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  1. Strange one Bob! When the box is yellow, it means we've not received the "simulation started" so we think P3D is in a menu or dialogue or is paused rather than flying. How do you rate P3D V4.5? Simon
  2. Sorry to say from my side I've no idea what's changed in the scenery library. The simulator has some idea things have changed of course, but it's not externalised to third parties. Simon
  3. Sorry to say the link does not provide a picture. Please update. Thanks Simon
  4. Hello Uwe In my development system, the user aircraft time was calculated correctly. I've added some additional debug information in case you still have problems, and I will produce a new beta just as soon as I can. At the present time, that's some days away due to other changes, but I'll get done as quickly as I can. Once it's available, I'd like you to install it. If the problem is still there, I'll need a verbose trace to examine it. Thanks Simon
  5. Thank you - that actually makes a lot of sense as we made many changes to STB's understanding of dates and times to support multi-week scehdules in AI flight plans from AIG. It's likely there's a problem with that implementation for user aircraft. Like I say, I'll investigate. Simon
  6. OK, so I think you are saying: "The user aircraft departure date/time is incorrect when I try to set it a certain number of minutes from "now" in the simulator. If that's the case, I'll look into it. Thanks Simon
  7. Hi I think I've seen this problem before and fixed it in a beta release. See here for details of the beta: Thanks Simon
  8. Hi, Thanks for sharing this one. It may be the case that UTLive disables the Prepar3D traffic BGL file during installation as other AI packages do, but of course it will reappear after a Prepar3D re-installation. One of the changes I'm working on right now is the ability to click a flight on the board, and STB will tell you which BGL file it thinks that flight came from. I expect that to be another useful tool for tracking down "undesirable flights". Thanks Simon
  9. Hi Many thanks for the file. If we find ourselves in this situation again please zip the file before uploading it here as the forum likes to expand .txt files inline which makes it rather hard to read. In any case, I think the issue is here: " Parsing FLW.Simulator.Objects.SimContentConfigItem entry:[Package.29], title:, folder:, enabled:True, supplier:C:\Users\Jimmy\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D V4\add-ons.cfg." It looks like you have an blank entry in your add-ons.cfg file found in Prepar3D Application Data. Can you remove this item, or set enabled to false? Having a blank title and folder is causing us a problem. I will fix it in STB, but it will be a while before the next update due to other changes in progress at this time. Thanks Simon
  10. I'm sorry to say I've no idea what you are talking about here. I can only offer support for Super Traffic Board. Simon
  11. Thank you, please repeat the verbose trace with the beta version installed.
  12. Hi, As you are at base level, the problem is not detailed in the trace. Please install the beta and try again. If it works, great, if it does not work, the beta is the starting point for a fix. Please see: My web page is out of date, and needs some work. Please use the above. Thanks Simon
  13. Hi, and welcome to the forum It sounds like there's a problem in one of your add-on configuration files, P3D would moan about this also if content error reporting was enabled. As you can see, the error message is not exactly helpful so perhaps it's something I can handle better as well as identifying the underlyi problem. Please could you do the following: Set up a verbose trace as per Appendix C of the user guide. Reproduce the problem Close STB Grab the trace file and send it to me, (or add it here) Please mention what version of STB you have, as found in the "Help > About" menu. Many thanks Simon
  14. I'll take the hour! OGI sounds great, up next on my list of things to do.
  15. I love it when customers know my product better than I know it myself. I do intend to add better content support for AIG, but tell me where I can buy more hours in the day please! Simon
  16. Oh no, it's gone 6 I slept in! atc_airline has no value in the above, that's the guy. Simon
  17. I've only been around so long tonight since it takes P3D v4.4 so so long to start up! As my day starts at 5AM, I'm done so let's pick up tomorrow. if you can't get it to work, send me a verbose trace that corresponds to the Embraer E110 problem as shown in the screenshot zzzzz! Simon
  18. Yes 🙂 The SuperTucano does not have atc_airline defined, where as the fabulous B36 does! I wasn't alive to see them, but those where the days. Simon Aircraft.cfg aircraft.cfg
  19. I think you'll need to scroll to the right to see the airline name? Does that help?
  20. Hi Bob It's airline name but I don't see it in the screenshot. Can you include one with the column titles please? You need to select it in settings for All Flights (the right had group in your settings screenshot) when working with "ALL AIRPORTS" as the selected airport. Simon
  21. Hi Bob The aircraft name is used when no airline name is available from SimConnect, typically because none is defined in the aircraft.cfg. To resolve the logos you are trying to add, switch on the "airline name" column in settings and use the value in that to name your logo. The logo itself should be png (best), jpg or bmp. Simon
  22. Not sure I can add anything to "depict GA flights plans", apart from the logo is there something else missing or undesirable? For the logo, no good off the shelf answer so let me turn it around to you: If you feel the generated logos containing the registration are insufficient, how would you like it to work? Simon
  23. For me to even consider doing so, they would need to provide and maintain an API. Given how challenging that was with other vendors, it's hard to see happening here I'm sorry to say.
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