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  1. I will test this as soon as I get a chance. I changed from "Microsoft Flight Simulator - *" to "+AceApp" and Active Window was not selected. It made no difference into how My Lua script interacted with MSFS using FSUIPC7. I guess this was just a bad idea and now fully understanding what I can do with FlyWithLua in X-Plane cannot be realized in MSFS. It is a shame but will look for other solutions to do what I am trying to do. Thanks Bill
  2. After selecting a flight plan and clicking on the first fly button the Lua script window is now displayed. When I give a voice command you can see that the Lua script window takes focus from other windows. So I have the focus on the MSFS window and when I say "VR Mode" the focus leaves it and moves to the Lua script window. Without the Lua script window open and I have the FSUIPC7 window open and having focus when I say "VR Mode" the focus goes to MSFS. So with the Lua script window open and either having FSUIPC7 or MSFS with the focus the Lua script will always get the foc
  3. With the new version my script is starting when "New Activities" is displayed. Since sim update 3 VR is such a mess I am not using MSFS till they can get this resolved.
  4. The text is being re displayed at rate of about 2 to 3 time a second. After the Lua script window is being displayed I was at the Select Departure Airport in the search box and entered many letters than gave a voice command and at that point I could no longer enter any letters because the focus was somewhere else. My only purpose of using FSUIPC7 is to be able to create a Lua window on the desktop with info from MSFS about aircraft (heading, airspeed, altitude. etc.). everything else is being handled by MSFS. I was not sure if your wnd window supported keyboard input an
  5. Tested this morning with the same issue with one new one that the text is flashing. I added the ' KeyboardFocus=Yes' to the [Buttons] section and after a restart same issue. I had MSFS in a place where I could type into and after I gave the Vocie Attack command 'flaps down' I could no longer type in that search box. Voice Attack recognized the command but I heard a tone that I thinks means a keyboard entry has been given where no where for it to go. If I close out the Script window everything is back to normal. This is the first time I have had a issue with any window while usin
  6. Yes they are key presses so that might be the issue. I do not see a ' KeyboardFocus=Yes' set in my [Buttons] should there be?
  7. I wrote a VR HUD so I can fly outside of the cockpit while in VR. I do not see anything wrong with it but when it is running it is blocking the commands from reaching MSFS. I am quite new to FSUIPC7 so might have done something wrong and so please tell me. Voice Attack is to important to me to give up so it could be great if they could get along. Any ideas Bill VR_HUD.zip
  8. Just some feedback got it working now to put my Lua skills to work and see what I can create. Since the window is created on the desktop I can use OVR Toolkit to put it into the VR cockpit and have control over where I want it. Bill
  9. Thanks I just registered because thought that might be true.
  10. I am just starting out using FSUIPC7 and currently have the unregistered version. As a test I just want to get FPS_MonitorW.lua script to automatically start so I can see how the wnd functions work but so far the script will not load at all. Can someone put me on the right track because my goal is to create a VR HUD so I can fly out of the cockpit in VR. I have attached my FSUIPC7.ini and FSUIPC7.log files to hopefully help. Thanks Bill FSUIPC7.zip
  11. With the S340 model the jetways miss the aircraft by a long way.
  12. Need Parking suport at PHLI for B757-200
  13. It would appear that an airport without parking will not be passed into "MyAirports.dat" Is that a correct understanding?
  14. Running Version 5.1 and getting errors like this in the MyOwnRoutes.log error: "KGRK" is not a recognized airport identifier "KGRK" is in my Airports.txt after importing Airports.txt into MTX_V51.myt and exporting to MyAirports.dat "KGRK" does not seem to be in the .dat file. This is only one of many airports that I am seeing this with. Bill
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