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  1. OK, I will follow this topic. I have some other work to do in the meantime, so I'll pop back in here after that's been done.
  2. I've been gone a while, but now I've "returned". This topic is for paint requests for MyTraffic, but this is the order of precedence that I would consider requests: 1. Missing airlines (currently active) 2. Missing paints, i.e. airline that flies B738 but has not been painted on that type. 3. Paints currently in MyTraffic that could use a redo. Airlines that do not match well across different models, perhaps. UPS 767 is a good example of this, in 5.4a. 4. Special livery paints. Will consider these on a case-by-case basis - can be very difficult. 5. Missing paints (defunct airlines). I would especially like to know about the first two items because I really have no source of info on what's going on in the airline industry unless it's local... :cool:
  3. This is the right method, but one additional step is that I have to locate the correct overlap for the halves then I create a full view side. The way to find the overlap is tedious, though, since it involves painting a certain design and then looking at it in FSX to determine how many pixels I need to adjust. -Ben
  4. I know what you mean. I had the same issue with the A320 - the stripes matched up on the bitmap, but not on the model. Anyway, looks good. -Ben
  5. If you already haven't, here is USAir -100 in NC. I can adapt the -300 from this. DH8a_t-USAirwaysNC.zip
  6. Yeah, I was outside today and I saw a black 744 fly overhead, so I can confirm that. :mrgreen: :P
  7. MyTraffic 5.2a At Tokyo Narita, I observed at least 4 airlines whose 744s were black. Looking into this further to try to identify the problem, I found that the airlines were probably: ANA Northwest UA old colors Singapore The textures were all present and good. The aircraft.cfg file showed no obvious errors with these. I'm baffled; is anyone else seeing this? All the above use the FSXP-PW model, but others with the same model show the colors correctly... -Ben Edit: A quick trip to Singapore shows no black aircraft, even though one of the ones at Narita had a 9V registration.
  8. I believe all you must do is go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic\scenery and rename MyTrafficmil.bgl to some other temporary name, like MyTrafficmil.bgl.old
  9. Thanks. Attached is a fixed bmp. I couldn't open the layer file, but it wasn't hard to work around. 8) B1900D-USAX.zip
  10. I just noticed the B1900D has the same flag issue. I don't have the original bmp for this one so I can't fix it. -Ben
  11. I wish for the American Eagle Jetstreams to go away. :mrgreen:
  12. Yeah, you can replace the old textures, but you'd have to do the bmp conversion and resizes yourself. Also, you'd have to look up which folders the USAir textures are in. -Ben
  13. The download button remains greyed-out indefinitely. Dunno why. I've used communicator to update before. Ack! Never mind... I reinstalled 5.2, and now have the correct communicator version. Duh... :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Ben
  14. It's just the A319, A320. Gimme a few minutes and I'll upload the fixed bmps. Ben Edit: here it is. A319-USAirways.zip A320-USAirways.zip
  15. Yep, just the Airbuses, and it was my fault cuz I painted them. It wouldn't be too hard to fix, but I don't know if and when it might be done. Ben
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