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  1. Hi Luciano Yes, FlightSimStore seemed to go out of business. EMail me a copy of your order and I'll organise a download. Thanks Simon
  2. Hi Luciano If you mean the STB Client V5 base product, that will be downloaded from wherever you purchased from. Otherwise if you mean the update, the details of that are on the website: http://www.supertrafficboard.com/Downloads.html Simon
  3. I'll be glad to help. Which link is causing the problem? When I click on both in Firefox it works fine, but if I click in Chrome it does nothing. What browser are you using? Simon
  4. I'm not sure why that is, I can attatch up to 4.88MB here. In any case, please email it: simon@supertrafficboard.com
  5. Hello. Thank you for your question. Could you provide another screenshot please? The one above is too small to see on my computer. Thanks Simon
  6. You can follow the ongoing discussion here: https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=35254.0 It is very early days right now, I can't say how much effort it might take or whether it will happen at all and how that might be packaged. What I'll say for sure is it cannot take the amount of time that UT2 support took way back when. Simon
  7. Yes, just tested it. Works exactly like UT2 and UTLive in the sense of injecting traffic. Unfortuately there is no information available to me about planes sat at the gate. When do they depart, where do they go? Not even P3D can tell me that until AIG loads a flight plan when the departure time (known only to AIG) occurs. STB will work to a large extent, but won't show everything as it can for pure BGL traffic. Simon
  8. The real issue sounds like they are injecting traffic into the simulator based on BGLs, which is similar to the approach taken by UT2 and UTLive. When traffic is created in this way, too little information is known in SimConnect for guys like STB to know what's happening, so I'm afraid we won't be able to support that. Simon
  9. Hi Chris Very nice to hear from you, is it 2021 already there? The crash is a wonderful windows feature, just happens from time to time. Delete the following file and all will be good again: C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Local\FlyingWSimulation\TrafficboardFrontEnd.exe_Url_jxcwut2aq0yp0gqq4sgchszbftxiug3p\\user.config Thanks Simon
  10. Sorry to say it's hard to imagine what you are seeing. AI will come and go in the simulator, certainly, as events unfold. But asking for clearance, then disappearing and reappearing again doesn't sound like something we'd be responsible for. STB does have some optimisation techniques built in to improve the AI flow, but that should only affect arriving aircraft rather than departing aircraft. Try disabling the optimisation and see if that helps you. Go to Configuration, Settings and uncheck everything in the "Flight Control" section.
  11. "Flight Simulator X has stopped" typically means it is showing a UI menu at the time rather than simulated flight. When the simulator is running and somwehere in the world you are sitting in the cockpit of your favourite aircraft, then you will see AI being listed on the board. Simon
  12. I can appreciate the problem. Best way of handling it right now is when you start getting near the "decision point" where STB will delete conflicting AI on approach is to delete any Ai aircraft that are too close by hand. You can sort on the "distance to airport column on the airport arrivals page to see what you are dealing with. Simon
  13. OK that sounds fine, sorry I was late getting back to you. If you can include a credit and a link back to my website so anyone interested can find out more, that would be great. Please send a link when it's all done, I'd love to see it. Simon
  14. The only thing I imagine is Windows has moved the STB window off screen for some reason, which can happen to any Windows Application. If that's the case, you can get it back by: 1) Start Task Manager 2) Click "More Details" bottom left of Task Manager 3) Find "STBClientFrontEnd" in the list 4) Expand the item with the arrow next to it 5) Underneath will be something like "SuperTrafficBoard V4 Client for Prepar3D V3", in the section you just expanded 6) Right click that and choose "Maximize". Don't right click the STBClientFrontEnd, that will not have the option.
  15. This issue was resolved over email. We discovered AIG was registered to Prepar3D twice (2x addon.xml) which was the cause of the problem. THere was a duplicate addon.xml in My Documents which once removed fixed the issue. Simon
  16. Can you describe in a little more detail please what you intend to put on your webpage?
  17. Just an FYI, the latest is 5.0.2020.30900. If you haven't experienced an Prepar3D crash, it's likely you have that STB plugin option turned off. I'll push the update through to the in-app notification at the weekend.
  18. That is to say of course, STB with the latest update installed!
  19. Just checked out Hotfix 1 and didn't find any problems including simulator crashes with STB. Let me know if your experience is different.
  20. It will work for any traffic pack freeware or payware that implements schedules through the traffic database builder in the SDK or similar, i.e. those that use BGL files. That's almost all of them. We work with UT2 on FSX only, as Flight1 never produced UT2 for Prepar3D. I included extra configuration infomration for the most popular packs, logos and the like, includinge ORBX, Just Flight Traffic Global, MyTraffic, AIG and UT2 for FSX. Simon
  21. Somwhere in your simulator this flight exists. If you can remove the scheduling BGL responsible for it, recompile the airport database the flights and referenced airports will no longer be present.
  22. Sorry to say there's no easy answer to this, hiding the status area and expanding the flight list to cover it is complicated. It's maybe something I can consider for a future release. Simon
  23. Here is the latest update for STB V3 for Prepar3D V4, with the latest content for AIG and the ability to override the user aircraft flight number in STB You can download the STB Client Update (V4.2.2020.29400) update from here: https://bit.ly/2Tw18NY STB Data Server (only required on the Prepar3D computer when running STB Client on a separate computer), also has an update (V4.0.2020.29400), available here: https://bit.ly/31KmZ9a The update is only available as described above initially, it will be added to the website and the update checking in the product at a later time.
  24. Thanks all, fix now available for you to try. Please see here:
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