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  1. FSUIPC and RP-48

    thank you Pete. I did try to contact Goflight but no luck on their support. I have a feeling they realized their mistake and working on it now. So can i use your software to fix the defect ? I can try to program it myself.
  2. Hello, I would like to knwo if the new FSUIPC would fix a problem i am having with the Goflight RP48. Right now when i turn any rotary knob, it turns the opposite in games. for example, turning heading bug clockwise will cause it to turn counter clockwise in the game. Can someone tell me if purchasing FSUIPC will allow me to fix this problem. Thank you
  3. Do yourself a favor and buy a bluetooth USB receiver than have GPSout output its data to the bluetooth port. Then on your Ipaq, connect to the receiver and make sure to specifi the port you want to connect to (the software will ask you for this). From what I can understand, the USB function doesn't work with Activesync 4.5 so you need to connect it wirelessly.