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  1. LOL! I do understand, so it's probably best to leave it as is. Thanks again. ;)
  2. In the mean time I've tried the aircraft specific feature, with ShortAircraftNameOk set to Yes. Everything seems to work and in one go! I think I was overcomplicating it a bit. That latest oddity doesn't have to be looked at urgently, if at all, when you have some spare time, that will be fine. It remains just that though, odd. Anyway, thanks for all your help and patience, I really appreciate it. I'll try and do some flights soon and think about what else I can turn into macros. :grin:
  3. [Macros] Module1="PMDG_737NG_Main.gau" 1=CMD L 1.1=L:apleft_clicked=Tog 1.2=R1:X32c0*X6a90 Continues to work for X32c0*X6a90, even though the Lvar is not present. So I'm thinking that doesn't matter. 1.1 itself though, doesn't work. Standalone, this does work: [Macros] 1=L:apleft_clicked=Tog :?: Yeah, I know, I am pushing it a little. I need to rethink my strategy, but I would still like to figure this one out. ;)
  4. You've provided a wealth of info in those docs as it is. ;) Okay, so the below: [Macros] Module1="PMDG_737NG_Main.gau" 1=CMD L 1.1=R1:X32c0*X6a90 1.2=L:apleft_clicked=Tog 1.1 works fine, 1.2 doesn't. Must FSUIPC be able to execute 1.1 before it can do 1.2? In this case, the gauge is not loaded (different aircraft), so one expects it to then do 1.2. Hmmm... In a hurry now, so I'll have to look closer into that later.
  5. So it should be R1:X32c0*X6a90? Well, that misunderstanding is because of page 41, where <rect#> is defined as "Rn" or "RXxxxx*xxxx" (shouldn't that be "RXxxxx*Xxxxx"?). Instead of keeping both, you're essentially inserting something in between. Going to "R(N:)n" and "R(N:)Xxxxx*xxxx". I think. ;)
  6. Future proofing the above would then give something like this? [Macros] Module1="PMDG_737NG_Main.gau" 1=CMD 1.1=R1:RX32c0*X6a90 1.2=L:apleft_clicked=Tog Edit: that doesn't work. If I leave out 1 and R1:, it does work. Thought just 1: instead of R1: then, but no go either. There's something about that R that doesn't make sense. So, Module1 > 1.1=1:RX32c0*X6a90, but that doesn't even get recognized by FSUIPC. But there are various examples, a bit further down in the PDF and in the main FSUIPC zip (PMDG OH sample), where there is an apparent relation between Module<number> and R<number>. Module1, all R1, Module 2, all R2, etc... I should've waited until tomorrow. Maybe I forgot to reload all keys between tries... :D
  7. LOL! I knew you were going to bring that up and so you should, but I do have my reasons. Who said I missed anything? Trust me, I went through it all several times, but the old brain (it recently turned 30) simply couldn't connect the dots this evening. What confused me the most was that I would be combining different types of macros. The example you've given, the role of the gauge name, by looking at it one could assume 1.2 is associated with that specific gauge, but obviously it isn't. I wasn't sure how to merge that together. In retrospect, it may also be good idea to look at the "aircraft specific" features. After all, Shift D must do different things in different aircraft, for now. And not necessarily different things in the same aircraft. Ah, it used to be so simple, flying default aircraft around... :lol: Anyway, thanks for the example, I'll take a fresh look at it tomorrow and decide which way I want to go. ;)
  8. Still working fine, but I had a question about combining macros/actions. I currently have a joystick button that does Shift D when pressed. That triggers the above macro just fine, as Shift D has been assigned the macro in FSUIPC. What is now the best way to have Shift D do two things? The above one and a new one I have successfully generated. So far my (trial and error) tests have failed. I have a PMDG.MCRO with the following: [Macros] Module="PMDG_737NG_Main.GAU" 1=CMD=RX32c0*X6a90 Which works fine on its own, but how do I merge that with QW757.MCRO, which looks like this: [Macros] 1=L:apleft_clicked=Tog I've been through the user guide and advanced user guide, but I'm none the wiser. I suppose I could assign one to press and the other to release, but I have a feeling they can be combined and assigned as one, but how? :???:
