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  1. Send me a verbose trace with the 0 setting please Thanks Simon
  2. This may be possible, I will have a look into it. Are you Prepar3D V4 or V5? Thanks Simon
  3. Sorry to say it may well be Windows 7, we don't support that platform any longer as Microsoft have ended support. If STB works there, that's great, if not as in your case there's not much I can do to fix it. However, if Windows 7 is your only choice it may be possible to work around this. Please contact me via PM as it's not a discussion suitable for everyone. Thanks Simon
  4. At what point during the installation does this occur? What happens immediately beforehand? The V5 installer is built with the same software as V4, and the configuration is virtually the same (except for changing "V4" to "V5") Simon
  5. No, sorry next heard of this one. Can you post a screenshot of the error please so I can put it into context? What's the name of the installer you are using? Thanks Simon
  6. The cause of the error is a Windows problem. Another way to fix would have been to delete the file mentioned in crash.txt Thanks Simon
  7. Glad it's fixed. Useful utility for helping with these sorts of problems is "currports". It will tell you which applications have which ports open so you can see whether Prepar3D and STB Data Server are open for business. Simon
  8. Yes sorry to say it will. Prepar3D just like FSX before it does not provide an interface for deleting any AI, so we have to do it the hard way by creating one. Only trouble is the entry point can move around between Prepar3D versions. Sufffice it to say I don't agree with their decision, but I have to live with it. Simon
  9. Holi, It's practically the same code between V4 and V5. From the client computer, please send me My Documents/SimConnect.cfg and TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe.config from the STB installation folder. Please check for simconnect.cfg in the STB installation folder also, there must not be one there. From the P3DV5 PC please send simconnect.xml (P3D ProgramData or AppData) and StbDataServer.exe.config I'm not familiar how those others use simconnect as I'm not privy to their source code, so don't wish to draw too many parallels.
  10. If you don't mind me jumping in here, you've installed STB V5 for Prepar3D-V5? And STB-DS V5 for Prepar3D-V5? Sorry if I am pointing out something already known to you. STB V4 may work to an extend with V5, but not compatible and not supported. Thanks Simon
  11. Looks like an update will be required to STB for Prepar3D V5, as in hotfix 2 the "Delete AI" entry point has moved again. I suspect in the mean time any attempt to delete AI via the STB Simulator Plugin will crash the simulator. Look out for the update around the weekend. Simon
  12. Sorry to save I've never seen an error like this one before. It may be something to do with configuration as this works elsewhere, so let's start by having a look at that. 1) From your STB PC, please send me TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe.config from the STB install folder. 2) From your STB-DS PC (Prepar3D), please send me StbDataServer.exe.config from the STB install folder. If this has worked before for you, something must have changed locally. Thanks Simon
  13. This is something to do with one of the airline logos, probably one that's corrupt or an invalid format. I am not able to tell which logo, so could you do the following please? 1) Set up a verbose trace as per appendix C of the user guide 2) Reproduce the problem 3) Close STB, and send me the trace file. Thanks Simon
  14. I tested informally, and I observed the B772 and A346 showing the problem. Both are the freeware versions of the AI models I think. Will need to do a more complete test of the major models and make some config changes, but please contribute anything you find as well. The "Depart Now" command is very helpful here for looking at particular models. Thanks Simon
  15. What you are seeing looks normal to me if you are missing a currently compiled airports database. Let's deal with your other problem first, and then see how it informs this one.
  16. STB knows how to read the Prepar3D AddOn infrastructure so can find AIG or any other add-on for that matter. Please set up a verbose trace as per appendix C of the STB user guide, compile the airport database, close STB and then send me the trace file. Please tell me where you think the AIG folders are (i.e. the OCI Settings) Thanks Simon
  17. Yes, working fine here. You'll only get full flight numbers after compiling the airport database. The simulator only publishes them over SimConnect ones an AI aircraft is something other than parked, which is a legacy all the way from FSX.
  18. STB-DS for V5 is out there, I just loose touch of where all the touch points are such as the place you visited. www.supertrafficboard.com/downloads/stbds_p3dv5.zip Thanks for finding my oversight. Simon
  19. I'm adding a setting to enable/disable the AI departure flaps command in the next update. The best way is to configure the departure flaps handle setting for individual aircraft, but this setting will globally enable or disable the capability. If this is happening a lot in your AI package, it might be worth switching off entirely. I don't remember anything specific, but I'm sure I've seen some AI models that do departure flaps without needing STB to help out.
  20. Not sure what's with the icon, I always get a few applications on my desktop loosing their icons. Can't do notification tray as it causes lots of problems in the functionality, but auto minimize on startup is already available: Just make sure the option is checked, and next time STB-DS is started it will apply. The only exception is when you run the configuration wizard in the same session, in which case the minimize is postponed to next time. Simon
  21. This is STB working as designed and configured. STB sends a "deploy a bit of flaps for takeoff" command at the start of taxi-out, this was done long before any AI packages had the capability to do so independently. The amount of flaps is set in the aircraft config section of the STB Settings Notebook (simulator "flap handle position", which can be 0 through 6). For most aircraft I supply pre-packaged configurations for, this is 2 or 3. However for some AI models, flaps are linked to other systems such as reverse thrust. I don't know why that is, but whatever the reason you need change the flaps handle value in STB to zero for the aircraft concerned. If you can tell me the exact type and model as STB understands it I can update the source material. Thanks Simon
  22. This has beeen resolved. If anyone else experiences it, please contact me directly. As far as I know it's just an issue in the older STB V3 for Prepar3D-V3 and is specific t the way that version was built. Thanks Si,om
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