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    I have a problem with AIFP and STB

    STB does have a limit on the number of flights it can store in the database, simply put there are somethings that still have a 32bit orientation even though the entire app is now compiled to 64bit. I don't think that has a bearing on your current issues. Flights that stay scheduled may have three causes: 1) The simulator tries to create them at the appointed time, but fails to do so because of a configuration problem (e.g. aircraft.cfg) 2) The simulator tries to create them but fails due to airport capacity, e.g. all available parking slots already occupied. 3) STB has worked out the time wrong for some reason. You can dismiss the first one by trying the "arrive now" command, or depart now if there are lots of free parking spaces. If the flight gets created by the simulator, albiet with a different schedule, there are no AI configuratio problems present. The second one, just a case of reducing the sliders or getting an up to date and accurate AFD. The final one can never happen since I am perfect! Well actually I'm very far from being perfect, so the real question here is does the schedule presented in STB match that provided by AIFP?
  2. flying-w

    Flight Selection

    Sorry - there isn't. Simon
  3. flying-w

    wrong AI Plane shown when selecting View AI

    Thanks - that's a good test case. I need to add some code to see what the simulator is really thinking about when your View AI command is sent. That's a job for tonight, I'll send you an update when it's done. It won't fix your problem, but may help understand it better. Simon
  4. flying-w

    I have a problem with AIFP and STB

    Not sure it's AIFP causing that, there's nothing special you need to do concerning that tool. The only comment I'd make is if you are using multi-week schedules and AFAIK know AIFP is the only tool that may support that, get the latest STB for Prepar3D update. The error's coming straight from Windows, STB is only reflecting it to you. I can't imagine why you would be denied read access to Program Files. It won't help you right now, but I plan a "silent mode" for compiling the airport database where content errors are written to file rather than reported in dialogue boxes. Thanks Simon
  5. flying-w


    Looks great, why aren't there enough hours in the day these days?
  6. flying-w

    wrong AI Plane shown when selecting View AI

    It's not my problem to fix, it's in Prepar3D. However I'll take a look at a trace of the problem if you like 1) Create the scenario where View AI fails with as few AI aircraft as possible 2) Enable "Verbose" tracing in STB, see Appendix C of user guide 3) Add the ObjectID column to your arrivals and departures 4) Reproduce the problem, and take a screenshot of STB. Let me know which AI you where trying to look at 5) Exit STB and send me the trace file. Thanks Simon
  7. flying-w


    SimConnect will tell us the ICAO codes for the flight. If we find the ICAO in our airports database we show the full name, and that comes from the simulator AFD file (which we learn when we compile the airports database). Otherwise, we just show the ICAO. BTW, did anything get improved with KaiTak, or is it just a recompile with the P3D SDK? Simon
  8. flying-w

    wrong AI Plane shown when selecting View AI

    Prepar3D and FSX before it can have problems in this area, due to the quality of the API provided and suspected simulator bugs. 1) Do the other view related functions work, such as Tail View, View from Airport etc? You may need to update your STB if you don't have those options, and they work much better as they are using a Prepar3D API designed for the task. 2) Reduce your traffic volumes to just a few AI aircraft, does View AI work correctly then? Simon
  9. Perhaps "Aircraft Folder" is the wrong terminology these days, it's referring to a SimObjectPaths folder. Does the folder mentioned exist and contain a valid SimObject file structure? The message is suggesting it doesn't or doesn't have the expected content. I've added it to the bug list to make the message more meaningful. Simon
  10. Summary: STB Client V3.6.2018.20201 is a replacement product for STB V3.2. Obtain the setup program from your original place of purchase or contact me for assistance. STB Data Server V3.6.2018.14700 is required on the FSX computer when using STB on a separate computer to FSX, and also replaces earlier versions. Download the combined setup and update program from here: http://bit.ly/2OWJ8ZA I've produced a new version of STB for FSX and FSX Steam Edition that contains bug fixes and support for Just Flight's Traffic Global. As we are switching to a new installer framework, it's necessary to completely uninstall your current STB for FSX and then install this one. There is also a new STB data server for those of you running STB and FSX on separate computers. You will need to uninstall the old data server then install the new one also. You'll note a change in terminology here that I started with Prepar3D. The STB Client as it is now known is SuperTrafficBoard itself, which has everything you need to display a list of flights and interact with them. The STB Data Server is required on the FSX computer when using the STB Client on a separate computer. The list of changes are: ⦁ Added configuration content for Just Flight Traffic Global. ⦁ Changed the search order for logo files to make "PNG" the top priority. ⦁ Added high quality logo resizing facility. ⦁ Reset default airline logo size to 125x25. ⦁ Updated logos for a number of airlines, with more planned for future releases. First group are for Just Flight's Traffic Global. ⦁ Bug fix: When determining the width of the airline logo column, the AirlineLogoWidth setting is always used rather than column properties saved to the settings file. ⦁ Add a small margin to the airline logo width column to ensure it displays correctly. ⦁ Upgraded MakeRwys utility to V4.84. ⦁ Bug fix: Traffic BGLs that do not contain any flight plans (e.g. Traffic Global user defined BGL) caused exceptions during airport complication. ⦁ Added limited support for Flight1 UTLive including logos, airline and aircraft configuration content. See user guide for further information. ⦁ Enhance non-BGL scheduled AI presentation (e.g. UT Live) so the scheduled times are updated when the AI becomes active, improving the sort order by time. ⦁ Improved exception handling. ⦁ Flight Plan Complier Bug fix. Don't append "Scenery" to a scenery library path if it already ends with "scenery". ⦁ Inno Setup Framework for all installers. ⦁ Updated user guide. If you would like this now, please contact me with a note of your original software order. It will reach the normal distribution channels in due course, but that always takes a lot of time. Simon
  11. Thanks - I've removed your document for privacy, and I'll contact you separately with the download information.
  12. flying-w