  9. Well, thanks anyway. Hope I didn't rob you of too much free time!
  10. Thanks Pete, it seems to work fine, but, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful, it doesn't differentiate between From/Departure and To/Arrival traffic. In Ground mode for example, it shows AI departing from but also arriving at (KDFW in my test). I can sort the From column to group the KDFW departures, but as soon as I sort say the Rwy column, KDFW departures are no longer grouped and it becomes a lot harder to discern the info relevant to me. Especially at bigger airports, it's madness. That's why I was specific about From and To ("Four entries would be filter compatible, Airborne From and To and Ground From and To."). I don't suppose in addition to the general filter "Airport=KDFW", which does serve its purpose (for example in the NYC area), you could add specific filters covering those four. Like GroundFromAirport, GroundToAirport, AirborneFromAirport, and AirborneToAirport. Obviously, it wouldn't be a good idea to use both Ground or both Airborne filters (or a combination?) at the same time with the same ICAO code, although, AI that does touch and go's would still show up I think. In my example of KDFW, I would set GroundFromAirport=KDFW and AirborneToAirport=KDFW in a test. Alternatively, I'd use GroundToAirport=KDFW, the least used would problably be AirborneFromAirport. I hope I explained it well. And a happy new year by the way. :)
  11. I have no use for an FSX addon as FS9 user. ;) I do use Traffic View Board, as inflight entertainment, but it doesn't mention runways at all, so it's no good as a testing tool. I know of no other alternatives that'll do exactly what I want them to do. I'd love to learn about them though! TrafficLook is really as real close as it gets, safe for a basic airport filter. I had already thought of the implementation as well. For example, under the "Ground" section of the ini file, there's "From=13,50" on my end. The filter would simply be enabled by a third value, so "From=13,50,KDFW" would show only flights departing from KDFW, in ground mode. No third value, no filter. Four entries would be filter compatible, Airborne From and To and Ground From and To. No GUI changes would be needed as I and I assume other serious testers check Afcads one airport at a time, so an ini edit would be a perfect way to enable and disable a filter. I don't suppose you are willing to reconsider? If the above would be an ordeal to implement, I'd understand, but I have a feeling that it isn't, though what do I know about programming... and that is part of the problem. :lol:
  12. Hello Pete, I make good use out of TrafficLook to test my Afcads, especially to verify runway usage. I'm currently checking KDFW and as you'll probably know, there's a lot of AI there. That much even, that I realized TrafficLook needed a new feature. An airport filter of some sort. When in ground mode, I usually only want to see departing traffic and in airborne mode arrival traffic, for a specific airport. It would be great if I could supply a filter to TrafficLook, KDFW in this case, that would only display From traffic for KDFW in Ground mode (From = KDFW) and To traffic for KDFW in Airborne mode (To = KDFW). That would allow me to then sort KDFW departure and arrival traffic in various ways for monitoring purposes, without traffic cluttering the list that I'm not interested in. I hope you understand what I want to accomplish. Would this be easy to implement?
  13. It's working fine now and my macro is having an effect on the panel, just not what I was expecting, but we can work on that. Thanks a lot, Pete! ;) Edit: Just dropping by to say that L:apleft_clicked did the trick instead. Woot!
  14. LOL! Today is fine, I do not expect you to work through the night. :D From the Advanced Users PDF: "Where ACTION must be one of: Set, Inc, Dec, Cyclic or Toggle (but only the first 3 letters are needed)". So I assume Tog is fine. ;-)
  15. My problem at the moment is that the macro control I want to assign to a joystick button does not appear in the list of controls in FSUIPC (3.989s). My FSUIPC.ini file has this section: [MacroFiles] 1=QW757 There is indeed a macro file in my Modules folder, called QW757.mcro, and it contains the following: [Macros] 1=L:apleft=Tog The Lvar apleft was listed in FSUIPC's log file after using that particular function and I also verified it in FS Panel Studio (value of 0 or 1, hence Tog). It may or may not work, but why isn't it showing up as a selectable control? I've read various parts in the user guide and advanced user guide. I also did some searching on this forum and found this thread interesting. It may be the late hour, but I can't see what I'm missing. :wink:
  16. Okay, I'm running the latest version. Radar Contact window pos and size saved. When FS9 is not running I edit the FSUIPC.ini file. Say the third value to get a wider window. Save the changes, fire up FS9, RC, the display window is back to its default pos and size... It seems it's not reading and applying manual edits. Although to be honest, I'm not sure if it is supposed to? Something has changed in that it now goes back to the default pos and size as opposed to the weird window I had before.
