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  1. To see aircrafts on the ground u have to zoom 5 miles or less. Best regards stlo
  2. Tnaks very much, The CTRL was my mistake............ laurier :oops: P.S.: I have read the french manuel, and they have omitted the CTRL key in their text. Pour déposer un plan de vol ZZZZ, suivez la procédure suivante: 1. Ouvrir le panneau des plans de vols (Si celui-ci est fermé) 2. La position géographique est selectionnée en cliquant sur quelque point sur la carte Si une nouvelle position géographique est choisie, sur un plan de vol vierge, alors l’action de la souris sera considérée comme un départ. Si un départ a déjà été choisi, alors l’action de la souris sera considérée comme la destination.
  3. Have read 5 times already: To create a ZZZZ flight plan proceed as follows: 1. Open the flight plan panel (if this is still closed) 2. The geographical position is selected on the map by clicking Ctrl-right mouse button on some point of the map. If a geographical position is selected for a new, as yet empty flight plan, then this mouse click will be interpreted as departure. If some departure has already been chosen, then the mouse click will be interpreted as destination. There are thus three possibilities for a ZZZZ flight plan. I open the plan page (new plan): If I click in the map, with right mouse, nothing happen, if I write ZZZZ in the entry line, and an ICAO airport, I received a message: Invalid string, departure airport missing.......... What is wrong with my procedure ? This is my question, need help pls. stlo :(
  4. With FSCommander 8.6: The AFIL airport is fine. The ZZZZ........ is there someone who can explain how this work because for me, it seem impossible to use tks stlo :idea:
  5. Merci Jean Jacques pour les informations, J'ai bel et bien dans mon Dossier FSC le fameux Register.fsc. Mon programme FSCommander fût acheté le 18 mai 2007 sous la commande # 337642 de Simmarket. Avec tout ça en place, j'installe FSC86 et j'ai toujours une version unregistered. Lors de l'installation, le set-up met le FSC86.exe sur le bureau et ce FSC86.exe n'est pas dans le dossier FSC. Vu que le FSC86.exe est sur le bureau, est-ce la raison pourquoi il ne reconnait pas mon Register.fsc ? Merci pour ton aide. laurier P.S.: J'ai expérimenté le ZZZZ comme départ où arrivée dans un plan de vol, pour moi ça ne fonctionne pas.
  6. J'ai installé une version complète de FSCommander 8.6. Je voulais repartir à neuf vu que j'ai Windows 7 intallé. Je vous envoie les informations d'un payment déjà fait chez Simmarket pour ce même produit. # client 63935 # commande 337642 du 18 may 2007 $34.95 pour FSCommander. Dois-je payer 2 fois ? J'aimerais une réponse à cette question. laurier st laurent
  7. Have download a full 8.6 install and the weather adress is ok with the full version. BUT with the full 8.6 install, I now have a non registered FSCommander. In the FSC file there is a register.fsc file .................... Is that means I have to pay for a second time ?? Pls let me know stlo LAURIER@CABLEAMOS.COM LAURIER ST LAURENT :(
  8. Weather download: Can u give us the exact address to download the weather, the one included in the programm is not responding: http://www.ivao.aero/network/metar.asp tks stlo 8)
  9. Hello, If u speak french, and if u want the best of the best ATC program, goto this address: http://www.rasasso.org/telechargement/tements.php or if u speak french contact directly this programmer to upgrade to version 2.05 [mo-drmn.benle@wanadoo.fr] This program is similar to IVAC from IVAO and work on FSInn. U can view aircraft as far as 1,500 n.m. Good flight stlo
  10. Hello, Have 8.4 and 8.5 Using 8.5 to prepare my flight plan and using 8.4 when flying to have an acceptable windows size on my monitor. tks anyway. stlo
  11. Hello, Here is som facts: My computer monitor is 20" Wide x 12.75" Height FScommander reduce to minimum is: 8.5" Wide x 7.5" Height. Aircraft B737 panel is: 7.5" Height with autopilot Top Right. Aircraft Panel height 7.5" + FScommander height 7.5" = 15 inches height. This mean FSCommander reduce to minimum will overlaps the aircraft panel by 2.25 in, and have no more access to autopilot. If we can reduce the FSCommander from right to left, will loose coordinate and fuel, but it will be 6 in Wide x 5.5 in height and u can always have access to all infos with full screen. Computer monitor 12.75 in height less aircraft panel 7.5 in height let 5.25 in free space for the fscommander screen. With all those informations, let me know where I can put the FSCommander ? to enjoy your program like before. or let the 8.4 available to reinstall. tks stlo
  12. 1. I am on FSX 2. FSUIPC version 4,28 3. FScommander 8.5 4. N/A 5. Vista 32. Hi, Before we can reduce the screen to 13cm x 13cm approx. Now the minimum is 22cm x 22cm because u want to keep the infos at the bottom of the screen. I am using only one screen, that mean I will prefer a smaller screen, maybe by loosing FUEL and COORDINATE infos. Tks Stlo
  13. Version 8.5 screen size. With only one screen, the samallest screen I can have, is too much large. L'image de FSCommander est maintenant plus grande qu'avant, et avec un seul écran c'est trop grand. Help Merci Stlo
  14. Hello, Have my aircraft at CYUL and on the map I see it in the middle of the ocean ? Need help stlo
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