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  1. So we are making great progress on all fronts, particularly with the airbus, and soon 747 and 757. Where do the 777 and Hs146 (or whatever it's called these days - RJ?) come on the roadmap? Incidentally there's a lot of noise over on the just flight traffic forums about an annoucement this week - we'll see.
  2. Of course the programmer in me tells me to do it the hard way with the SDK :wink: So now I've used the mytrafficX editor, and Lufthansa has at last commenced its new daily service from Birmingham to LAX! However it was necessary to put mytrafficown.bgl in its own scenery library entry, and disable the others for MyTrafficX. The 747 is put at a cargo ramp at Birmingham, I guess there are no gate spaces big enough. And perhaps there is just too much competition for spaces. How does FSX decided which planes to use from its collection of BGLs? I would like mytrafficown.bgl to take precedence. I'll try putting it higher in the scenery library later.
  3. Yes - thank you - now I see them. Back to my original question, I would like to answer the challenge of compiling traffic plans with the FSX tools. If anyone has a source code sample and compiled BGL, best using one of the FSX SP1 aircraft models, I would be glad to try it. Once I did have this working, now I cannot.
  4. Can someone help me? I am unable to write a traffic source file to display any MyTrafficX aircraft, let alone the glorious 747. Don't know why, perhaps because I've had to switch to my infrequently used Athlon system after my Core2 had a "bios incident". Can anyone give me example source code and complied BGL for 747 please? I have to figure this out.
  5. Thanks. Bad news is that I'm on vacation next week, but now I've something to look forward to when I get back! Oh, that and filling Heathrow with another amarda, but this time Lufthansa 747s!
  6. I hope you can create the new schedule for FSX SP1 models only Burkhard. If I feel I am not "getting enough" at an airport, I can switch back to the old schedule. Sounds like win:win to me, and a big win for your product with SP1! Simon
  7. I was very lazy when I created my source traffic file. Lots of cut and paste!
  8. Owning all three traffic packages (myTrafficX, Traffic and UT), it is MyX that is staying on my computer. Perhaps I'll have another play with the SDK later. It compiles just fine and the airport schedule looks correct, but then some of the aircraft never show up. I am certainly interested in your FSX SP1 traffic schedule. Anything I can do to help make it happen? Don't forget my question about jetways, in case you have seen something like it. Many thanks Simon
  9. I am very pleased with 5.1. The new models are beautiful to look at, and the performance of even the quality version is great. As a performance test, I filled Heathrow with a mixture of 737/MD83, all 5.1 models and nothing else. This is something like 130+ aircraft. All my settings are full except scenery normal (no jetways), autogen off, airport vehicles minimum. For the first time I was able to fly over Heathrow and stayed very close to my 25fps lock all the time. It's still possible to kill it, e.g. max scenery or max airport vehicles, but where we are at right now is great. Heading off to a regional airport like Birmingham, then I can get to Max scenery with all the jetways. So all this is great, thank you very much and I look forward to move SP1 models. Some questions: 1) The jetways pop on parked aircraft when I fly past them. As I approach the jetway is detached then suddenly pops on. As I fly away the jetway pops off again and is detached. 2) Is it possible to program the traffic to have full airports with just new models, even if it is not quite "real world"? I tried with the Traffic SDK, but did not work out well so far. I can have a full airport with no arrivals, or an empty airport with many arrivals. Thanks Simon
  10. Glad I could help Burkhard. Out of all the AI products, myTrafficX seems to have the most going for it right now, certainly in terms of the visible information in this community. I look forward to the 5.1 update, and if the models are anythling like the MD80 revisions that will be lots of good news. I don't recall the numbers, but I loaded up heathrow with about 123 MD80s to see what the performance was like, and it seemed to be pretty good. And that was before SP1 where things seem to be even better. I'll run the test again when 5.1 hits.
  11. http://blogs.technet.com/torgo3000/ Torgo talks specifically about AI aircraft, draw calls and performance related matters, which makes for very interesting reading. Further, he talks about how third party content can be better authored (performance-wise) for FSX to reduce draw calls. Since FSX SP1 has not changed the way AI aircraft are rendered (i.e. unlike autogen it is not off-loaded into other threads/cores) optimal authoring would seem like a good objective. Is this the what is happening with the 5.2 update, models are being optimized in the way Torgo has described? Any other comments on Torgos article? I still dream of 90% traffic and extremely dense scenery at places like LAX!
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