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  1. Interesting observations and thanks for the good results. I don't think I've tried precision 0. Did it used to work differently than now? I may just truncate rather than round, I'd have to look at the logic. There are too many airlines and airports in the world right now, managing the logo library is a never ending task! Simon
  2. Hello Uwe, I checked your trace and it looks like the airport altitudes are working correctly now. STB is rounding down to the nearest whole number in each case, so altitude 100.99 becomes altitude 100. However STB does not require super accurate altitudes, as the only place I recall it being used are in the observer based views and a one foot error makes no noticable difference there. So I'd say the fix is good, and I'll commit it to the next update which should come soon now. Many thanks for checking this out for me If anyone else wants to try, please do and let me know the outcome! Thanks Simon
  3. OK, while I don't have the problem here, I've written a new way of rounding numbers to a whole number. I don't know why the inbuilt .net routies are not working, but this one does it slightly faster anyway. Please try out this version of FSObjects and report back, the instructions are the same as before. Note the version number of the updated FSObjects, V4.2.2020.03300. 1) In your STB Install folder, make backup copies of FSObjects.dll and FSObjects.pdb 2) Download the zip, and unpack into your STB Install folder. This should replace both FSObjects files above with the debug versions (4.2.2020.03300) 3) Switch on verbose tracing as per Appendix C of the STB user guide. 4) Recreate the problem. When it occurs, close down STB 5) Send me the trace file, and switch off the trace. FSObjects.V4.2.2020.03300.zip
  4. And of course if it is humanly possible to fix it, I will. This is why we do betas, a program runs perfectly here but not so for everyone else.
  5. Thanks but the trace file does not help as there are no verbose messages in there. Did you set up the verbose trace as described above?
  6. That's strange, because there's a well tested fix already in place to handle the floating point numbers that makerwys is now generating. I'll look into it and get back to you Thanks Simon
  7. Yes, that would be for a future version. FSX and Prepar3D have some logic built in to handle this. I think if an AI is deleted on the ground (by STB or anyone), it won't come back unless you reset your flight. However those whom are airbourne according to the schedule usually do come back. Nothing I can do about that I'm afraid, it would require changes to the underlying traffic schedule (BGL etc). Thanks Simon
  8. Can you tell me about your configuration please? STB on a different computer to Prepar3D or the same computer? Version of STB installed (see about menu)? This does not sound like a connection problem but rather Windows. Thanks Simon
  9. Here's a list of the changes coming in the next STB update, currently undergoing internal testing. Will get it out there as soon as I can. Usual content (logos, airline and aircraft configurations), a new "Universal" option for content particularly useful when using multiple AI packages from different organisations and some user requested enhancements such as zulu time presentations. Watch this space! Summary of Changes in V4.2.2020.01900: • AIG OCI Content updated for all packages available to Flying-W as of 19/1/2020. • TrafficGlobal content updated for v1.1.1.2. • ORBX Australia and New Zealand AI content updated as of 19/1/2020 • Added “Universal” option as an “AI Package” choice. This should be suitable for any package and provide better content support to user with multiple packages. • Simulator related times may now be presented as Zulu Time as well as the local time zone in which the user aircraft is located. • Expanded logo support for airports. If a logo cannot be found for the user chosen airport, STB shows a "country" logo using either the first two characters of the code and failing that the first letter if either are available. • Add the US flag for ICAO codes beginning with "K" • Updated MakeRwys to Added support for altitudes containing floating point values in the runways.xml produced by MakeRwys (which are rounded to the nearest whole number by STB). • Fixed bug in synthetic “Arrived At” remark which resulted in an "at time" later than the current time to be calculated and displayed. • Code repository now GitHub based, source paths updated. Simon
  10. Thanks, and seasons greetings to your good self as well. Do you really mean FSUIPC? That's not a requirement for STB. If you are talking makerwys, new versions will be supported in the next STB update which I'm working on now.
  11. There isn't a content package (logos etc) for FLAI. This isn't necessary, STB understands the difference between the day number scheme between different versions of the simulator. Can you send me a screenshot please showing the problem with the dates to put it into context for me please? Thanks Simon
  12. This does sound familiar. Which updates have you installed on STB? Thanks Simon
  13. At the present time we are not compatible with MakeRwys V4.891, which is available from Pete Dowson's website. If you experience this problem, please use an older version of MakeRwys such as that supplied by STB (V4.871). Longer term, I will address this issue in an STB update. Thanks Tak for drawing my attention to this issue. Simon
  14. Hi Tak It seems to be something to do with the airport elevation being a decimal number rather than a whole number. Can you send me your runways.xml file please, found in your Prepar3D installation folder? Thanks Simon
  15. Hi Aussie That's one awesome looking setup! Other customers have achieved a vertical (or "portrait") format for STB by physically rotating the screen through 90 degees so it is taller than it is wider. Then in windows, they rotate the display so that Windows draws everything in the correct direction. It's in Display Settings, "Display Orientation". You can try the portrait related values until your desktop looks the way you want it. Not sure how STB will react initially if previously used in Landscape, but it will present in portrait to match what Windows is doing. Then it's just a case of resizing the window and the columns within to match your requirements. Looking forward to a picture of this setup with a portrait presentation! Thanks Simon
  16. Hi Brian This one's an easy one, there is only one version of STB for Prepar3D V4. And that is "STB V4 for Prepar3D V4". In the more recent updates, I've added quite a bit of support for AIG, because I love their stuff to! Thanks Simon
  17. That's the correct procedure. You can add the entries from scratch, or you should be able to right click on the flight concerned on STB and choose configure aircraft from the menu. The latter option is a slightly quicker way of doing it.
