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  1. Considering the trouble these simulators have managing aircraft on final approach and taxi, one can only imagine the same chaos for boats! Love the video, the only boat to get any respect is the Carrier!
  2. ok, no problem, if it shows up again please consider the problem determination suggestions from a few days ago.
  3. How are you determining the "actual flight numbers show up in the sim and parked at the gate"? All I see on your screenshot is real flights.
  4. Ok, I looked at this one again. To me the "0710" flights are all real AI in the simulator, so the 0710 is coming from the simulator or a scheduling. If you want to double check you can either: 1) Install Traffic Toolbox Explorer which also reports flight numbers, but check once the flight has pushed back as the flight numbers aren't necessarily valid unti then. or 2) Set up a verbose trace, reproduce the problem, send me the trace file. What I need you to do is to connect once at least two of the problem flights are pushed back or later. When you see that, close STB and send the the file. Simon
  5. This is essentially the same issue as in: Let's end the disussion here as it is duplicated, and carry on in the other topic.
  6. Have you contacted me via email on this issue also? If so, I have replied there. Thanks Simon
  7. This is the latest version I can find, which should be the same as yours given your STB level:
  8. I remember there was a bug in this area which caused certain flights to be duplicated (when the AI flight appeared in the simulator, it wasn't reconciled correctly with the associated predicted flight). What version of STB do you have? Thanks Simon
  9. Once your scenery is in the library, or via the Prepar3D add-ons definitions, make sure it is enabled then: 1) Run MakeRunways 2) Compile Airport Database STB gets the info from MakeRunways, please make sure you are up to date with STB to ensure you get the current version of MakeRunways as it has changed somewhat with Prepar3D V4. Thanks Simon
  10. Who knows if it ever was resolved, not sure I heard back from the original customer. 1) I don't understand this stateement. What are the old and new programs? What do you see in STB that has lead you to this observation? 2) Your exact error message please? The camera.cfg is in the FSX application data folder. If STB is not looking in the "right" place for this, it's possible there's still problems with your registry. 3) What version of STB is involved? Thanks Simon
  11. You'll need to give me a bit more to go on here: 1) What is the old version? Exact information please, including the 4 digit software level from the "Help" section. 2) What is your new version? 3) What is you simulator? 4) What is the AI package involved? Thanks Simon
  12. Yes, I think the problem in your case is you don't have 7zip installed. If Windows does not recognise the file extension, I'll need to recreate it as a .zip file. I'll do that sometime this week. Simon
  13. Can't really talk about new features which may or may not come to light. The only one I'm prepared to hint at is doing something with AI boats. Whatever that turns out to be, if anything, will be a straightforward and simple implementation as SimConnect does not have much to say about them. Otherwise keeping up to date with the platform is most definitely important. No dobut when Prepar3D V5 comes along, there will be some new .net requirement at least. Simon
  14. Hi Concerning outlook, that will be the way Windows is set up for you. All STB does is say to Windows "I want to send email", it's up to Windows how it goes about that. On the website, if you hover the mouse over the link you'll see my mail address. It's the bit after "mailto:". When you contact me via email, please explain what you require and a copy of your order for STB for FSX if you are looking for upgrade pricing. Thanks Simon
  15. From an STB perspective there's little difference between Prepar3D V4.3 and V4.4. What I'd expect is the both the official updates and betas will probably all work just fine with Prepar3D V4.3 as indeed they do with Prepar3D V4.4. In others words "STB for Prepar3D V4" should work with both P3D V4.3 and V4.4 That said, if we do come across problems I'd need them to be reproduced in Prepar3D V4.4 so I can be sure I'm not chasing ghosts. If you are having problems with a link, you'll need to tell me which one. Thanks Simon
  16. Bob, The trace file does not match the screenshot. No AI flights whatsoever in the trace, in fact I never see you try to connect to the simulator nor compile the database as per the instructions above, so this must be from some other session. If you do this again I will have a look, but please stretch out the FS ID column so the values are not truncated. Simon
  17. Updated following the decision to retire STB for (all editions of) Flight Simulator X from active development. It's been an incredible journey over the last 11 years, but the time has come to focus my efforts on the "current" Prepar3D platform. Please see the above for details on what this means to you, which given the maturity of the product I would say is little if any. Thanks Simon
  18. One thing I'd like to introduce is the ability to display which BGL we beleive a particular flight has come from, although that's a singificant piece of work to get done. In the meantime, please do the following 1) Change your display so you are showing the "Object ID" column in the flights list 2) Set up a verbose trace as per Appendix C of the user guide 3) Compile the airports database 4) Reproduce the problem where the flights are duplicated or otherwise incorrectly listed 5) Take a screenshot that includes the ObjectID column, describe the problem you are seeing. 6) Close STB, send me the above and the trace file please. Thanks Simon
  19. Not seeing any systematic problems here with either Prepar3D V4.4 nor the STB 344 beta. Here's my test results with ORBX AU Traffic: No Duplicates, and as AI show up in the simulator they are correctly reconciled with those flights already listed. Here's the picture a little later: The ANA arrival and those after it are now being operated by AI aircraft in the simulator, and are correctly applied to their preexisting slots in the list. When you "compile airport database", you start with a clean sheet every time and build upwards using your scenery library and P3D addon configurations. Your problem is almost like you have the BGLs duplicated or appearing multiple times in the library/Prepar3D addons infrastructure. Simon
  20. Yes, works fine with Prrepar3D V4.3 There are some issues to be aware of with UT Live, as not all information we require is available to us. Please see: http://supertrafficboard.com/ExternalSchedulingEngineSupport.html When two AI aircraft are in conflict, one is deleted to give the other a better chance of success. So you might call it "brute remove", although I use a call within Prepar3D to perform the deletion. AI will disappear from this point of view, but where possible we recreate them with the next schedule (.e.g arrivals that are deleted are recreated as departures). In Prepar3D there is only windowed mode. "Full screen" is not the same as it was in FSX, it is just a big window without borders. I don't control that part, you'll need to discuss that with whereever you want to buy it from. Many thanks for the questions. Simon
  21. Thanks for the test results. Sorry to say there's nothing I can do to fix this one. The complexity of PMDG aircraft is well understood and one of it's strengths, but perhaps the complex system implementation somehow stops the flight numbers working. Simon
  22. Here's what's in the trace concerning your flight number: 26-Dec-18 21:42:00.101: > FsUserDescriptionUpdate(): Received Type: BOEING, Model:B738, Title:Boeing 737-800NGX LH fictional (D-ABZA), atcId:D-ABZA, atcAirline:LUFTHANSA, flightNumber:0 DepAirport:LROP, ArrAirport:LWOH, Cruise:514, GearsWork:1, FlapsWorks:1 So it would appear when STB asks for it, the simulator says it is zero. I will have to think about this one, but I really don't know what to suggest when the simulator does not provide the correct information. In the mean time, please take a flight in one of the standard Prepar3D aircraft in the same way you would with PMDG, and see if you get the flight number then. For example: "Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 - USAF" Simon
  23. 🙂 Works fine for me without any modifications, and I've not received any error reports from customers. Simon
  24. Thanks for the aircraft.cfg. The important thing is this: atc_flight_number=738 And it can also be set through the Prepar3D UI when configuring your flight. Either way, it's working for me so far: Let's try to find where it goes wrong for you. Please set up a verbose trace as per Appendix C of the user guide, restart STB, reproduce the problem and send me the trace file. Many thanks Simon
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