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  1. good idea, will check that out as everything else seems to work.
  2. Tried enum, number and various other but the same problem. I used Int32, tried Int64 and got a data type error which was expected.
  3. But in SimConnect one does not use "offsets" there is the "PUSHBACK STATE" SimVar which is writeable (well, so it says but I get a data error) and the "TOGGLE_PUSHBACK" event which is used to "toggle" pushback on/off or receive notification that pushback has started/finished. The 2nd does not allow setting straight/left/right/none, only notification or enable/disable.
  4. I assume that with FSX the FSUIPC actually uses SimConnect, if that is correct could you tell me if the PUSHBACK STATE simvar actually works? or how it is used? I am able to read the correct value according to whether there is pushback or not, etc. But even thought the documentation says it is settable, when I try to set a value (32-bit) I get a DATA_ERROR exception.
  5. Do these r/w offsets actually work in SimConnect? I set up my application to put the Airspeed gauge in fail mode (value = 1) by using the "PARTIAL PANEL AIRSPEED" sim variable but it does not seem to do anything at all. I set it to 1 (FAIL) and the gauge keeps on working, showing the same airspeed (I expected it to wind down to zero). I tried by blanking it (value = 2) but the gauge is not blanked, remains operational. I am using SimConnect with FSX.
  6. About my country @panamaVibes

  7. My scenery and FSX addons news at @lordofwingsPTY

  8. My aviation blog feed at @aviationweb

  9. THis is the first time I actually make use of this offset in any of my programs. It is offset 0x0c4b / 0x0c5b which is documented as follows: 1 byte, Vor indicator with values 0=inactive, 1=to, 2=from. Now I set up my aircraft as follows: Tuned NAV1 to 110.00 (TBG) Aircraft flying within 5nm of the TBG VOR, signal received Aircraft flying heading 203 towards VOR with about 10 degrees off target. Nevertheless flying TOWARDS (TO) VOR station Now, in this setup the cockpit VOR instrument/CDI is showing that I am flying TO the VOR, that is correct. That means that when querying that FSUIPC offset I should be getting the value 1 (to) but I am continually getting the value 2 (from). It appears that the description for that offset should read 0=inactive, 1=from, 2=to. Most likely a typo error.
  10. Amazing! how did I miss that? After all these years now I feel like a fool LOL. Thanks for pointing it out.
  11. It so happens that I also need to interpret the value of the localizer needle value to provide a display of the CDI. I noticed that the offset related to the localizer needle says it has a value between -127 to +127, a signed value. However the FSUIPC Offsets documentation says that offset is ONE byte, which means in FSUIPC .NET CLient DLL one would need to declare the offset as Offset<byte>. But.... in .NET a byte type is an UNSIGNED value, meaning whatever you put there is going to be interpreted as 0..255 and not -127 to +127.
  12. Please disregard, just figured it out.... The Radial offset gives me the proper radial, to get the "bearing" I simply have to get the reciprocal. The value on the "relative bearing" offset plus the current heading modulo 360 would actually give the radial TO.
  13. In my application I need to know these three things I haven't quite figured out.... Precondition being that the NAV1 radio is tuned to a VOR station and the a/c is within the signal reach of the VOR. 1. How do I obtain the radial of that station the a/c is currently in? 2. How to I calculate the bearing TO the VOR station based on the current position? 3. How do I know the radial FROM the VOR station the a/c is currently in?
  14. I concurr ;-) though I get to work with this DLL from time to time as time permits to develop my app, I must say his support has always been very professional, never getting annoyed for no good reason. All in all, 5 star support. I would even say this should be a forum by itself rather than a thread in a forum.
  15. Does this 2.3 version posted a few days ago newer than the 2.3 Beta that was made available some months ago?
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