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  1. Thanks a lot Burkhard, everythings works quiet nice for me in P3D v3.1. A lot of work you've done, thank you again! :grin:
  2. My Traffic 6 works fine in P3D v3. A guideline how to install you'll find here.
  3. Yes, i saw the BR2VHHX.bgl in MT\scenery. And no, FT uses the same ICAO VHHX for the old and VHHH for the new Intl. Airport. That's why I'm asking.... ;-)
  4. Hello Burkhard, first of all thank you very much for creating this really new MyTraffic 6. I'm using MT since many, many years, so the update was a great news for me. Now I'm trying to get some AI-traffic to the old Hongkong International Airport "Kai Tak". Therefore I've switched to 1980, when the airport was alive. I've dissabled every AFX- and TRAFFIC-file inside \Addon Scenery\FlyTampa-HongKong\scenery. But there is no plane on the airport or airborne. Any suggestions what to do? Thanks in advance :-).
  5. Sorry for jumping in, but an installation of MTX 5.4 in P3D2 is very easy possible with the Estonia Migration Tool.
  6. Thank you for your fast reply! Have a nice weekend.
  7. I've bought MTX 5.4 as an update from 5.2b. Is it necessary to uninstall the former version and how can I do this? Thanks for your work, Burkhard!
  8. Na, da liegt ja noch eine Strecke Arbeit vor Euch :shock:. Übrigens: wer "La Reunion" von FranceVFR im FSX installiert (geht und sieht Klasse aus!) sollte sich nicht wundern, wenn in Paris kein AI-Traffic von MT vorkommt: irgendwie gibt es da ein paar Direktflüge in FS9-Art programmiert, die dann Paris quasi stilllegen. Hat mich einen ganzen Abend gekostet, dies rauszufinden :roll:.
  9. Ja, genau. Die müsste von Euch sein ;)...
  10. Moin Burkhard, hier ein kleiner Fehler der Luftschraubentextur bei einer Cessna. Im Leerlauf stimmt der Propeller, bei Vollgas aber nicht:
  11. Hi Jaap, yes I know that Vancouver+ has FSX-AI-Traffic, but Victoria+ by Grovestine has not - even the version for FSX found at Avsim as a scenery for FSX. Maybee this AI-Flightplan for FSX will solve the problem - I will check this out ;).
  12. Hi Burkhard, thanks a lot for your ideas. The problem was NOT CYVR but Victoria CYYJ from Don Grovestine. I did not recognized the traffic.bgl but everything works well when CYYJ is disabled. The idea with KSEA was great :). Thanks again:
  13. Hi, first thanks for MyTraffic, I'm using it since years. Now in FSX I've a problem with Vancouver+ and the airport CYVR: even with 100% density there is no plane visible. I am using the freeware from Nigel Grant, which has its own AFCAD-file: Any idea to get some traffic there :?:
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