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  1. We fund raise making popcorn at the wife's school. It is a small catholic school. I was half way into making 300 bags of popcorn when the machine broke down. You know the machine I mean. About 3' by 3' by 3'. I called the popcorn place looking to get it fixed and get a loner. I was desperate. This is a big fundraiser. We use real butter on the popcorn. We had to wrangle a bit but we got a loaner. They did not have to do this it was their decision. Granted we are a very small portion of their sales but I left a happy and returning customer. Thanks for FSCommander it is an excellent alternative to FSNav. Jim CYWG
  2. I was wondering if the suggestion at the top of this post was implemented? Will it be? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply Sascha. It was just a feature I used every so often just to check and see where I was once in a while. I like to run with my aircraft invisible usually but sometimes I would turn it on. Thanks Jim - CANADA CYWG my about me page has been done. check it out.
  4. Hi everyone. Great product by the way. I am a FSNavigator convert. I read about how to remove the little airplane from the map by making it the same color as the background. I was wondering if the team would consider making this a button on the sidebar like FSNav does. Would be nice. Thanks from CANADA Jim CYWG
  5. What about FSNavigator? It is a flight planner that resides in the modules folder of FS9. It is a DLL type of program Jim CYWG
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