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  1. 5.123c was preventing my dropdown menus from sticking in 4.2. Going back to 5.123b is working fine without any issues.
  2. My latest workaround due to having to reinstall everything is to mirror my V4 airport mods into P3D V3 and run the database manager using V3 as the reference.
  3. My workaround to at least get it running again until an update is released is deleting the new database files and renaming all the last ones used in the \Aerosoft\FSC9\Database\FS11 directory. example : Airportfsc.old renamed to Airport.fsc The same with the remaining database files.
  4. Hi Volker, The DB manager does not seem to pick up runways, taxiways and ILS freqs using the latest ADE for P3D v4. The bgl file info shows correct in FSC on AP lookup. BGLs are installed properly via xml file and everything shows up correctly in the P3D Map regarding rwys and ILS freqs. Not sure if this is an FSC or ADE issue. Here is a clip from the end of the latest DB log with the bgls I am using: The following ILS'es could not be assigned: AR51_ADEP4_DO4. - 513L - ILS/DME 32 - 37.27851 - -115.8255 AR51_ADEP4_DO4. - 5114 - I
  5. Well I did manage to get it to update my database and save a flightplan so that is all I need at this point in time until an update comes around.
  6. I was getting constant crashes also with 4.957 and 3.4. Setting WeatherReadFactor=0 helped. FSX Boxed is ok.
  7. Daveo

    My Traffic 6

    You should be able to re-download your program from Simmarket. Nobody here on the forums can give you any files.
  8. Thanks! Good to know although I had no issues with it working with 6.0 I still use the last live download I was able to get before the subscription ran out.
  9. You should not have to unzip anything. When the download is complete a DOS window should open asking you if you want to overwrite the file. You just have to hit enter as a "Yes" is the default answer. You then go to communicator under Select Schedules and choose My Traffic Live. You will then see the new schedule being compiled in the DOS window. When the DOS window closes you are good to go.
  10. Necessary updates to continue with MyTraffic Live subscriptions.
  11. I'm using it with my subscription without any issues that I notice anyway. The live downloads was/is a key selling point for me.
  12. FWIW this also fixed the problem with Super Traffic Board.
  13. I think it may be referencing the old communicator format being the batch files are the same date/time as 5.4c For the time being though my workaround is working.
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