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  1. flying-w

    No arrival for user aircraft

    Hi Joe, need some more information please? 1) What version of STB, and which simulator? 2) Is there any particular arrival airport it does not work for, or all? Please send a screenshot of what the arrivals screen looks like? 3) Please post the flight plan file here? Thanks Simon
  2. flying-w

    STB V4 for Prepar3D and Prepar3D V4.4

    Always good to hear, thank you. LM is doing a good job of preserving the quality of the interfaces STB uses.
  3. I've tested the last few beta STB builds with the latest update available for Prepar3D and not found any problems. Simon
  4. The next beta will have some code to better detect this kind of error. Meanwhile there's only been one report of this problem so far. Simon
  5. flying-w

    Flight times not in order.

    If you are happy with the version you have that's great, for your consideration one day there is a "STB V3.6 for FSX", which is probably the last update that will be produced for the FSX platform. Thanks Simon
  6. flying-w

    Flight times not in order.

    I'm not back full time yet, but can you say please 1) Which version of STB, as per the "About" screen in help 2) What happens to the order when you click the schedule column heading. That will try to change the sort order. 3) Have you recompiled the airport database lately. All of the above are schedule times which come from BGLs rather than the simulator. 4) Whan an actual AI turns up, does it have the "correct time"? Thanks Simon
  7. The real challenge here is there is so little information (thanks Microsoft) about the actual cause, it could actually be many things. What was the version number that last worked for you? I can do a code comparison, but FileHelper (which is active at the time of the problem) hasn't changed much at all lately. Simon
  8. This one is hard to debug, because I can't reproduce it and it happens so early in the life of STB the framework adds little value to the exception. Can you also check the messages.dll and simulator.dll, and provide the same information as you did earlier for utilities.dll? Thanks Simon
  9. flying-w

    Destination local time

    What I need is a worldwide database of every airport and the timezone it's in for every day of the year, which happens to match the simulator's implementation of timezones (which isn't quite real world accurate). As far as I know, that does not exist anywhere and the simulator does not make such information available. Thanks Simon
  10. flying-w

    Destination local time

    Correct, we only know one timezone which is the one the user aircraft is in. All times are with respect to that. When the user moves between timezones, the times are recalcuated on the basis of the new timzone. Simon
  11. Thanks - your DLL appears to be correct. Still not clear why this is happening, the Microsoft help for these exceptions talks in very vague terms. Maybe next I'll try adding some debug code to help. Thanks Simon
  12. flying-w

    Destination local time

    Working as designed I'm afraid. The only timezone the simulator is prepared to discuss is the timezone your user aircraft is in so all time's shown in STB are with respect to that timezone. If your airports are in another timezone I've no idea about that, there's nothing in the simulator to tell me what timezone that is. Thanks Simon
  13. This is a new one.... Can you visit your STB Install folder, find "Utilities.dll", right click and tell me what it says please on the "Details" tab? Also do you have Utilities.pdb in that folder also? Thanks Simon
  14. flying-w

    User flight stuck on 8th June

    Not at all. I do two "streams" of updates, one is the official update which tends to have more testing (but inevitably drags behind in terms of functionality and fixes), and the betas are more "leading edge". Not every one is comfortable with betas, but the more people that are willing to participate the better the quality of the application, Thanks Simon
  15. flying-w

    Stated times

    Sure, I'll look into it. Check back in a couple of weeks! Simon
  16. flying-w

    Stated times

    STB estimates the user departure time based on a number of factors, including what it can learn about the state of the aircraft which varies with each manufacture. The question here is how would STB know it's your intention to depart at 18:45? If that's a time of your choosing, maybe a facility where you could specify your departure time would help? Thanks Simon
  17. I don't think this is a problem with how the update was installed, but something else. Can you check Windows event viewer please? This is where error messages go now when STB fails before I get control to do anything useful. It's usually a Windows or evnironment issue. Thanks Simon
  18. flying-w

    User flight stuck on 8th June

    Hi Which version of STB do you have please, as described in the "About" menu under help? I think I fixed this in the latest beta. Thanks Simon
  19. Star trek fans will know the reference, but I've been having a trial (and tribulation) with Windows 10 just lately. My main devleopment laptop stopped rebooting out of the blue, some kind of Windows error in EFI or the like for which there were a great many solutions on the internet but none of they any good. The implication seems to be this is Windows update, but it's stange it should take several reboots before it shows up The next bad news, no restore points were helpful in resolving the problem. More bad news, the backup software I use won't restore. Waiting for a remote session from the vendor to fix that And the icing on the cake, factory reset on the latop doesn't work. Waiting for a new USB recover drive from another vendor on that one Of course all my data is safe as I make extensive use of cloud drives and my STB dev environment is mirrored to my main deskside simulator PC. So I can carry on coding, but I can't build updates at the present time as that only existed on the laptop. It's not difficult to recreate, I just need to get on top of the laptop problems first. Code-wise the next beta is just about ready, but I can't build it to an installer at the current time. Sorry for the delay everyone, I'll get back on track as soon as I can. Simon
  20. That looks good. May I ask where you obtain the AI from please? It's something I've not really explored much before. Thanks Simon
  21. Not a lot of detail to go on here. Please compare the results you are seeing in STB with Traffic Toolbox. Simon
  22. flying-w

    I got an issue among many :)

    Bob This is the same error about logos which I've already advised you what I'm doing about it. Please check your crash files before sending them over. I don't expect you to be able to decode them, but certain patterns are easily recongisable in them. Thanks Simon
  23. flying-w

    I got an issue among many :)

    lol, then don't do it as I don't think it will be of any particular benefit to STB.
  24. flying-w

    I got an issue among many :)

    I'm not sure what you are trying to acheive by doing that. Simon
  25. flying-w

    Cockpit View plus Diversions

    Sorry to say STB for Prepar3D will not work with FSX. In Prepar3D there are many new facilities and API calls for STB to exploit, for which there's no real equivalent in FSX. Regarding the diversions, for any given airport I don't know what the next nearest is, or more importantly whether it's suitable (747's landing on grass runways!) Thanks Simon

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