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  1. I am using fx with vista 32 bit, and mt52
  2. How do you get the pedway to come to your plane when you park at a gate that has one for loading and unloading passanger, What do i need to use that animation
  3. Under Tools - Traffic toolbox - Explorer: The sim time all was set to GMT, How do you set it to your flying time zone, or how do you change the (UTC) next to sim time. May be it has to be set in fsx, I don't know i am trying
  4. Burkhard, is there a sound file for aircraft when landing that you can hear the wheels as they are braking
  5. Burkhard or..... Can CoPilot V3.5 be used together with MyTraffic. Made a Mis-Print didn't mean to put Burkhard name in the heading there. My bad.
  6. Since i install MyTraffic 5.1, When i use flight planner to setup a flight, and i run fsx and parked at a airport it doesn't take my flight plan, i other words it uster say you are directed to new orleans are where ever my flight is set, i don't see that any more, i guess what i am saying is it is not being filed with the atc. help, and 2nd how do you get the loggies unload at airports. i tried shift + d that is not working, but shift + f works for the fuel truck help
  7. I really hate asking all those ? but i am new feeling my way, but where is the MyTraffic editor located in the s/w are on the net
  8. Checking now I found one little thing still missing, the Schedules compatible to FSLive. Until I upload them, just remove the file MyTrafficOwn.bgl from MyTraffic/scenery to make enough free space for the live aircrafts. When will this be avalib, and where will it be posted, Burkhard
  9. than use the ANFS executable and enter your access code to their data, What do you mean by that, Where will that be found
  10. I have removed MyTraffic. So which one should i install, I want live traffic, So you are saying i should not install FSLive Traffic. only install MyTraffic 5.1
  11. I have MyTraffic install on my computer and i want to install FX Live Traffic can i install it on top of MyTraffic , Or is there a order you have to install them.
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