  18. It's unfortunate that some AI mdoels tie the spoilers to the flap settings, they should be independent systems? In any case, the flaps handle is the appropriate value to set and it's important to set it against the aircraft involved. After making such a change, restart the simulator to ensure the new handle value is being sent at the appropriate time. If it still does not work, send me a verbose trace please with a screenshot of STB showing which aircraft it is. Simon
  19. It's most likely a problem in the simulator itself or with the AI you are using. STB is driving this capability through SimConnect, which is suppose to provide a level of isolation between Prepar3D and me. That said, we don't live in a perfect world so while the simulator should never crash in response to a SimConnect request, it sounds like it is. In any case, the only people whom can fix this is Lockheed Martin, and the only way we could get them to even look at it is to reproduce the problem in a predictable way, and then without any other addons apart from STB (including AI packs). However it does not sound like you've been able to find that. Maybe there's a AI model in the background of your AI View that is causing a problem, perhaps through an invalid aircraft.cfg or MDL file? Very difficult to tie such things down. The only other thing I can suggest is whatever AI view you are using, try one of the others and see if that is any more relable. For example is it always the default View AI command, or the Extended AI Views or the observer based views where this happens? Simon
  20. Flaps handle zero should fix it. However you've already tried that, though you don't say how. Try setting the default value to zero: 1) Settings Notebook 2) Commands Tab 3) Default Departure Flaps Handle Setting -> 0 4) Check you are not overriding this with a value specific to 777: a) Objects Tab b) Edit Aircraft radio button c) Find any 777 entries in the list, and make sure departure flaps handle is also zero for those. 5) Save Settings, restart STB 6) Observe an AI aircraft at pushback and see what happens. It is important you start watching BEFORE TAXI. Thanks Simon
  21. OK, there's something curious about the way this aircraft is responding to SimConnect commands. If this fails even with "flaps position 0" set in the settings notebook for the aircraft concerned, I can probably change the code not to set the flaps at all when we are configured with 0. As it stands, we send a flaps command with whatever the configured value is. I'll look into it. Thanks Simon
  22. I'm not sure I understand the problem 1) You talk about the aircraft names in the objects section, is that working OK? It's quite normal to map what the AI provider calls their aircraft in the aircraft.cfg to something more consistent with other AI aircraft you may have. 2) What's the problem with the flaps settings. You say you have tried various settings, but what exactly isn't working? All I do is assert the flap handle settings through SimConnect, it's up to the AI aircraft whether it chooses to do something with that or not. Most do, but some may not. Thanks Simon
  23. It looks like you have some problems in your add-ons that are causing problems elsewhere. I don't think makerunways is to blame, it's probably just replicating what it finds in the AFP. Below are examples of the problems, you will see MX09 has invalid characters in the "Country" setting. The BGL supplying this airport may need to be investigated by its author. <ICAO id="MX09"> <ICAOName>Talpa de Allende Airport</ICAOName> <Country>M=¤xico</Country> <State>Jal=¤sco</State> <City>Talpa de Allende</City> <File>D:\Prepar 3D Addons II\Freeware\Mexico\scenery\MX09_ADEP1_FAG.BGL</File> <SceneryName>Mexico</SceneryName> <Longitude>-104.826500</Longitude> <Latitude>20.370619</Latitude> <Altitude>3788</Altitude> <MagVar>-7.000</MagVar> <ICAO id="MMRM"> <ICAOName>Rancho Maga==a airstrip</ICAOName> <Country>M=¤xico</Country> <State>Baja California Sur</State> <City>Baja</City> <File>D:\Prepar 3D Addons II\Freeware\Mexico\scenery\MMRM_ADEP1_FAG.BGL</File> <SceneryName>Mexico</SceneryName> <Longitude>-115.959023</Longitude> <Latitude>30.635626</Latitude> <Altitude>0</Altitude> <MagVar>-7.000</MagVar>
  24. It sounds like you have duplication in your scenery library, either natively or via add-on.xml. We've seen the same BGL file in the same folder twice. Simon
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