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  1. Glad it worked for others. I love My Traffic 6.0 but any updates to this have caused crashes for me. I use the FSX boxed version. Darcy
  2. updated to 6.0a and I got the computer crashed during flight. Same as when I tried earlier update. back to 6.0 again it looks like. What a pain. Updates have never worked for me. Darcy
  3. If it helps my flights were in Canada mainly. Darcy
  4. So far so good as I have had at least 3 flights since uninstalling and reinstalling. Too bad patch is no good for me. Not sure what it added but the ntdl.dll crash at least has stopped. Darcy
  5. Just crashed on my 3rd flight. I am now uninstalling My Traffic 6.00 and then resinstalling it. Hope this stops the crashes. Same ntdl.dll error Darcy
  6. It gave me 3 choice when I tried to reinstall My Proffesional 6.00. Modify Repair Remove I choice repair as I did not want to unistall the whole program and reinstall. I have only had one flight since then (been busy) and it was fine. I am hoping the repair over wrote the patch. Thanks Darcy
  7. I repaired the original My Traffic 6.0. Only had one flight since then and no problems. I am hoping the repair reverts it back to the original MT6 and fixes the ntdll crash. Thanks, Darcy
  8. sorry not OOM but ntdll.dll crash just like 5.4c. Darcy
  9. I have had a couple of OOM's since I installed the patch to my traffic 6.0. I had been running fine until the patch was applied now 2 of last 4 flights ended with the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll fsx crash. I had this before with 5.4c. Anyone else notice this or is it just me. I have repaired the install and will see if that gets rid of the patch and fixes my issues. Thanks, Darcy
  10. how do you do change to normal High resolution modesl. Is that the simplified models under "manage aircraft configuration? I too reverted back to 2012 schedule. Thanks
  11. okay. Just asking. Looks like 1000's of sales so I thought might be more business for you. Merry Christmas, Darcy
  12. Still Microsoft FSX but released a little different. http://steamcommunity.com/app/314160/discussions/ http://forum.avsim.net/forum/121-ms-fsx-forum/ Darcy
  13. Lol. The new release of FSX on the Steam platform. Darcy
  14. Just curious if My traffic latest version will work with the FSX Steam edition? Thanks Darcy
  15. 100 % I have tried 90% but that does not seem to be much different than 100. There are no GA aircraft unless they file an IFR. I got no traffic at 60% or 75%. Overall I like the reality and there are fewer planes than 50% My Traffic but they do reflect what is happening at my airport (CYEG). I bought the US version and my code gave me Europe. I had to have it reset 2 times and they usually corrected it within 12 hours. Hope that helps Darcy
  16. I think I figured it out. You just have to make sure My traffic is not enabled in the Scenery and the FSLive traffic shows up. I wonder if there is a way to have both Thanks Darcy
  17. Okay I have traffic now. My traffic had not been added to the scenery. You need to right click in the open space in Windows 7 to add My Traffic into scenery. Now will I be able to disable this when i want to go back to FS Live 3?? Thanks Darcy
  18. I have both FSlive 3 and Mytraffic 5.2b. Is it possible to disable fs live 3 and run the my traffic schedule? I am waiting for them to switch my code back to US from Europe version. They seem to have issues with their codes and I had it working but after I paid for my 3 months it reset to Europe? Anyways i would like to run with traffic but when I ran the schedule from the communicator it does not show traffic at all. What am I missing or is this not possible. Also could I possibly have the wrong communicator? It only show DX9 latest traffic as 2009? Thanks for any help you can give me.' Darcy
  19. I deleted the patches file from the My traffic aircraft folder and re downloaded from Traffic communicator. I still got the same error message. I then move the file to the My traffic folder (that is where Traffic communicator is) I got no error message but did not see the dos type (black screen) updat the files? can I check to see if I have the correct patch update?? Thanks for you help Darcy
  20. I still get the error message when I do this? What i am I doing wrong? Thanks Darcy
  21. I have just update to 5.2 and I get some black aircraft and errors on start up "There are multiple objects of the same title F00 - mypiant00 . . etc" I have to close 26 of these before FSX starts up. Any ideas on what I should do. Thanks Darcy
  22. Just installed my copu of My Traffic and updated to 5.0b. I only had to erase an extra line in the fsx.cfg and ran trafficlive.bat and things seem to run nicely. Until I ran trafficlive.bat I seemed to have lots of traffic. Thanks for this great add on. It has been nice on the frame rates too. Darcy
  23. So I f I purchase My Traffic will I have any trouble installing it over FS Live? I think I will purchase it to get the full use on top of the live updates. Thanks for your help. Darcy
  24. Sorry to be a bother, but does this mean that I have to purchase My Traffic again separately? or is there somewhere I can download to use all the features. As I understand it FS live download gives me My Traffic but does not have the communicator and the extras. I could be wrong but do not see any of these files in the My Traffic Folder only FS live files. Again thanks for your help and love the program. Darcy
  25. I just bought FS Live and I believe it is 5.0b. From what you are saying then I should be able to add military traffic and other My Traffic shedules as well? Is that correct or am I only able to get the FS Live update traffic. Thanks Darcy
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