude for ILS 19 (see note below). Note to Burkhard: The approach altitude at the FAF at FAPMO for ILS 19 is 9,700 feet. This produces a gradient for the final approach of approximately 5.46 %. In a two hour period I observ
  12. I've noticed that the UAL CRJ700 could use some fixing especailly on the tail section.
  13. I believe the SKW is a crj700. The MESA says crj in the schedule but I think it's also a 700 as well. I've noticed what appears to be light bleed through the seam running the entire length of the aircraft. This is in addition to being able to see more than one paint scheme at night. If you recall I noticed this at KSNA as well. I'm not using DX10 preview or light bloom. I am using the full resolution less animation model. I will take a close up tonight so you can better see what I'm seeing.
  14. I've mentioned this to Burkhard. I've seen a few of the US commuters have this issue...
  15. Jackson Hole Airport - KJAC KJAC represents a modification to the stock FSX airport scenery. KJAC was modified using information from the official Website, satellite images, the 2009 aerodrome chart, 2009 approach plates and airnav. Some of the changes include: 1. Airline assignments at Terminal A and off-gate commuter ramps per the official Website; 2. While the gate numbers and number of gates at Terminal A are accurate, there are no gate assignments; 3. AI parking sizes optimized for the MTX 5.2a schedule; 4. ALL Airport Scenery now shows at the normal scenery density level; 5. All
  16. My experience is yes to a very high degree but several conditions must first be met. For example, I have customized the parking types and sizes at KIAD based on a customized set of schedules in MTX. Almost without exception, all AI spawn at the correct gate and Terminal. The exception being when I overload the airport with too much traffic which is easy to do in MTX. It's trial and error but I like to keep the airport at 75% capacity (based on open parking) max. This helps to ensure approapriate mix and traffic flow. The key here is that the customized parking MUST match the customized s
  17. When you say GA are you referring specifically to flights that are VFR or more specifically c172 etc? You should have GA in MTX...check the fsx slider, make sure the airport you are checking sees GA and has appropriate parking etc.
  18. If I understand you correctly, here is one example of USAF F16 aircraft.cfg file which I copied from the MyTraffic\aircraft\F16MX folder. [fltsim.0] title=F16 MyPaint00 sim=F16 model= panel= sound= texture=My00 ui_manufacturer=MT General Dynamics ui_type=F16 Fighting Falcon ui_variation=USAF atc_id=N-F16AF atc_airline=USAF atc_flight_number=1123 ATC_PARKING_TYPES=MIL_COMBAT,RAMP atc_parking_codes=USAF description=Fighter The ATC_Parking_Types=mil_combat or ramp. ADE has both parking type options. You can find the default parking type options on the upper left tool bar next t
  19. One change to Terminal A parking and a few cosmetic improvements based on the satellite image. First, in order to keep the LGL DH8Ds from parking at the jetways at Terminal A it was necessary to change the off-gate Terminal A ramps to gate small. Therefore, all Terminal A ramps are now gate small (14m, 15, and 18m). This will also allow for animation for all Terminal A off-gate (non jetway) parking. Addition of another airport building plus some other minor improvements also included. I've noted that in MyTraffic X 5.2a, the ICAO code for KLM Cityhopper is shown as either KLM or KLMX, dep
  20. Luxembourg-Findel International Airport - ELLX has been enhanced per 2008 specifications. Some of the major changes include: 1. Airline assignments at the new Terminals A and B and the off-gate commuter ramps at Terminal A per the official Website; 2. While the gate numbers and number of gates per Terminal are accurate, emphasis at ELLX was on Terminal assignments and not gate assignments; 3. AI parking sizes optimized for the MTX 5.2a schedule; 4. ALL Airport Scenery now shows at the normal scenery density level; 5. All Runway markings, lights and approach equipment and lighting per air
  22. @Michael, I take it that you installed MTX correctly and that you've added it to the scenery library? Try this link so Burkhard can better diagnose your issue. I suspect that you've installed third party traffic such as WOAI, which use Ttools to compile the flight plan and will prevent the FSX compiled flight plans from displaying. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=66593
  23. Boing, it's beautiful! I've waited 2 years for this paint so thank you!!! I'm a caveman when it comes to textures so I'll wait for Burkhard to convert this to a texture folder.
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