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  1. Just trying to make a start on some airport logos. Is there an optimum size for these files please? Thanks
  2. Thanks again Simon - nothing seems to be straightforward with the integration with UT2 which is rather disappointing. :( If/when you make any changes and you need more testing help let me know.
  3. Maybe I spoke too soon. True I have the times now showing, but I'm parked at Blackpool Airport and the only option I have is "_All Airports (24) & Manchester" showing. If I move to say Durham Tees I have ""_All Airports (18) & only Leeming" showing. Moved again to London City and I have only "_All Airports (166) & Gatwick, Heathrow & Stanstead" showing - nothing is shown for London City and yet as I sit and wait an aircraft taxis out and another is on approach. Is this right? I'd have thought I could check other airports not just the nearest few. Looking at Heathrow St
  4. Thanks Simon - worked perfectly now. Graham
  5. After shifting my position to a 'large' airport like EGKK, I get to select a few airports - but this doesn't look correct:
  6. I too have only ??? for departure & arrival times but a bit more than that too - see this thread which I've added to: viewtopic.php?f=268&t=81041
  7. Getting similar problems BUT when STB 1st runs I get this 'helpful(not)' message Then I can only see the total number of airports - not individual ones and this is the result if I select all: Any ideas what to try next please?
  8. Top job there Pete - I reset the local to global then reinstalled FSUIPC and the following secion was added to my SimConnect.xml: Starting up FSX and the Add ons menu is present and FSX is communicating with my Client OK. I should add that running the file as it was with local (apart from killing FSUIPC) I was able to connect over the network OK. As you say - the documentation needs to be a bit more explicit. Thank you again.
  9. Thanks Pete - at least I now know (sort of :shock: ) how to get myself sorted out. Much appreciated.
  10. Having said all of the above - clearly this is NOT a problem with FSUIPC - so I'm sorry (again) to have troubled you about it Pete. I've got myself sorted out by installing 3rd party program on my Vista machine and removing the offending SimConnect.xml file - now of course EVERYTHING works. Still strange though :roll:
  11. Hi Pete - I MUST apologise for yesterday - trying to sort out my problem whilst suffering a migraine is not recommended. When EVERYTHING I wrote became unitelligible I realised I'd best just delete everything and retire hurt to my bed. :shock: Anyway I started today early (having slept most of yesterday afternoon and evening) on the quest to sort my FSX out. This is my installation - running FSX on Vista business 32 bit (server) networked to a WInXP (Client) machine using a Netgear DG834 Firewall router. I can confirm that SimConnect is working correctly as the 3rd party program I'm tes
  12. Just forget it Pete - sorry to have bothered you.
  13. Thanks anyway Pete - I'll just keep going along as I am.
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