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  1. vikram1982

    MyTraffic X Version 5.1b fix requests

    Great to see such positive responses and enthusiasm for MTB. Congrats Simon! :) Vikram.
  2. vikram1982

    new computer

    ... and while we are in the topic of upgrading, I would strongly urge you to take two 8800GT and SLI them rather than a single 8800GTX. The cost of the two together would be less than that of a single GTX and the performance on a 17" screen would be similar if not better in the SLI. Vikram.
  3. vikram1982

    Bad Dog's ERJ paint thread - resurrection

    Ben, I hope this one's on ur list too... http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=1093048 :) Vikram.
  4. vikram1982

    Blurred AI-aircraft

    Are only the AI showing up blurred or is it with the entire scenery?? Can you post a screenshot of the problem along with the scenery? Did u try 'step a' of Burkhard's reply? Vikram.
  5. vikram1982

    The official 757 paint thread

    Boing, U dont need to fly arnd with the Trike everytime u need to take a screenshot.. :) Use the traffic explorer to pick a plane that u need and click on it. U can then take pics of that plane in any-which-way you want. Vikram.
  6. I find this really sad that customers need to "hope and pray" rather than demand a patch from Microsoft! Whatever happened to Customer rules! I guess that's the power of monopoly.. I work in the healthcare software industry and I wonder what would happen if I said I wouldnt release a patch for an issue!!! Hmmm..
  7. vikram1982


    So, I now need the SP2 SDK for the traffic toolbox to work in SP2, right? 'Cause the SP1 version of the toolbox that I am using isnt showing up! :(
  8. vikram1982

    The official paint school for everybody!

    Reduce the tolerance level before selecting the winglets.. That should work.
  9. vikram1982

    something weared and how do I become a painter ?

  10. vikram1982

    Simon's Boeing 747 Paint Thread

    My Traffic X Holiday Season Special Edition Livery :) http://rapidshare.com/files/77293141/te1.rar.html Regards, Vikram.
  11. vikram1982

    something weared and how do I become a painter ?

    To add to what Ben and Burkhard have said, When I work on plain colors (like the blue that is there in the Delta paint that u have), I usually find that a single color looks bland when ported.. So, when it is right, I usually use a mild color gradient into the colors.. That brings a little "life" into the colors (IMHO). I am not sure if Paint has that facility, though. Also, while posting ur pics, try to port the paints onto FSX and post that screenshot too.. I have found that some paints that dont look too good while painting, actually tend to look much better when ported!!! My 4.5 cents :P Vikram.
  12. vikram1982

    MyTraffic 5.1a - DX10 preview schedules

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :D Hahahhaa. I just found that soooooo funnny! :)
  13. vikram1982

    video for my traffic x version 5.1

    nice... :) while on the topic of youtube videos, any FS fanatics here who are game for this?? :)
  14. vikram1982

    Repaints for FSX Direct X 10 code

    The 747s have not been officially released as yet. The paints are still a work in progres.. Once it is officially released, you will have an installer that installs all the paints in one go. Regards, Vikram.
  15. vikram1982

    Simon's Boeing 747 Paint Thread

    These are liveries (or skins, if u prefer) for the aircrafts. The aircraft itself has to be downloaded seperately and u can find that link in one of the other threads.. I'll post it here if I can find it.

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