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  1. Tks! I´ve restored the 777 files (without deleting the old ones) and now it seems to be working... I´ll check it better! Thanks again. Renato.
  2. Ok...sorry: FSXAcceleration - SP2 Windows XP32 DirectX 9.1 NVIDIA 8800GTX Default Airport - Milan / Italy - Malpensa (also occured in Brazil)... I will check in Japan...I didn´t see multiple entries... Tks.
  3. Hello folks. After the update to MTX 5.1b, my 777 planes have disappeared... They are on my list of AI view, but the graphics don´t appear... What do you think about it? Tks, Renato.
  4. When I try to click on the MTX logo (searching for the pdf file...), nothing occurs!! How can I add other companies logo? I repeat, MTX logo doesn´t work! Tks, Renato
  5. I have downloaded the file but I don´t know how to use it....
  6. Yes!!! In Brasil... I have another AI Traffic (RCAI traffic) already with BGL files... Some files were saved at the Addon scenery. Other files were saved at Scenery/world. And the aircrafts were saved at the Simobjects/airplanes...But when I´ve installed it, all my Brazil´s MTX traffic disappeared... In the rest of the world the MTX traffic still works, but only in the air... The airports are almost empty! :( Only one or two planes on ground in Gatwick, for an example...Even with 100% Traffic... But when I change the view, I can see a lot of MTX planes flying... :shock: Do you have an
  7. How can I have the MTX working together with another AI traffic? I mean, a lot of airplanes flying and landing together...
  8. GOL bought VARIG 3 months ago (more or less)... VARIG is flying regularly, with a little, but increasing number of airplanes. They have a lot of domestic flights and still fly to international destinations, like Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Caracas. They expect to increase their international destinations till the end of the year. So I wish I could see some 737 VARIG at SBSP..... :roll:
  9. Hi, thanks for your reply! First of all the SBSP airport only has domestic flights currently. The TAM company also works with other airports, like Guarulhos in Sao Paulo and Galeao in Rio (SBGR and SBGL)... There are other companies that should be at SBSP airport, like GOL, BRA, VARIG (it is still working at there) and OceanAir... Tks!
  10. Hi folks! How can I change the traffic at SBSP? There are a lot of TAM planes and none of the other companies... Thanks. (My Traffic 5.1)
  11. It occurs at SBGR, SBGL, SBSP... Every airport here in Bazil... When I reloaded a Traffic from year 2007 it worked perfectly... but, when I try to manage my taffc, adding a flight or changing something, all that planes appear again at the sam gate.. :cry:
  12. No I didn´t remove the folder but I renamed it. But I also tried what you said and.... didn´t work... At the first view, it was ok, but after some minutes, a lot of planes appeared at the same gate....?!?!?!?!?! Didn´t work!
  13. Hi folks. I´ve just installed the MTX 5.1 (update over the MTX5) and it is appearing a lot of planes one over the other at the same gate... Here are pictures from GRU - Brazil What do I have to do to solve it? Thanks.
  14. How can I install the new textures for Airbus 319 and 320? What do I have to do? Do I have to make any change to the file Aircraft.cfg? How? Thanks.
  15. Where can I get A blank texture of the aircraft to paint? All bmp files appears "black" to me and the PhotoShop cannot draw them!
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