  17. I have "AdvDisplayHotKey=" configured and use that, although for these tests I always closed the window manually with the x button. Looking forward to the fix, though there's no rush! :wink:
  18. Okay, make sure there's no window line in the .ini file yet. Start FS9 (fullscreen), start Radar Contact (I assume you have access to it, be sure to load a flightplan, etc...), the FSUIPC Display will show, titled Radar Contact. Position and size to your liking. Close the display window, close RC, close FS. Go to the .ini file and change for example the first value. (Why? To center the window for example. (16384 - width)/2 is what I do to accomplish that.) Save the change. Start FS, start RC, display window will be small at the top left of the screen, notice you can't close it and hardly drag it. Resize it horizontally and you can recover it.
  19. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc707071.aspx#[message window] Can't get that link to work because of the square brackets. The link below is the note about the ScreenUniCoords. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc707071.aspx#UniversalScreenCoordinates If you want to. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I can't get this to work any more reliably than saving a window's position and size through the flight files. I know you have done your best and that you can do only so much with FS9/FSX, so don't think I don't appreciate that simply because I go on about it. I do because I have an idea about how it should work, about how I want it to work. Until that idea is realized or until it is clear that there are certain limitations (i.e. FS itself) I'll continue to think (out loud) about ways to improve/change it. I believe we have reached that point, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Take the Traffic Zapper for example, not sure if you remember my idea about the cylinder you implemented, but that's an idea that worked out brilliantly! :wink:
  20. Well, that's not really happening. But I'm concentrating on the Radar Contact titled one first now. I must say though, I think I opened a can of worms with my suggestion. Next time I'll bite my tongue. :lol: 16384 by 16384. Those are not the universal screen coordinates as used by FS' own windows, such as the ATC window. I did some searching around and found the MS ESP SDK site: Universal screen co-ordinates is a system designed to make screen positions independent of screen resolution. The universal co-ordinates extend from 0,0 in the top left hand corner to a width of 8192 and a height of 6144. So, for example, if the universal co-ordinates of a rectangle are 500,400,7192, 650 (which is X,Y,sizeX,sizeY) and the screen resolution is 1024 x 768, then this would translate as follows: X = 500 * (1024/8192) = 62.5 Y = 400 * (768/6144) = 50 sizeX = 7192 * (1024/8192) = 899 sizeY = 650 * (768/6144) = 81.25 So the pixel position of the top left hand corner of the rectangle is 62,50 with a width of 899 and a height of 81 pixels. I was wondering why FSUIPC doesn't use that system. I can manually edit the recorded values in the ini file, right? And if so, why do they change if I do not change the window's pos or size later? I changed some values manually and later they were changed again, not big changes, but small ones (like +/- 5 to 10-ish). I was wondering where that was coming from. Finally, values that resulted in a good window size and pos one start, showed only a small window the next in the top left of the screen. A stubborn one to boot. Perhaps it was too small (like 5cm x 5cm on my screen), because I couldn't drag (instead I dragged the background up and down) and resize it at first. Only after repeated attempts, would the window come alive.
  21. Interesting. I think that points me in the right direction. I also have FDC Live Cockpit and when it connects to FS, I believe it uses the FSUIPC Display to show a message along the lines of "FDC is ready". I'll see what happens when I start FDC after RC. Either way, I have yet to see "[Window.FSUIPC Display]" or something like that appear. Only [Window.Radar Contact] so far and of course, that's not being enforced, if the window's titled differently. At least, that's what I'm seeing here.
  22. Okay, second try and it showed up. Nice. Is it just me or is the Radar Contact window sometimes titled "Radar Contact" and at other times "FSUIPC Display" or am I seeing things? Edit: definitely not seeing things. I only hope that in both cases the window size and position is properly recorded and re-applied. We shall see. ;-D Edit bis: it was FSUIPC Display this flight, size and pos not recorded to ini file. Gonna start up the old sim again, to see what the window title is now. :?
  23. I see, will try again later. Hopefully today! :wink:
  24. Time flies... Just installed 3.98a and decided to check it out. I had Radar Contact running and the Radar Contact window was showing, I resized it a bit, then I did End Flight and I exited FS. I don't see anything added to the ini file. Am I missing something? (Likely, it's late and I need sleep.) Do I need to close the display window?
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