    FAO Dave Ward

    Dave - if you are out there..... You contacted me via email with a support request, but it is impossible to reply to you at the email address given. Generating server: DB5EUR01HT058.mail.protection.outlook.com Remote Server returned '550 5.5.0 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable.' If you see this and still require help, please contact me here or from another email address Thanks Simon
  13. flying-w

    FAO Dave Ward

    I don't know what that's about as I don't manage the forums, however I have enough from what you have already posted. Your error is occurring because TrafficGlobal_MyFlights.bgl does not contain any flight plans. I've fixed this for FSX and Prepar3D V4, because they are the current development platforms. However I'm sorry to say I no longer develop for Prepar3D V3 so I can't fix it there. You can work around it yourself by either adding your own flight plans in Traffic Global or renaming the file mentioned in the error to something other than ".bgl" Thanks Simon
  14. Here's the next beta update for STB for Prepar3D V4, major changes in bold: · Further content updates (airline logos, aircraft and airline configuration files) for Just Flight TrafficGlobal. · Major upgrade of the STB Date-Time architecture to support 64bit values and multiweek schedules. The latter provide schedule repeat periods of TWO, FIVE and EIGHT WEEKS in addition to the default. · Dates now presented in US format (e.g. Month Day) when the local Windows culture is set to US (or any other culture that uses the same convention). · Added the schedule repeat period value to flight details dialogue and show both local and Zulu schedule times when tracing is set to verbose level. · STB is compiling all traffic files starting with ".BGL", rather than those that are ".BGL” exactly. · Bug fix: When determining the width of the airline logo column, the AirlineLogoWidth setting is always used rather than column properties saved to the settings file. · Bug Fix: Null exception caused by STB AI Observer · Add a small margin to the airline logo width column to ensure it displays correctly. · Added exception handling to the methods that handle callbacks from Simconnect that would otherwise fail silently. · Force integer division to double precision where the result can be -1 > 0 < 1, to avoid underrun. The multi week schedule support turned out to be a huge piece of work, essentially requiring a new approach to the concept of time in STB which took quite some time to get done. We need a more flexible approach when displaying date/times, so here's an example of what you'll see with a multi week schedule: Flights that occur a week or more away include the full date and time, while those from tomorrow up to a week just include the day name. The other big change is support for the US style date format, and any other cultures that present the month before the day name. In other words, looking at the screen shot you will now see "Sun Jun 25 06:24" instead of "Sun 25 Jun 06:24". The format is automatically set by the culture your Windows PC is using. Given the amount of change, I'd like to run this update as an open beta. Please download and install, and please share your experiences whether "good", "bad" or "everything's fine" You can download the STB Client update from here: http://bit.ly/2vNfXAe And the STB Data Server combined update and installer from here: http://bit.ly/2w2E8de Many thanks Simon
  15. Yes, I am 5h ahead of US East coast right now. Just a note about the install wizard, it's really just a "deployment tool" rather than a "removal tool". If a box is checked the corresponding action is taken. If the box is not checked, nothing is done. We don't go and try deconfiguring whatever the action might have do if it was checked. The only time we do go deconfiguring or "undeploying" is during product uninstall. Specifically about the autostart. If you really do want that turned off, the way to do it is in Prepar3D itself.
  16. Bob - Can you tell me exactlymhow youmtry to disable STB-DS from being autostarted with Prepar3D please? Can't reproduce the problem at present. Thanks Simon
  17. Updated the first post above with the details for the STB Data Server (STB-DS) V4.2.2018.20200 installer/updater. Here it is again to save you scrolling up: http://bit.ly/2Ocw6aj This is required on your Prepar3D PC when running Prepar3D on a separate computer to the STB client, and you must have upgraded both STB client and STB-DS to the same level. Both of these updates are for Prepar3D V4.2 and V4.3 only. Simon
  18. Yes, that's why I need to rebuild. I'll get right on it!
  19. I'll look into it, as I need to update STB-DS with the latest changes anyway. Other than that, how is STB & STB-DS working with 4.3? Simon
  20. flying-w

    Does the date really matter?

    All AI packages that I am aware of (with the possible exception of UTLive) use a concept of schedules occuring within a repeat period. Essentially a flight occurs sometime during a repeat period, then again at the same time in the next period. FSX offers many repeat periods, but the ones that see the most use are the ONE_DAY and ONE_WEEK repeat periods. A flight defined for ONE_DAY occurs every day at that time. Likewise for one WEEK, the flight occurs at a particular time on a particular day, then again the same day and time next week. From that point of view, the month and year don't matter much (there's a but coming though in a minute....) because most flights happen once a day or once a week. The day of the week does matter, but only to weekly schedules. Now here's the "but". FSX also supports repeat periods of two weeks, five weeks and eight weeks, where the date you choose is absolutely important. They've also been around for boat schedules, but it appears aircraft will operate those also. I won't talk any more about those, for now, except to say the next beta update of STB for Prepar3D will support them. So there you have an overview of traffic scheduling in FSX, little changed in Prepar3D. Questions? Specifically about TrafficGlobal, I'll reserve judgement until the next build which may be as soon as today. Simon
  21. As above, the instructions are: "If you would like this now, please contact me with a note of your original software order. It will reach the normal distribution channels in due course, but that always takes a lot of time. "
  22. flying-w

    FSPX Aircraft problems

    It sounds like a design decision for FSPX. When you see the speed brake and reversers operate, are the flaps deployed also? STB has a facility to automatically delpoy flaps for departing aircraft, which not a lot of AI packages can do by themselves. If a model designer has connected other things to the flap operation, you may see the sort of thing you are reporting. Assuming you haven't configured the FSPX aircract explicitly in via the "Objects" tab, please set the "Default Departure Flaps Handle Setting" to zero as a test. You'll find this in the Settings Notebook on the "Commands" tab. Restart STB, and see what happens. Thanks Simon
  23. *** Updated 22 July 2018 I've updated STB with the latest content for TrafficGlobal Early Access V1.1.0.6. As well as adding new airlines, almost all of existing airline logos have been updated and improved where available. If you already have STB, there are three ways you can get this content: STB V3 for FSX, install the V3.6.2018.20200 update. This isn't available in the shops quiet yet, but please contact me and I'll be happy to help. STB V4 for Prepar3D V4.2+, install the V4.2.2018.20200 update. Full details here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85698-stb-client-update-v42201820200-for-prepar3d-v42-and-later/ If you have an older STB product than those listed above or don't wish to update, you can get the latest content by following these instructions: http://www.supertrafficboard.com/downloads/How_to_configure_STB_for_Just_Flight_Traffic_Global.pdf *** End of update While the new Just Flight Traffic Global is going through "Early Access", it's likely the content will change much faster than I can make and publish official installer based updates for STB. With that in mind and the need to cover legacy versions of STB also, here's a guide for how to configure your STB for Traffic Global to get the latest in logos, airline data and aircraft data. As changes occur (e.g. new logos etc.) I'll make announcements here and at Just Flight. How to configure STB for Just Flight Traffic Global.pdf (Note: The latest STB V4.2.2018.13500 for Prepar3D-V4.2 product update has content for Traffic Global, but it is not up to date with the latest developments in Traffic Global. Therefore I still recommend you use the procedure described here When Traffic Global exits Early Access, I'll look at providing an official STB product update).
  24. Yep, all over it! Updates to content coming soon!
  25. flying-w

    Ultimate tweak for UTLive help please

    I understand concerning Traffic Global. As both a beta and EA participant I've seen it come a long way already, and while it still may have a way to go I have no doubt it will evolve into another excellent product. That's a good suggestion but I'll need to look into it as a few things depend on those columns being available. If it comes at all it will be a while I'm afraid as the "to do" list is rather full. To be quite clear about the topic in general, Flight1 provided an API for STB in Ultimate Traffic 2. This was partly a "traffic information stream" that STB could receive and interpret, but also access to their SQLLite databases to complete the picture. There was no magic about it, everything was done using the interfaces made available by and supported by Flight1. UTLive is different, there isn't an API available and I doubt there ever will be one. I will not go into the subject any further than that and there isn't any other way to get the information STB requires, it's as simple as that I'm afraid. Since it's UTLive, STB has no idea whether the flight is on time or not. Showing "on time" seemed to be the most reasonable thing to do, keeping consistency with other AI packages. Simon

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